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I had the pleasure of meeting Scott from Zukay Live Foods at a Wise Traditions conference a few years back and was so pleased with his products that i brought some home with me. He and his wife take such care of the ingredients and preparation of their foods; I’ve loved to watch their company grow!

As a fellow supporter of the traditional foods movement, the products that Zukay offers are made through the ancient art of fermentation. These foods are chock full of probiotic benefits and are a true health drink.

Their ingredients:

It takes a lot to make Veggie•Biotic drinks and salads, and if you’re going to make the world’s healthiest beverages, you probably should use the world’s best ingredients. So, most of our ingredients are raw, organic vegetables, and are bought locally in-season whenever possible from Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op.

We do have a few dry roots, herbs and spices in our products, and we are very proud that they all come from Mountain Rose Herbs, one of the world’s purest and most eco-conscious purveyors of herbs and spices.

We do add a touch of raw, organic, green stevia herb to our kvasses to give them a more approachable, gentle flavor. Our stevia is totally unprocessed, raw and green, unlike the stevia extract most companies use. It’s as pure as all our other ingredients.

We also add a small amount of salt, which is necessary for fermentation. That being said, we use only Celtic Sea Salt from Selina Naturally – so it’s full of the entire range of natural minerals found in this tremendous ingredient.

We are proud of all our ingredients, and we want you to feel as confident as possible that you’re getting the best nature has to offer!

They use the same ingredients that I would use in my own home!


I was also sent a review sample; four bottles of raw kvass. And with my goal of adding more fermented foods to our diets this year, I was excited to try them out.

Beet Kvass

Beets are a superfood – and Beet Kvass has long been revered in Eastern Europe for its purported blood and liver-cleansing properties. There’s even a lot of research around the humble beet’s large nitrate content, which have been found to help your body utilize oxygen better (and therefore enable you to workout better).

Veggie Medley Kvass

Gardens grow such yummy and nutritious food, so we had to make this combo. Filled with all kinds of summer goodies – tomatoes, kale, parsley, cucumbers, carrots, celery and cabbage – this ultra-fresh treat really puts the Veggie into Veggie•Biotics!

Super Root Kvass

Our ancestors knew of the health benefits of many, many roots. They acted as food and medicine to peoples all over the world, and were a great source of health at all times of the year. They may spend their lives underground living out of sight from the world, but many of these unsung heroes are full of live-giving nutrients and anti-oxidants that don’t exist above ground. That’s why we collected a super collection of vegetable and herbal roots that are awesome detoxers and cleansers, and taste great as well!

Super Green Kvass

You love greens for all the great micronutrients they give you – their vitamins, their antioxidants, and their freshness. We agree with you. Everyone should include lots of fresh greens in their diet, and our awesome Super Green Kvass is the perfect way to get all this awesome green veggie nutrition along with a nice helping of naturally occurring probiotics!

The first two were definitely my favorite as the latter two contained ginger, and we’re just not a big fan of ginger in this house. I drank about a half of a bottle a day and I really like the way my body feels when I’m eating/drinking good, healthy, fermented foods.


Over the years I’ve always found fermented foods to be daunting and haven’t stepped into that whole realm of traditional foods yet. But this last month has taught me that my body behaves so much better if it has them. For this reason I love that there is a company, that also stands for the same things I do when it comes to our food and diets, that produces this fantastic food for us. It’s also a phenomenal way to try raw and highly cultured kvass so that you can see how it’s supposed to taste. And how it can make you feel. I wish our local health food store carried these.

Zukay also wants YOU to be able to try their product so we’re going to be giving away a whole case of kvass! The grand prize winner gets to select six different bottles and ten more winner will receive a coupon for a free bottle.

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As an added bonus, anyone that likes Zukay on facebook and sends them a message with their address gets a 4 page coupon book with $5.50 in savings over 7 bottles of product. (Your address wont be sold or used again. ONLY being used for this promotion) So check out their locator and if you have a store near you that sells their product, make sure you get your coupon book!

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