Bloggers Night Out

Last night a bunch of us local bloggers got together at a local restaurant called The Electric Cheetah. Kelly, Katie and I chose the place because it serves local grassfed beef and uses lots of other local ingredients when in season! Definitely a “foodie” place to eat.

Anyways….our fabulous waitress braved the cold to take a picture of all of us outside.

(L to R Heather, Stacey, Jodi, Jill,Me, Kelly, Wendy, and Katie)

Katie brought snacks to test out on us

We snacked on some breads and spreads

And then we did what all bloggers do

We took pictures of everything.

And talked like crazy

(Jill must have said something just delightful at this point!)

(and we totally wracked her brain since she was just fresh off of Blissdom – sorry Jill!)

(oh- and check out the herbs growing on the counter!)

(so serious)

When we weren’t busy talking blogging and stats and plugins and bugging Jill about Blissdom, us foodies kind of took over a bit and talked a lot about, what else…food.

And before I end this post, I need to say how much I loved this little restaurant. I ended up getting the burger (I know…I’m not supposed to be having white bread right now on my 30 day no sugar challenge. But come one – grassfed beef. Nuff said) and was so very glad I did. I only wish I lived closer as I could see myself and my husband visiting more often if we did. The staff did a fabulous job of putting up with us. I think the waitress had to come back like 3 times to see if we were ready to order yet. The first two times we’d gotten so busy talking we forgot to look at the menu! For a table of 8, we were served our food rather quickly and it all came perfectly done. I don’t think I heard one of us say they didn’t like what they ordered.

They had a great atmosphere and it all felt so relaxed. You could tell the staff liked working there and that the other customers were enjoying their food as well. And I love the fact that this is a local restaurant! Nothing better than supporting a local place that serves local food.

The only thing I did do was leave a soy brochure.

Because they fry their hand cut fries in soybean oil.


Though it did not stop me from trying out Wendy’s sweet potato fries or ordering some to go for my husband. {shhhh – don’t tell!}

Hopefully we can do this again ladies – it was fun!!

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  1. Had a great time as well! Can’t wait to do it again!!!

  2. This looks like SO much fun! Wish I lived closer to you guys. :-)

  3. Great pictures, Donielle! I didn’t take many last night what with the eating and the talking. Everything was wonderful. You ladies picked a great place. I can’t wait to do it again!

  4. SWEET, now I can just link to your post, good job! :)


  5. I want to tag along next time just to listen in. Smile. Looks like you had fun. I haven’t eaten there yet- sounds like a winner.

  6. It was so fun :) Thanks for putting it together – I’d love to do it again!

  7. Great pictures and looks to be great fun! I like how many “real” moments you caught.

  8. Your link to each bloggers name don’t work. I wanted to see the other GR bloggers. I want to start a blog so I can go next time =) I am going to have to try that restaurant. Did they have gluten free stuff?

    donielle Reply:

    @Elizabeth, They should work now! Don’t know what happened (?) And yes, I do believe they had a few GF options!

  9. Love it! Thanks for giving us all something to link to! :) katie

  10. Where in West Michigan are you?

    donielle Reply:

    @Becky, Close enough to Grand Rapids to make the trip into Electric Cheetah! You in the area?