Eat Local Challenge: day ten update

Over the last week I’ve definitely been stretched in my ability to find and acquire foods for my family.

Some things are very easy, like milk and beef and produce. Everything else seems SO hard.Like chicken. The farmer I mentioned previously called me later that day (figures) and I was supposed to meet him at the farmer’s market yesterday. And he was not there.

So instead of doing chicken twice a week like usual, we’ve either had more beef, or (much to Todd’s chagrin) not had meat at all.

We also decided that with salsa season upon us, that we would purchase tortilla chips. A Michigan made brand from a local store. not perfect, but since fresh salsa is our favorite thing ever, it’s what we’re doing.

We also had a birthday on Monday here in our house, so we also had cake and ice cream. Yes, yes we did.

I’m learning how difficult it can be to shop for food when you don’t just head to the nearest super market!

How are you doing buying local foods? What have been your biggest struggles?

Yet another local breakfast consisting of eggs. #eatlocalSuper fresh salsa! #eatlocalA quick late lunch, mostly local. #eatlocalA mostly not local breakfast....... Extra tired this am, plus it's rainy out, equals oatmeal. #eatlocalLocal grub. #eatlocalFrom the garden! #eatlocal
Our local food haul for the day! Fresh milk, potatoes, sweet corn, pastured eggs, grassfed beef, and garlic. All from within 5 miles of my house. #eatlocalFinishing up the last of the homemade pizza for lunch with garden cukes and market watermelon. #eatlocalPicked 20 minutes ago! #eatlocalA mostly local breakfast, fried egg with homemade gf muffin and watermelon. Need to stop at the farmers stand for more kale! #eatlocalOnly half local (and totally not balanced), but after puppy training class I'm starving! #eatlocalA lunch of leftover pizza (local pepperoni and veggies) and farmers market carrots and watermelon. #eatlocal
A garden fresh snack. #eatlocalMy #eatlocal breakfast! Eggs fried inside a sweet pepper ring with a peach on the side.Birthday boy wanted pancakes and @wbdairy sausage for breakfast this morning! #eatlocalI don't think someone is quite understanding the eat local challenge! :-) I needed flour for a birthday cake (yes. I make came for birthdays.) but the other? :shakes head:Dinner: zucchini potato soup. It was eh. #eatlocal"Leftover lunch": our eggs, cucumber, and venison, and local veggies in rice. #eatlocal
So disappointed! This farmers market peach was not sweet and juicy at all. #eatlocal #failA breakfast of local peaches and potato plus venison from our freezer. And unsweetened coffee with fresh cream. #eatlocal What local foods are on your plate this morning?From the garden today. #garden #eatlocalDinner! #eatlocalAn all local dinner! #eatlocal #GRWhy you wash broccoli before you eat it. #extraprotein #eatlocal

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  1. Have you thought about making your own soaked tortilla’s and then frying them up for chips (in lard or coconut oil, of course!). A much healthier option! You should be able to find some local grains to mill & soak. . .

    Here we have a website for local foods. . . makes life so much easier. We order once a week and the pick up is just down the road!

    donielle Reply:

    @Polka Dot Mommy, I just tried frying up a few of the tortillas the other night – it worked “ok”. I do wish I could find a local grain grower though!