Book Update: What supplements do you take?

I’m currently sitting here writing away and decided that I needed to mention supplements in the book. So many of us turn to supplements and vitamins in order to help us overcome different health issues that I felt the need to include some good solid information about them along with the other forms of alternative therapies I’m writing about.

At different times in my life I’ve taken different things: cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin B complex, adrenal supplements, ovary supplements, multi-vitamins, probiotics, kelp…..

So tell me, what supplements have you taken and why?

I just want to cover some of the most often used supplements and don’t want to leave anything out!

Thanks ladies!

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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. Prenatal vitamins. At one point (before kids) I took Vitex/Chasteberry but it didn’t seem to help much with PCOS for me.

  2. I take Nordic Naturals DHA. I’d like to start trying Evening Primrose oil at some point.

  3. The book “Vitamin Code” was eye opening in terms of new information to me regarding synthetic versus natural vitamins. I am looking forward to reading Jordan Rubin’s newest book “Raw Truth”

    I do love the Vitamin Code vitamins and my toddler asks for his children’s chewable as if it was candy.

    I have also taken Krill oil that is sold at and have heard fantastic results from women with issues from cramping during their menstrual cycle.

    Currently I am taking Vitamin Code’s Pre-natal and a Carlson omega-3 fish oil with DHA, but I am looking to go to a flax seed based Omega-3 in the future. My husband takes the men’s vitamin code vitamins and my toddler takes the chewables. We are not always consistent in taking them, but we usually remember to take them at least 3 to 5 times a week.

    When I am taking my Vitamin code vitamins I am totally regular in the Bowel movement arena. Which is a wonderful thing for a pregnant mama!!

    Anyway, that is our vitamin story! No synthetics for me!!!

  4. I went through the book The Mood Cure. I take Tyrosine, Vit B Complex, a whole foods multi, and Vit D.

  5. Jennifer Schod says:

    Currently I take a 500mg Vitamin C (chewable), Trip Omega (Omega 3-6-9) with Fish, flaxseed, safflower & olive oils, I also take Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc with D3 and a Multi Prenatal with DHA. I only take Liquid Softgel vitamins or chewables just so I can be sure I am getting all the good vitamins. I’m also taking a “fertility formula capsule” (Chastetree berry, Dong Guai, False unicorn root, black cohosh, korean ginseng, and Licorice) to help encourage proper hormonal balance and increased fertility from “His Grace Herbals” along with their healthy womaon hormone tea. :0) Good luck with the rest of your book! I enjoy reading your post.

  6. I take powdered greens. I figure my body is going to get the best nutrients from food, the way it was meant to!

  7. Hi, I am taking wild Alaskan sockeye salmon oil by Vital Choice and preparing to order my fermented cod liver oil and grass fed butter oil combination from Green Pastures. Right now I am taking 5 Twin Labs cod liver oil tablets a day. I also take a folic acid, and sometimes a b vitamin thing, just because it is still around. I am also occasionally taking one of the Raw Pre Natals by Garden of Life just to finish the bottle. However, I will not continue this because the one ingredient they messed up is Vitamin A, and I don’t want to mess around with that because vitamin a can be toxic when not used in the right way. If it had an animal based vitamin a in the right dosage and balance I would use it, but vitamin A from plant sources is not true vitamin A. Bummed about that; it was almost a great product with coupons and sales, anyway. And I eat, usually pretty well these days. It is my fourth pregnancy.

  8. Vitamin Code raw prenatal, Vitamin Code raw calcium+magnesium (not eating lots of calcium foods), Carlson’s lemon cod liver oil (1 T), L. Reuteri probiotic. Getting some Green Pastures butter oil+ CLO blend, so once I get that, I’ll do that every other day, without the prenatal, and the prenatal+Carlson’s on the other days. Also going to do the MegaFlora adult probiotic during last month of pregnancy.

  9. I take a Super Nutrition prenatals, 1,000 mg Bee Propolis (reduces endometriosis inflammation), 1,000 mg Royal Jelly (improves egg quality), 550 mg Bee Pollen (works well with royal jelly), 1,000 mg L-arginine (increases blood flow to pelvic organs), 400 mg fish free DHA (also reduces inflammation), 200 mg liquid chlorophyll (regulate hormones and is given to infertile cows), and 2,500 IU Vitamin D. I have taken vitex and dong quai before, but never really noticed much of a difference with my cycles while on them.

  10. Tried Vitex/Chasteberry for a cycle issue but it didn’t help. ATM the only thing I take is 5-htp for sleep/mood issues. It does seem to help.

  11. I love this article from Mountain Rose Herbs, “Just Say No to Synthetic Vitamins and Processed Foods!
    Look to nourishing herbs for vitamins and minerals.”

    Nettles infusions are wonderful for pregnant, nursing moms. Otherwise, we only use fermented cod liver oil.


  12. I eat pretty well and probably don’t need all of these things, but here’s my list, all Nature’s Sunshine brand: prenatal, b-complex, calcium-magnesium, green zone, probiotics, bee pollen, alfalfa, omega-3 and sometimes vitamin c & d.

  13. I’d be interested to know what dosages and brands were taken by the ladies that found little help with vitex for the cycles. Sometimes finding a high quality product can make all the difference.

    I find fish oil (Nordic Naturals has good prenatal with vit. d) very important especially in those that do not eat fish. I like the multi-vitamins from New Chapter Organics, as they are a whole foods supplement and more bioavailable than some supplements. Astragalus and holy basil are beneficial for immune health and helping the body adjust to stress more effectively. Milk thistle can be used for morning sickness. It supports the liver and assists in removing the excess hormones that can cause morning sickness. Make sure you are taking medicinal dosages for the most effect by checking with a wellness professional or herbalist.

  14. Hi all – I take a multi (with iron), cal-mag, folate, probiotics, holy basil, and red raspberry. When we start trying to get pregnant, I’m going to switch from pill forms of holy basil and red raspberry to tea. Somewhere I heard that too much of those isn’t good during pregnancy, but I’d still like the calming effects they offer :-)

  15. I take Horsechestnut Complex (combo of Horsechestnut, Butcher’s Broom, and Ginkgo) for varicose veins- I take twice as many per day during pregnancy but take it inbetween pregnancies as well. I also take Prolamine Iodine and Thytrophin PMG for low thyroid. All are by Standard Process and I buy through my midwife. I also take prenatal vitamins because it seems I am always either “pregnant, nursing, or thinking about becoming pregnant.” :)

  16. Oh yeah, and red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, usually also with rose hips, nettles, alfalfa, and oat straw.

  17. -kelp (iodine) for metabolism/thyroid (even though my TSH/T4/
    T3 levels were all “normal”
    -whole food prenatal vitamin
    -fish oil
    -evening primrose oil (for cervical fluid)
    -l arginine (for blood flow to uterus)

    acupuncture (not a supplement, I know…) I’ll be starting a new herbal blend at the next visit
    exercise (but not too much… reproductive organs need good fat stores)
    tons of filtered water

  18. Everyday:
    — 2 capsules of Doc’s Best (Dr. Ron)
    — 1 capsule of folic acid-b12 combo (Ortho-Molecular)
    — 2 capsules of probiotic (Bio-Kult)
    — 1 capsule of B-6 (Source Naturals)
    — 2 capsules of Iodine Complex (Dr. Ron)
    — 1 pill low-dose aspirin (Bayer)
    [Ideally also FCLO-BO combo, but I’m waiting for some money to come in…]

    — 2 capsules of white willow bark (Nature’s Way)
    — 2-4 capsules of Cal1000-Mag500 (Dr. Ron)
    — 3 capsules of FertileCM (Fairhaven Health)
    — 3 capsules of Thyroid with Liver (Dr. Ron)
    — 3 capsules of Adrenal with cortex and liver (Dr. Ron)
    — 3 capsules of Ovary (Dr. Ron)
    — 6 capsules of Greens (Dr. Ben Kim)

    And my acupuncturist will be giving me some Chinese herbs to take during the follecular phase.

  19. I take pre-natal vitamins and fish oil (capsules) — all the time: pregnant, breastfeeding or not. I would love some advice about which brand of supplements are better and why — also some good-better-best advice to fit in with our familoy budget. Some that I’ve heard of as “best” would not be in our family budget to use regularily.

  20. I don’t know if you’re covering men, but my husband takes a multi and a 1000mg chewable C. I take a prenatal, an iron (because mine is always low), and a B-complex. I also take a D, but not as often if I’ve been outside in the sun, which can be frequently here in California. (I started taking the D when we lived in Boston where there is very little sunlight and I was always sick.) Feel free to knock these choices. The more informed we are, the better.

  21. I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant (and very iron-deficient, and in turn, exhausted… also battling recurring yeast infections), and I’m working with my midwife (who is also a naturopath–lucky me!) on adjusting my supplements. I’m currently taking my prenatal multi, B12, iron supplements (drops, not pills, so no need for stool softeners!), and probiotics at LEAST once a day if not more (on top of a beef-and-leafy-greens focused diet including chicken liver, probiotic foods, and kelp and/or liver snuck into anything I can disguise it in). We have been discussing putting me on a few others, but haven’t as of yet.

  22. I’m taking folic acid, Source of Life Prenatals (the only ones that don’t make me dizzy or want to loose my breakfast!), cod liver oil and magnesium.

    I hate taking all the pills… but i’m feeling better because of it.

  23. I’ve taken way too many. It’s been a crazy year of living in temporary housing, moving ,and having a baby, and I’ve not been serving the best food at our house. However, I’m looking to start the GAPS diet, so I am planning only taking:

    Vit D (50,000 3x a week–as prescribed by a doctor)
    Fermented Cod Liver Oil (great sale on the Emulsified at Green Pastures right now)
    Some form of Iodine to support my thyroid– Kelp, liquid, or encapsulated.
    I also may need to supplement with minerals to support my thyroid, but I’m hoping my diet will do that

  24. Sure! I take evening primrose oil, as needed (that time of the month, when I have cramps or get moody!). In the winter, we take vitamin D and CLO everyday. When we’re starting to come down with something, we take elderberry syrup. When we get sick, or when I feel moody, I will research different homeopathic remedies and take them. I do plan on taking all 3 of us to a homeopath this year! It does seem to help a lot.

  25. Kristen S says:

    I am very interested to know what Donielle is currently taking. OF all the different supplements you tried, which ones worked the best for you and you saw had the most effect on your PCOS?

  26. I’m TTC and on Clomid, so taking Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E to help the cervical fluid. I also take a folic acid, prenatal multi, calcium, vitamin D (we live in the great white north!), and a fish oil although I really need to find a non-fish option for omega-3, the fish burps are revolting. :-)

    Becky Reply:

    I have heard that freezing fish oil helps with the aftertaste if you haven’t already tried that : )

    donielle Reply:

    @Becky, Great tip! I’ve never had issues with mine, but some people must be super sensitive to them or something!

  27. I find it very interesting to read what everyone has taken or is currently taking. Personally, I am taking NOTHING right now. I hope to start taking 1/2 tsp InLiven and 1/2 GreenFoods (new Miessence product). While I was pregnant, I took Garden of Life’s RAW Prenatal, 2000mg Carlson’s CLO. I continued both of those after the pregnancy until about 10 weeks post. We moved and life has been crazy since then. I also took RRL the month I got pregnant and at 5 weeks post partum. Prior to my pregnancy, I took Vitex/Chaste Tree Berry and I swear by it! I LOVE it!! The key to it is the dosage, charting your cycles so you can see what it is working on, and giving it at least 6 months. I worked with a Naturapath when I first tried it, which I did have to adjust my dosage once. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I have also met A LOT of women and even teen boys that love it when working at a HFS. So sorry to the women that didn’t like it. I would be curious how long you gave it and what dosage and what quality. Quality is huge! I also took some homeopathics for anxiety with TTC which I think helped take the edge off the stress of it. However, I didn’t get pregnany then. 😉 Praying God leads you in your writing Donielle!

  28. prenatal vitamins- i switch off every other day with garden of life’s raw prenatal and a cheap store brand (i would do the raw prenatal daily if it wasn’t so dang expensive!). why? just in case, since i am pregnant right now. not sure if i 100% believe in vitamin supplements, but like i said, just in case.

    probiotic- also garden of life brand. 1-2 pills per day. why? because i believe if your gut isn’t healthy, you aren’t going to absorb any nutrients. while i try to eat many probiotic foods, the supplements seem to be much more comprehensive (as far as the types of bacteria), and worth the high cost.

    CLO/FCLO- again, i switch back and forth because of cost. why do i take it? because it is recommended by so many people that i respect (because of our society’s relatively low intake of vitamins a and d).

    DHA- like vitamins, i am not sure that i need this because i do eat a healthy diet, but my midwife emphasized it, so again, i take it for “just in case”. i probably wont buy another bottle after i get through this one (which will be long after baby is born anyways).