A view through my lens {7.7.12 – 7.13.12}

On my local blog, I posted about my garden. It’s quite amazing what only one week does – everything is much bigger than it was last week. I’ll have to update again soon with more pictures.My garden just one week ago! http://grandrapidsnaturalliving.com/see-how-her-garden-grows/ I'm already amazed at how much it's grown since then! #SHmgardener

Last weekend we had the pleasure of camping with our church family at the annual camping trip – a wonderful time of fun and fellowship! Only issue was that it was 108 degrees on Friday, 100 on Saturday – these are not usual temps for us and the humidity here….ugh. I’m so sorry for those of you who have to deal with that every summer!

Anyways, we broke down. That was awesome.

The only good part? We were hundreds of feet from a hardware store and had two vehicles (neither of which have AC by the way), so we were able to buy a new part and Todd fixed it before we went to set up the camper and sweat like running a marathon.


As we dreamt about how nice it would be to have a camper of our own, instead of borrowed, Todd found this gem.

Oh my......Ummmm……no.

Have you met Toby yet?
Somebody made himself right at home.

As we headed to a little lake by our house we (as in Todd) decided to stop by the animal shelter. You know….just to see.

And we saw a little rottie mix.

I could pass up any other dog, but seeing that cute little face, one so reminiscent of our deceased Dozer, we just couldn’t pass him up. He’s a rottweiler/vizsla mix and at six months old…..he’s a pain in the butt. And not only is he “all puppy” he was never trained and was also taught bad manners.

Day one with Toby. And yes, that is Todds name in my phone. :-)

Yes. Todd is “Sexy Beast” on my phone. It’s a fun joke we have, trying to hack into each others phone and change our name.

Toby  may be naughty, but come 8 O’clock PM, he cuddles and sleeps.

It’s a good thing he’s so darn cute.

So this is happening. Toby likes to snuggle.

Oh – and Friday we got some rain! I haven’t marked any days of rain in my garden or weather journal since the beginning of June. Things are soooo dry out here, especially with the abnormally hot weather. Hearing the thunder makes me so happy!

Quick! Grab the camera! It's raining! (been a month since we've seen any here)

Have a blessed weekend!

{and don’t forget to listen in to my talk on the Real Food Summit tomorrow! It will be available all day Sunday and I’ll be on the Underground Wellness Blog talk Radio Show again on Monday.}


**also? I would never hit a dog with a bat. I was being sarcastic with my husband.

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