December’s Real Food Twitter Party Recap


Wow! Last night was another awesome Twitter Party with all you real food folks! And again, it was moving so fast it was hard to keep up! Here’s a recap and some links for those of you who missed it:

The introductions; (fyi, you can follow any of these folks by clicking on their name!)

cheeseslave Let’s introduce ourselves! Ann Marie, mother to 2 yr-old, live in LA, blog on & run blog network
DeniseStieve Denise, mother to 6 month old, ontario canada
mahmommy Shelley from makeahomemom blog, mom to 2 (2 yrs and 9 mos) in PA
enlocale Hi! Here’s Cuisine en Locale :-) I’m JJ, mother of 2 and owner of a locavore personal chef service
flying_tomato Rebecca In SoDak–org farmer and farmers market board member.
lactoferment Alex, in the Boston area, I lead sauerkraut workshops, eat meat, ride bikes, blog on, etc.
summerm Hi all! Summer, mom of 3, lover of food.
Milehimama Houston, writer, mother of 8, one of my children on feingold diet
Augie2 I do the Journal of Natural Food and Healing– plus others
amgrose Real food chat intro: Amanda, Sequoia Natl Forest CA, mom of 2, political scientist, curry chicken salad for dinner
raising_arrows Intro: Amy, homeschooling mom to 6 and every ready to learn something new! I blog at
BookwormHeather Another Heather here, from SW CO, sister to 3 fellow raw goat milk drinkers (from our own goats), made a turkey pot pie for dinner
reggie326 hello all! My first time. Mom of three had butter slathered slowcooked brisket for dinner here
wwwebbs #realfood Sorry I’m late. Peggy, blogging at
MarshaHudnall Hi, I’m Marsha from Vermont, trying to do two tweetchats at once. this one moves so fast, probably won’t succeed
NourishedMama Hi – it’s Jenny from Just finished putting the kiddo to bed.
kunzy On a phone so prolly won’t be able to participate but wanted to be here in spirit. I’m Alan in Tokyo
BlessedMom_of_5 I am Tarra; 27 with 5 daughters, one with Spina Bifida. Providing the best for my family tops my list of to do’s!
katedevil Ok Kate here living and working in Boston…where does one find raw milk in my area?
dianabauman Hi! In class teaching web but can pop in every once in awhile! Diana from A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa

The yummy food some of you all were eating;

enlocale Nice to meet you all. I’m currently making a salad with local greens and fennel and defrosting a River Rock steak. Life is good
actualorganics we are having spaghetti (can’t be a saint all the time!) bolognese, been in slow cooker all day!
lactoferment I’m nibbling on some Crispy Nuts a la Nourishing Traditions
Milehimama No snacks, just finished dinner. Mac n Cheese
thenaturalmommy Our dinner was boring bc the daddy was late coming home (just now! 9pm!). Leftover ribs, cauliflower, homemade jello and rolls
cheeseslave #Grassfed pot roast is done. Falling apart tender, cooked in gravy made with chicken stock.
KeeperHome Maple infused whole baked salmon, and brown rice/kale casserole (w/ eggs, cheese, etc.)
summerm Spaghetti tonight, tomorrow homemade potato soup :)
kitchenwitch I made chicken curry.

Recipes that were shared;

dianabauman Coconut Flour Persimmon Muffins 😉
enlocale try this one it is stunning (no-knead bread)
summerm This is roughly the recipe I use for bread
Didn’t catch who posted this but got the link
cheeseslave I have a recipe for rendering lard on my blog
crystalbjones my fave green smoothie recipe is here:
summerm Sharing My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipes ( )
KeeperHome I use the recipe on Nourishing Gourmet… It is truly amazingly yummy fudge!
lactoferment I made turnip kraut. Milder. Shred turnips w food proc, then
donielle Here’s my Kombucha post
NourishedMama Sprouts: soak overnight, put in a fine mesh sieve over sink, rinse, drain, stir, rinse over a few days. Makes tons.
KeeperHome This is how I make my sprouts: I’ve also been recently trying it with a mesh bag- it’s awesome!
crystalbjones give a try! Super easy.

The GAPS Diet was a hot topic for a bit;

kwidrick This is why I love chats — I have never heard of the gaps diet before but now I’m running to check it out!
OrganicThrifty #GAPSDIET was a miracle-worker for dd, and is a great healthy diet for the whole family
katedevil The things that I learn on Twitter!

Raw milk was discussed;

DeniseStieve I’ve had the baby on homemade formula for the last 2 months, saw huge improvements.
cheeseslave @DeniseStieve I’m so grateful for the #WAPF raw milk baby formula. I could not produce enough milk for 1st baby
cheeseslave @crystalbjones I think pasteurized milk is WAY scarier than raw milk
cheeseslave @reggie326 My father-in-law had lactose intolerance. He was drinking soy milk. Switched to raw milk & digests it just fine.

Tips for making real food;

lactoferment I get my yog to thicken by heating the milk to 185 or 190. No more raw milk cultures, but plenty of yog cultures.
cheeseslave Coconut oil is fabulous. But for deep frying I use lard, palm oil or tallow
When referring to using coconut oil in baking – Fullearths I use coconut oil 1:1, and I try my best to eat 2 – 3 TBS a day..
lactoferment I have soaked oatmeal or quinoa every morn w 2T butter and 1T coconut oil. Grains are great vehicle for fat.
lactoferment My rule for eating deep-fried food is that I have to fry it myself. French fries, chips, etc. Lard/tallow of course!
cheeseslave Yeah I don’t cook w/ olive oil anymore. Too many other fun fats. Love olive oil for mayo and salad dressing.
NourishedMama No way. Agave nectar is definitely not a natural sweetener.
cheeseslave Nope Sally Fallon says it’s very refined & processed so I quit using it (RE: agave nectar)
Re:making ghee lactoferment Need to put it on the stove on v low heat until nothing is left but fat…nothing on the bottom, nothing on top
KitchenStew I have trouble w/ sourdough too – try rising in the oven w/ light on and use as little flour as possible

And some misc fun;

raising_arrows Just for fun: My kids favorite you tube video is Store Wars:
NourishedMama Throw a party serving only prohibition foods (farm-harvested meat, young cheese) <– my first one
cheeseslave Um YEAH the saturated fat is where the vitamins are!!!
KitchenStew I did EXTENSIVE research and talked w/some experts on EVOO – here’s the scoop
cheeseslave Holiday food: Raw grass-fed eggnog, homemade tamales, raw oysters, gravlax, roast duck, latkes fried in coconut oil.
dianabauman New Years Resolution – Exercise and start sprouting grains! Need dehydrator BADLY!!
NourishedMama Freezing, fermenting the fresh and eating it all winter. Plus indoor gardening and winter veggies across the mtn pass
lactoferment for good foods over winter…ferment and preserve!
bfmom I eat a lot of Indian inspired foods throughout the Winter. Lovely, cosy, warm, satisfying

There were also a few folks who would like specific topics to be discussed, so send me your ideas!!

And each month I do a pre-party post the week before, so make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed so you don’t miss all the details!! Also, if you’re a blogger and want to run a twitter giveaway during the party, let me know and I’ll include it in my post so we can get the word out for you. (Not a giveaway on your blog, a giveaway you’d like to do with just the folks that show up to the party) You can also add a #RealFood Twitter Party button in your blog sidebar if you’d like by copying the code under my button you’ll find near the top of my sidebar. It’s sezed at 250pixels wide, so if your sidebar is smaller, I have a 150 pixel and a 200 pixel button you’ll find at the bottom of my sidebar. Let’s get the word out about Real Food!!

Thank you all for joining in! I love partying with you each month.

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  1. Awesome recap. And awesome event! Thanks for hosting.