Giveaway: Nursing Necklace/Bracelet

Gift: Nursing Necklace or Bracelet

Shannon from Organic Mamas Etsy shop is one of our local artisans and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her bracelets in one of our local stores.

From Shannon: I’m a busy Mom to 4 little blessings with #5 making his/her debut in Feb.  We’re currently in the process of moving to a home with a few acres so I can fulfill my dream of being a real farm girl!  I homeschool my 2 older girls and love to create practical and beautiful things in my spare time ;o) I know, I know, “What spare time?”, but I’m very blessed by my wonderful Husband Zach (realtor-extraordinaire!)  who supports me in my little business venture!  I’m a very faith-filled person and that has spurred on my convictions to live organically.  To me living an organic lifestyle not only includes the foods that we eat and the products that we use, but to me, it means to live, love, create, and grow in the way God intends.  He has a perfect plan for all of us, and that is the most natural way to live!

In case you’re not familiar with how a Nursing Bracelet works, let me explain…
It works like a clock. The number beads 1-12 represent the hours of the day. There are 3 beads separating each number and the spaces between the beads represent each 15 minute increment. You simply place the moveable charm in the spot to mark the time you last fed your little one. The bracelet show the charm @ 11:15.

What else can you use it for??
~Kick Counter
~Glasses water consumed
~Time meds or vitamins were taken
~Nap times
~Dirty Dipes
~Whatever else you need help keeping track of!!

Nursing babies all reach the stage where just nursing isn’t enough, they get a little bored and need to do something with their hands while they eat. That usually includes checking your mouth for loose teeth, or attempting to pull your lip up to your nose ;o)

How about you give them something else to fiddle with besides your face! And it looks cute enough to wear everyday!

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Amy gets to pick out either a Nursing Necklace or Nursing Bracelet and so can you!

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