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Loaded “Baked Potato” Salad {recipe}

I've always tried to be a big fan of potato salad, but I just couldn't do it. It didn't matter if it was someone's award winning, or handed down through the generations recipe or purchased from a … [click here to read more...]

Herbal Pregnancy Prep {giveaway}

You all know by now that I'm a big fan of natural and herbal products for both health and healing. So when our sponsor this month, Natural Fertility Shop asked if they could giveaway one of their … [click here to read more...]

Fertility after 40 and miscarriage prevention, a podcast with Iva Keene

Recently I had a chance to interview Iva Keene from Natural Fertility Prescription and she shared a lot of her wisdom with us! We discussed: 1. The basics of a fertility diet and simple ways to add … [click here to read more...]

How to have a more natural IVF cycle

a guest post by Dr. Fiona McCulloch BSc ND Although I am a naturopathic doctor, around 30% of my practice involves working with patients who are going through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). You might … [click here to read more...]

Hormone balance, libido, and the adrenals (free video!)

Life happens. None of us are immune to the curveballs life hurls our way -- traffic jams, deadlines, bills, conflicts, relationships, bosses, in-laws, e-mails, politics... I've been pretty open … [click here to read more...]

Gluten-free, grain-free chocolate chip cookies {recipe}

I do pretty well staying away from sweets, but there is just something about a chocolate chip cookie that makes me feel like home. And man, oh man does it make my house smell fantastic. They also … [click here to read more...]

Natural Fertility 101

Natural Fertility 101: Detoxification and Cleansing

One of the most confusing issues when it comes to fertility seems to be the detoxification process. It's an important part of the road to conception though, especially for couples who deal with infertility.And our bodies can perform this function naturally if given extra attention, no need for many of the 'detoxes' commonly seen. You see, our … [Read More...]

Natural Fertility 101: Cleanse with Whole Foods

It's really no coincidence that I started off the Natural Fertility 101 series with detoxification. Even in January. You see, cleansing our bodies before conception is important AND January is a great time to do it! During the fall months we normally dine on rich and dense foods like stews, chili, and roasts so that our bodies can build up nutrient … [Read More...]

Natural Fertility 101: Herbs for Cleansing

Used throughout the centuries, herbs can be a powerful source of assistance to the body in natural detoxification. While many herbs are considered cleansing, there are a few that normally rise to the top in availability and taste. Dandelion: Containing substantial levels of vitamins A, C, D, and B complex as well as iron, magnesium, zinc, … [Read More...]

Natural Fertility 101: 7 Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Home

1. Use a water filter , especially if you have water treated with fluoride and/or chlorine. Shower filters are also important as chlorine is released into the air as well as absorbed through the skin. Swimming in pools treated with chlorine may be cause for concern; make sure you stick to outdoor pools if possible or cut back on your swimming … [Read More...]

Natural Fertility 101: Natural Living

Last month in the Natural Fertility 101 series, we covered a lot about helping our bodies naturally cleanse and detoxify. This month we'll begin to focus a bit more on how to keep those toxins out to begin with. When I sit and think about how differently I live my life compared to just 5 years ago, I really just have to laugh. I was the … [Read More...]

Natural Fertility 101: Exercise

Exercise Can Prevent Conception It's what many of us want to hear right, that if we actually do get off our duffs, that it could hurt our fertility! Well....not exactly. When our bodies are overworked, over stressed, or constantly moving, they go into a type of physical fight or flight mode. This in turn can impact our natural fertility, as our … [Read More...]

4 Tips to Enhance Fertility Through Exercise

Exercise is pivotal to preconception health, and helping your body become fit and healthy before conception is of utmost importance—both in the aspect of fertility and also in the ability to carry a pregnancy without the constant struggles or feeling worn out and sore. Taking just a bit of time each day will go a long way in helping your body … [Read More...]

Fertility Awareness: The Basics

Before we get into charting and cycles, I want to start with the problems we face with our current conventional methods of contraception. Many of them will affect our chances later on when we would like to become pregnant. They also inhibit our bodies’ natural functions, stopping hormones in their tracks. We women, though only fertile a few days a … [Read More...]

Fertility Awareness: Charting Your Temperature

Whether you are in the throes of infertility or are trying to conceive your fifth child, knowing exactly how your reproductive system works is essential. Growing up, we’re all subjected to sex education classes in which we learn that a woman’s cycle is 28 days long and ovulation happens on day 14. That seems to be where the education part stops, … [Read More...]

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