Alternatives to breakfast

I’ve gotten quite a few comments from folks about how they either don’t like eggs, or they can’t eat them, as well as the fact that some of you are intolerant to gluten, so…..

Who said we ever had to eat breakfast foods at breakfast?

It seems to me that really, it’s an American tradition to eat eggs and sausage, or cereal, or pancakes in the morning. Your options are much broader. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Grilling steak for dinner? Why not grill up an extra one for in the morning? Pair it up with some potatoes and maybe a piece of fruit.
  • Eat a granola bar and fruit.
  • Have leftover grilled chicken? Toss it into a tortilla shell with some lettuce and veggies for a yummy wrap.
  • Make up some sweet potato rolls or some spiced pumpkin rolls.
  • Like spicy? Make up a burrito or pack a tortilla shell with seasoned rice, cheese, and leftover meat.
  • Make yourself a sandwich. Choose a meat for protein and pack it full of veggies and/or cheese. Or snag a peanut butter and banana sandwich. (and use whole wheat bread!)
  • Smoothies don’t need to need made with dairy! Try a fruit or veggie juice along with frozen fruit.
  • Like hamburgers? Make one!
  • Try a fruit salad or regular veggie salad for that matter.
  • Leftover pizza? Make sure it’s a whole wheat crust and topped with plenty of good stuff and it’s not the worst thing for you. :-) (and let’s not indulge everyday shall we?)
  • Want something warm and don’t care for oatmeal? Try a hot bowl of soup or even chili.

Just get past the fact that you don’t like the “normal American breakfast”, and eat what you enjoy! By making sure you eat a bit of protein and a bit of fat along with some fruits or veggies, you’ll have your nutritional bases covered and can go about your day knowing you provided your body with a great start!

What type of non-traditional foods do you eat for breakfast?
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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. You’ve made be very hungry now! :) I guess I don’t really eat non-traditional stuff for breakfast, not that I’m not willing to try.


  2. I really want to try the granola. :)

    Thanks! :O)

  3. Alison @ Wholesome Goodness says:

    I eat lots of nontraditional things for breakfast, something that’s come in handy with food allergies and such. I like to eat soup with eggs in the morning (miso or veggie soups are great). I eat leftover stir-fry (veggies and beef or chicken) and most other leftovers too. In fact, I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t eat for breakfast.

  4. I think that we get very stuck in our habits and like what we like!

    I remember going on holiday to Austria (Vienna) and the hotel had a breakfast buffet that included things like cold meats and sponge cake – it was quite bizarre, at least it was in my mind anyway!

  5. My kids rarely eat true breakfast foods for breakfast. Instead, they eat chili; salami, cheese, and an apple; sandwiches; or any leftovers that can be found. They do this by choice. Of course, occasionally, they eat cereal, eggs, or sausage.


  6. This is a timely post for me. I’ve realized that my PCOS diet is getting shot in the foot first thing in the day with my limited breakfast options. I’m motivated to stock my cupboards with some alternatives now. Thanks!

  7. Beautiful Mess says:

    Those are GREAT ideas for breakfast! I might have to try a few of them. Thanks! Enjoy your day.
    -D *ICLW*

  8. Stephanie, Phil, Kayla, Logan & Alex says:

    Those things all sound delciious. Of course after Thanksgiving I always like to have pumpkin pie for breakfast.


  9. Seriously? - Erin says:

    I like to make smoothies with protien powder, frozen fruits and soy or rice milk. I had a great fall one that I made with canned pumpkin instead of fruit.

    I use the frozen berries as they are cheaper than fresh and then I don’t need to add ice cubes!

  10. I’m a PCOS gal, myself, and have had such a hard time breaking out of the carb breakfast. The closest I’ve gotten is an egg with a little cheese and meat on the top of it…and that was a big step for me. But I’m working on it! ICLW