Giveaway: In the Kitchen; Real Food Basics

One thing I know for certain – when you realize the way you’ve eaten your entire life is contributing to health issues and the degeneration of your body, you want to change what you eat. And now.

But the reality is that making such a drastic change can lead to confusion (especially when we talk about soaking, fermenting, etc) and an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, frustration, and culinary inadequacy.

In the world of blogging the Lord has blessed me with a fantastic network of blogging friends. Not only do I receive support over my endeavors, but I’m also able to glean an amazing amount of knowledge they withhold. Knowledge I sure wish I would have been privy to a few years ago when I first threw out my skim milk for whole, farm fresh milk! It was like I was a “farm raised/fed” fish taken from a small pond and thrown into the wide expanse of the ocean and had to fend for myself.

Re-learning to cook is tough!

Kate from Modern Alternative Mama has recently released her eBook (meaning it’s download-able and either read-able on your computer or you can print it out) “In the Kitchen; Real Food Basics” to help others looking to offer healthy and nourishing meals for their families. She sent me a copy of the book a few weeks ago and I enjoyed perusing through it, gleaning all sorts of information from kitchen tips to ways to make my homemade french fries even better.

In the 67 pages contained in this book she provides ample information. The following is a list of contents included:

  • Fat’s real story
  • Real dairy
  • Grains and the Food Pyramid
  • A healthy diet, healthy lifestyle
  • Kitchen Tips and Procedures
  • Making stock
  • Sprouting grains
  • Making butter
  • Fermented foods
  • Sweeteners
  • Handy Kitchen Tools
  • Baby Steps
  • Shopping guide
  • Local resources
  • Recipes
  • Introduction
  • Main Dishes
  • Sides
  • Breads
  • Desserts

(**pssst – you can also check out a sample of her book that includes the Chicken Marinade and Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes!!)

And you know, I really like Kate. And I love that she’s written and easy to read book. So many times these ‘real food’ type books are hard to understand and follow through on, but she writes for the person just staring out….the basics if you will, and breaks everything down in to easy to follow steps.

I also love that this book is only $6.95! For my readers, she’s also offering 25% off when you use the coupon code: KnockedUp25 (which makes the book only $5.21) Code good until Nov. 22 at midnight.

She’s also graciously giving away one copy of the book to one of my readers! As my son would say, “Rock on dude!” To enter, please just leave a comment here on this post! No hoops, no jumping….just say hey.

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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


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  4. Sounds like a great book. Would love to win it!

  5. Sounds like a great book!

  6. This would make a great git for my sister-in-law. She wants to eat more “real,” but doesn’t know where to start.

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    Very cool! I’m always trying to cook healthier.

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    Would make a great Christmas present for my 22 year old daughter!

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    I’d love to win this.

  22. Sounds like a helpful book. Just beginning to try to eat healthier and is hard to know where to begin.

  23. Donielle, after reading your little bio at the end of this post and the bit about having 2 babies after dealing with infertility, I’m reminded all over again why I’m doing all this stuff–no sugar, sprouting, soaking, using baking soda to clean everything, etc. You’re an encouragement and inspiration to me while I’m still waiting for God to give us babies.

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