Giveaway: Mama’s Bath Soak

Gift: Mama’s Bath Soak

Nothing is better after a long day of  carrying around a large baby belly, than to have a nice hot soak in the tub. Lucky for Amy (and one of you) my friend Kristi makes just the sort of thing to make that bath extra luxurious!

From Kristi: I am blessed mom of 2 boys and another joy on the way in December. After the birth of my 2nd son (now 3) I was able to leave my career as a nurse and become a full time stay at home mom. During the last few years I have really started changing our lifestyle from normal mainstream to more natural way of living and have really noticed the difference in the way my children are now thriving. I love crafting and figuring how to create things on my own while keeping a tight budget! Recently I have taken my love for creating and have turned it into a small business selling cloth diapers, mama items, woolies, lots of earth friendly and “imagination inspired” childrens toys. I am excited to announce a soon to be open hyena cart named Saving Green, filled with tons of quality made goodies at an affordable price! It will SOON be stocked with everything a mom needs for herself and a family of all ages.

Find Saving Green:


Amy is a jar of bath soak along with a heart shaped hard lotion bar (infused with calendula)!

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