A cheap and chemical free water bottle

Over the past few months I’ve seen different suggestions on toxic free water bottles. You know, instead of the fun ones that leach things, like BPA, into the water. My problem with most of them is the cost. I just can’t get myself to spend 20+ dollars on one right now, cause $20.00 can put like 5 gallons of gas in my car!

Luckily I also saw a suggestion on a really cheap option. (*and since Michele mentioned in my comments she does this too, I may have gotten the idea from her!) I just didn’t try it until a couple weeks ago. Why I waited so long I will never know.

Alright, so maybe I just thought I wouldn’t like it, but whatever.

What is it? A mason jar. Seriously, it works great. Especially if you have one of those plastic lids you use after you take the metal ones off.

I use a quart jar, fill it with ice and water, and carry it around during the day. It’s 32 ounces so I do try and fill it twice during the day to make sure I stay hydrated. And the best thing is…my kid can’t spill it! Whereas the glass I normally would use, would get dumped over at least once a day. My only issue is that I have to make sure I don’t leave it on my wood table as it can sweat a decent amount.

This totally Works for Me!

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Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. De-lurking to tell you that I love your site. And…..I was wondering where you get the plastic lids for the mason jars???

    Thank you so much, for everything!


  2. Elizabeth – I found the plastic lids at my local supermarket where they keep all the other canning supplies. Any place that sells the jars and regular lids, should have these too!

  3. Thanks Donielle! I was drinking water from a mason jar last night, and my daughter said, “Whoah! That’s a BIG cup!!!”

  4. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past year, too. :)
    I’ve also been able to reuse jar from other products, such as glass lemon juice jars.


  5. We use the mason jars for drinking, too!

  6. Great idea! I have some mason jars for canning, but hadn’t thought about using them for drinking. 😀

    Have a great Frugal Friday!
    Yellow Cake

  7. I’ve brought Mason jars of water to work with me! I just pour the water into a cup when I get there. As far as the lids, Hellmann’s mayo lids fit these jars, too!

  8. Katey Magill says:

    Great idea! This post would be a perfect one to link up to “Twice the Fun Tuesday” at my site havingfunathomeblog.blogspot.com.

    Twice the Fun is a weekly mr. linky about creative recycling that will start next Tuesday (Oct 14.) It would be great to see your post there!

  9. Good idea! I’ve been re-using a glass, quart-sized cranberry juice bottle for drinking.