Cleaner Living Wrap Up

Two months later we’ve finished up the “31 days to Cleaner Living”.

Awesome, right?

We’ve talked about everything from homemade cleaners to eating non-toxic foods, but how do you put it all together? How do you do this in a short amount of time?

Well, there isn’t really an easy answer for that.

Some of these steps are going to be super easy, like making things from scratch, while others are going to be more difficult, like buying grass-fed animal products.

The goal in this is that you so something. That you begin to make choices that will allow your body to be healthier, and that will also keep our environment cleaner.

Tips for making changes:

  1. Start small – take just one of the other 30 day challenges and get it figured out and working for you before you begin another new thing. One thing I’ve seen happen over and over is that many women try to do to much to fast and get burnt out. You have to remember that stress is a toxin as well. Take it slow and baby step your way to natural living.
  2. Make sure your significant other is on board – your husband is just as important as changing your diet. No, more important. So do what you can without butting heads to much. If he needs chips in the house (mine does) don’t fuss about it to much, just make the healthiest food that he’s comfortable with and let peace reign in your house.

How have you made changes in your life? What advice would you give to someone else just starting this journey?


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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. The best advice I could give is to re-inforce what you said: it takes baby steps. First, almost 10 years ago, we switched to a low-glycemic diet because I had blood sugar (and weight gain) issues. We’ve been on and off of the wagon with that, but generally moving in the right direction. It has gradually led to us giving up sugar (and HFCS) completely. Next, we tackled the trans fats, and the main culprit was powdered coffee creamer. After that, we switched to rBST-free milk, then later organic milk as the budget allowed. We found reasonably priced hormone and antibiotic-free meat at Kroger, and we buy organic produce when it is available.

    What’s next? We’re on-and-off the wagon with using refillable containers for household products, and I’d like to get more consistent with that. We also have a shameful addiction to diet soda, which we will probably tackle last.

    The important thing with making these changes is to be aware that it will probably be two steps forward and one step back, and not to try and change everything at once. Every little step will lead to a healthier lifestyle!

  2. alyssa kat says:

    We have been working on our diet & cleaning up our lifestyle for about 2years now (since our eldest daughter was experiencing horrible abdominal pain). I was blessed with a husband who has always been interested in health foods &, since we were married, never allowed me to buy things like margerin, diet anything, and many other processed foods (his family is E. European & everything was always homemade growing up). My father was also vet health conciliatory when I was young because of athletics. I guess I just never knew what I never knew! It has been a wonderful journey learning from different books, blogs & speakers, but I would also encourage everyone to find a few friends who are also taking this journey. Find some that are farther ahead than you & other whom you can help get started. Such friends have been a great blessing to us! I recently hears of a group of natural Momma friends who have started to get together every other month or so to share what they have been learning & swap recipes. I hope to start getting together with them. My self, or start a second group in this area. Also, I tell my husband that I refuse to look into things that I am not ready to change yet because I don’t want to be accountable to that knowledge just yet. LOL I am a cosmetologist by trade & didn’t want to even think about all those products just yet, but I am on my way with that now. I enjoyed the GONE WILD free ebooks that were shared & am starting the Vintage Remedies Natural Skincare Development class now & I am SO excited – still taking baby steps there (as in: I don’t want to hear about my toe nail polish just yet! – but moving right along! Thank you for all of your insight & encouragement, Donielle!

  3. alyssa kat says:

    O! And when the new bride in our family registered for the nonstick skillet, I bought her a cast iron one & wrote her a note about how to use/ take care of it, how easy it is to use & how much we love ours 😉 I was able to find us a 12″ Lodge skillet, after that blog, at a store closing sale & use it for everything! They really are much easier to use, anyway! And you gain a great work out in the lifting process 😉