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We’ve covered a lot of topics on cleaner living this last month. From the cleaners you use in your home, to the beauty products you use on your body, to some of the easy (and more frugal) ways to eat fewer toxins.

Today’s topic is about fat.

Good fats, the type that help fuel your body and lower the toxins you consume.


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I’m a big fan of butter. I use it daily, and I make it when I get a chance. It’s better for you than the vegetable oils (though the veggie oils are somehow touted as healthier for you) and can add flavor and depth to your food. But the butter you choose matters.

You see, when we consume toxins, they get stored in our fat. And the same is true for animals, so butter from cows that are fed non-organic grain may also contain any toxins that the animal was storing.

Butter also has the possibility of containing wonderful nutrients like vitamin K2 when it’s made from a cow on grass pasture.

Top picks

  1. raw butter from grassfed cows
  2. pasteurized butter from grassfed cows (kerrygold is a delicious source – and should be available at Costco again soon)
  3. organic butter
  4. conventional butter (still better than margarine!)

Fats from animals should be purchased organic whenever possible, and include ghee (clarified butter), lard, and tallow.

It’s also best to buy other fats as organically as possible.


How do you keep your fats toxin free?

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  1. I’m down to using butter or organic olive oil and coconut oil. I normally use conventional butter because of the price but I just found out I can buy kerrygold through my local food coop – I have to buy 15 lbs but the price is really good and it does freeze well.

    My dad gave us part of his grass fed beef and pig for Christmas and gave us all the fats so I now have access to clean animals fats too. I’ve already tried rendering the beef and I think it worked but it came out really hard even when its at room temperature so I need to experiment with how best to use it. But I’m really excited about it!

  2. Kristie says:

    Do you have an opinion on Tropical Traditions palm shortening?

    donielle Reply:

    @Kristie, Not on that specific brand, but i do think it is a healthy fat. :-)