10 Ways to Increase Fertility and Save Money

  1. Stop smoking – you’ll clear your body of toxins and save a lot of money each week.
  2. Don’t eat anything with high fructose corn syrup in it – a lot of these items constitute as a snack and empty calories. You don’t need to drink that soda, eat that candy bar, or mindlessly eat a box of crackers.
  3. Don’t buy foods with preservatives, colorings, or flavorings in them – again, this cuts out most conventional snack items you don’t need!
  4. Replace your morning cereal with eggs, sourdough pancakes, soaked oatmeal, yogurt and fruit – not only does this usually save money, you’ll be better fueled for your day by providing your body the correct nourishment.
  5. Switch to full fat dairy – whether or not your on board with raw milk, switch to full fat versions of milk, yogurt, etc.
  6. Make bone broth often – it’s extra nourishing and made with ingredients normally thrown away!
  7. Include organ meats in your meals – these tend to be quite cheap as the demand for them is rather low!
  8. Stop drinking coffee – whether or not you make it at home or buy it from a fast food joint/coffeehouse, cutting out a daily (or weekly) coffee you can save a pretty penny.
  9. Don’t drink alcohol – this is an extra expense and you don’t need a drink.
  10. Get off your butt – you don’t need an expensive gym membership to exercise, just move more!
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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. Don’t forget Dad! Less than 2 alcoholic drinks a week, and daily Vitamin C can help improve sperm. Men are just as likely to be the cause of fertility issues. If he fusses, remind him that taking his vitamins can potentially save you tens of thousands in medical bills. That was what finally brought my husband around. He acted like two beers a week was torture. Also, remind him that it takes sperm three months to be ready from start to finish, so that he has to CONSISTENTLY take his vitamins.

    donielle Reply:

    @Celia, Yup, this info is definitely for both men AND women! Even if the man doesn’t have any obvious reasons or has no infertility problems, half the DNA of the baby is his and a bad diet and lifestyle can contribute to damaged DNA in the sperm.

  2. Love it! And I think that everyone could benefit from this even if they’re not trying to conceive! :)