10 Movies You’ll Want to See

    We’ve been loving some of the instant play movies on Netflix and I thought I’d share some of my favorite “foodie” movies with you!

    1. Food Inc. – just out last summer, this movie has given the “Real Food” movement a huge nudge! A must see for anyone, it discusses our modern food industry and the health of the foods we eat.
    2. Future of our Food – a movie that shed light on the relationship between government and the food industry as well as the issues with GMOs.
    3. King Corn – two guys spend a summer growing an acre of corn and watch it get into the food system. Oh wait – they find out allt his corn we grow isn’t for human consumption!
    4. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (alright, it’s a t.v. show and not a movie – but it’s been great) I’ve always liked Jamie Oliver, but he’s stepped it up a notch by trying to get a town to embrace fresh and real foods.
    5. The Botany of Desire – Based on the popular book of Micheal Pollan, he teaches about the natural history of some very common plants from fruits and flowers to cannabis.
    6. Supersize Me – if you haven’t heard of this one yet, one man eats only McDonald’s food for 30 days.
    7. Bizzare Foods – I seriously love this show! It’s a fantastic way to see how other cultures eat – even today! It really brings home the research Weston A. Price. (he traveled and studied other cultures and how they ate back in the 1930’s so that he could figure out what a nutrient dense diet contained) While some cultures have definitely changes, it’s amazing to see such strong and beautiful people (with great teeth!!) that live in some of the least industrialized places. One particular episode went to Japan and they talked about how soy was prepared. In one place it was fermented for 8 years! Seriously, if “real” food intrigues you, you’ll love the show!
    8. The Kellogg Brothers – Corn Flake Kings – Not a specific ‘foodie’ movie, but one I found kinda interesting. Especially when you find out how the vegetarian movement got started. And that corn flakes did not start out with sugar in them..
    9. Still on my to watch list is Bad Seed: The truth about our Food – GMO’s
    10. Another still in my queue is Fed Up – another movie about our food system and it even includes old footage of interviews with farmers.

    What Foodie movies have you seen and loved?

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    About Donielle

    Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


    1. These sound fun! I haven’t seen a movie in ages… maybe we’ll eventually get back to that occasionally. We’ve just been so busy! :)


      donielle Reply:

      @Michele @ Frugal Granola, Not only fun, but a great blessing to me since my husband doesn’t get into reading. So watching the movies helps make our own dietary changes so much easier! He really gets on board!

    2. Food Inc made me sooo mad!!! It totally changed the way I look at food, the grocery stores and how I shop! It was sooo enlightening!

      donielle Reply:

      @heather harris, I know, right?! And lot of it I *knew*, but knew only in my head – not my heart. Seeing the conditions of the animals really brought it home to me. The woman I get my milk from said she actually cried when she saw how horribly those animals were treated!

    3. I saw King Corn and it scared me–very creepy stuff. I need to watch Food Inc for sure.

      donielle Reply:

      @Simple in France, Definitely watch Food Inc! Future of Food bodes well with it since they discuss GMOs a bit more in depth. Between those two you get a lot of info!

    4. OOh ! Love this post. I’ve seen the top 2 on your list and I will add the others. Do a post like this but for books! Or blogs! Or both! :)

      donielle Reply:

      @Kacie, I’m on it! Though both may take a while! I tend to read a lot…..both online AND in print. :-)