Folk Art…..

or hillbilly art?

Hillbilly art

Oh yes.

You see, Todd’s working on his truck yet again. But the old parts that come off have a hard time leaving the property and so he thought he was being pretty clever at “putting them away”.

He was like, “Check out the folk art in front of the barn.”

And I was all like, “Dude. That’s not folk art. Quick put it away before the neighbors see!”

And then he was all like “But it looks so cool! See, that’s part of my truck!”

“Why yes dear. That is a part of your truck. You stay here while I go put in a call to that Hoarders show.”

It’s been weeks my friends. This “artwork” has greeted all who come up the drive. And unfortunately that’s been mostly friends of the male gender. And they happen to think it’s just as funny and awesome.

I guess when you view the big picture, it does kind of fit in with my illegal chickens.
Hillbilly art

So what do you think?

Help me end our household debate! Should the neighborhood (and I…*gulp*) learn to love it? Or does someone need to take a trip to the scrap yard?

(hint, hint – the second answer will best fit my cause. So if y’all wanna be my NFF…Fs (natural fertility friends forever) go with that one)


*to be honest, he doesn’t really think it’s art, he just thinks it’s funny that I despise it so.

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  1. Haha! This is totally something that my husband would do just to watch my reaction. :) Generally I’m all for rustic things and for using non-traditional things for decoration. But, I’m not feeling this. Now, if it was the front bumper and grill–that’d be a whole ‘nother story. 😉

  2. I *gulp* kind of actually like it. Maybe it’s that red pop of color against the color of the barn or something. Or against your landscape it’s the “one of these things just doesn’t belong” kitsch that I like..

  3. I’d embrace it and start decorating it with garlands of flowers and such… bwa ha ha!!

  4. Honestly, I think it looks like a kind of post-modern take on the classic red wheelbarrow, so . . . kinda cool. And funny. (And it can always leave when no one thinks it’s cool & funny anymore . . . ?)

  5. I didn’t even have to read the entire post before I said to myself “Oh no! That’s gotta go!!” LOL

  6. As a folk artist myself, I’ll say: not folk art. Cool picture of it- it even looks kind of cool, there. But not “art”. :)

  7. It’s a nice piece and it might fit in next to an older building, but next to that newer one, it just looks silly. And like someone needs to take out the trash. :-)

  8. Hehe! Well, first-off, your homestead is looking pretty tidy.

    Until very recently, our driveway entry included the engine block and cab of an old green datsun pickup – the bed turned into the trailer I pulled with my camry (and now minivan). Classy? Oh indeed. Also there was the body of my 84 Toyota celica – which we bought back after it made its way through several acquaintances. Bought back? But of course – it has the same engine as my hubby’s pickup, so now he has a “spare” (engine. yes.). The carcasses of these beasts served dual purpose – a fantastic ‘redneck playground’ for the kids and helped to keep the taxes down in the neighborhood (hey, someone’s gotta do it, right?). 😉

  9. Sarah Butcher says:

    My dad is mechanic and this would not even be close to the half of it growing up all sorts of car and truck parts everywhere it looks like the local salvage yard! Be happy the fender is shiny and nice looking :) Embrace your hubby for who he is and he is more likely to move it out of sight :)

  10. I think its AWESOME! I wish I could do you the favor of taking it off your hands. But we live in an “HOA” neighborhood and could never have something “unique”. If I were you I’d learn to love it, there are much worse things that he could leave lying around or call art. Even if were not FFF or whatever you called it. : D

  11. Hi from ICLW! So happy to have found your blog. Look forward to reading more!!!