Baking Day #2: Tis the season

Tis the season of my life where my littles run my schedule. Last night my baby didn’t nod off to sleep until midnight and then my 3 year old woke up at 5am with a runny nose and barky sounding cough. And when my baby awoke, I noticed the new little grin she’s sporting.

That’s right, teething has begun!

So with both of them on the fritz today, I realized my whole list was not going to get done and just worked when I could. I did end up getting 4 bags of spaghetti sauce bagged up for the freezer as well as some fermented ketchup. I also had some rice to go in the freezer but I forgot it was still on the stove until I looked at the pictures I took today.

It had only been on the stove for 2 hours!

Tomorrow I need to just brown and season 3 lbs of meat for tacos, and make up some chicken noodle soup (minus noodles – I’ll add those when we cook it) for a quick nourishing meal should one of us start to feel unwell.

All in all here’s what I accomplished today:

    Wednesdays plan:

    • make pancakes (some for breakfast, some for later)
    • make cream cheese chicken pasta casserole (half for dinner, half for later) Done. Except we ate it all :-)
    • make fermented ketchup – DONE
    • make mayo
    • marinate and freeze steaks
    • marinate and freeze chicken – forgot to buy extra chicken
    • make playdoh :-) – NOPE
    • make spaghetti sauce, 4 batches – DONE
    • make pizza sauce, 4 batches
    • make bbq sauce, 2 batches

    Better than nothing that’s for sure! And I won’t have to bake snacks for my husbands lunch for a few weeks, plus once I finish up tomorrow I’ll have about 14 quicker to get ready meals.

    Not in my written plan, but other accomplishments:

    • Loved my babies
    • Served as a chew toy for a teething baby
    • Doled out multiple kisses to an ill feeling toddler
    • Put an end to a few earth shattering tantrums
    • Made some good old fashioned cold fighting lunch:  homemade chicken noodle soup
    • Made a dinner that my husband raved about
    • and again – I loved my babies!!!
      About Donielle

      Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


      1. :-) A wonderful attitude! You’re such a good momma. 😀

      2. Do you have a recipe for the cream cheese chicken casserole? That sounds delicious!

        donielle Reply:

        @Vanderbilt Wife, Like any good blogger I took a picture of it and will get it up some day very soon. :-)

      3. Will you post your mayo recipe and the cream cheese chicken pasta casserole? And you are making me want to hurry and get housework done so I can maybe do some baking today. :)

      4. I am so interested in doing a baking day! Can you please included recipes on your posts?

        donielle Reply:

        @Sarah, Yup, I’m working on getting most of them up? Anything in particular you’re looking for?