A view through my lens {6.23.12}

A small look through my (iPhone) lens this week.

You know you have a good friend when she comes bearing weeds. (comfrey and yarrow)
Good friends come over bearing weeds. :-)  {yarrow and comfrey}


Strawberry season is over (after barely starting at all) but we did enjoy a bit of strawberries and whipped cream. They just kinda go together like……..strawberries and cream.
These two just belong together.


Last week a storm started to roll through, and decided to pass us. Again. It’s been such a warm winter followed by a hot and dry spring – ironic that I’m reading through On the Banks of Plum Creek and it is the exact same weather pattern. They called it grasshopper weather…..and we currently have tons of baby grasshoppers all over…..
The storm is passing us with just sprinkles! Nooooo- we need the rain. It's been weeks. :-(


It’s been in the mid-90’s for quite a few days this week, so I packed up and headed to the beach early one morning. And no one was there! It was fabulous being able to spend over an hour in the quiet, reading and reflecting.
My job definitely has benefits.


Again we had a storm blow right over, though luckily the second one came by a few hours later, bringing us an hour or so of much needed rain.
Please bring us rain. Pretty please?


Yesterday I had ice cream for breakfast. And I promise I’ll stop teasing you on the NKU Facebook page and post the recipe already – watch for it next week.
What.......you don't have ice cream for breakfast? #nourished


I also made this chive blossom vinegar that turned out so gorgeous, I’ll have to post about it as well. (If you’ve made it before, what do you use it on? I feel like I must make something fantastic to do it justice.)
Chive blossom vinegar! Beautifully pink and smells divine.


And this just completely pains me to show. My camera is dead. And yes, a 30D is basically geriatric when it some to digital cameras and I’ve had it for 5 years, but I am not in a position to spend money and buy another one right now. So until I find a way to fund a new camera, this is the first time since I was gifted with my first SLR upon graduation that I have been without a good camera. Please bear with me if I start posting some crummy pictures…….  *sob*
RIP good buddy. :-( My Canon bit the dust and I am now without a good camera for the first time since highschool. *sob* #holdme #hyperventilating

That’s what’s happening in my life this week – what have you been up to?

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  1. Also grasshopper weather here…and we’re also reading “On the Banks of Plum Creek”! Weird…