Gluten Free Beauty, anti-acne products review

I really like using non-toxic beauty products, as our skin is our largest organ and can absorb what we put on it. We’ve also talked about the importance of using gluten free products for those who are either gluten intolerant or have celiac.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been able to try out a few products that were sent to me by Gluten Free Beauty.

But first…..I like products that work, that don’t make me feel greasy, and that keep my face clean and smooth.

When I was asked by Kristen which kit I wanted to review, I went for the anti-acne kit. And not because I suffer from acne, but because I refuse to acknowledge that I’m getting older – which is what would happen if I had asked for the anti-aging kit.

Loving these, writing my review.

The kit:

Cleanse, balance and nourish acne, blackhead or redness prone skin. Our Balancing Face/Body Wash helps keep the face and body clean and clear of acne breakouts. While the Balancing Facial Serum hydrates, protects and helps prevent acne and calm redness.  Plus the perfect overnight treatment–a jar of natural, unbleached Kaolin Clay can be brushed onto spots or the entire breakout-prone area to help clear existing acne or blackheads. 100% Natural. Vegan.

Anti-Redness: Pomegranate Oil, Evening Primrose Oil help reduce redness.

Anti-Acne:  Astringent Hazelnut Oil and Evening Primrose Oil benefit acne-prone skin, while Kaolin Clay helps spot-treat existing acne.

Anti-Aging: Rich Pomegranate Oil helps restore the skin’s elasticity and seal in moisture.

Includes one .5oz. bottle of Balancing Facial Moisture Serum, one 8oz. bottle of Balancing Face/Body Wash and a 20g jar of calming Kaolin Clay.


One of the biggest reasons I love these beauty products is that Kristen really knows what she’s doing! She’s been at this for quite a few years and has the “recipes” down pat, making for products that not only work, but work apply well and feel great on your skin.

The cleanser in this kit, the Balancing Face/Body wash, has a soft lather and feels great on the skin. It leaves the skin smooth and definitely feels like you’ve removed any oily buildup, yet it doesn’t dry out the skin.

The Balancing Facial Moisture Serum is to die for. Seriously.

When applied, it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave any oily residue. I was actually worried one morning as I headed to my chiropractor that I’d again be embarrassed by the oil marks I left on the table from my face.

I mean, sure….my face was clean and it was a nice quality organic extra virgin coconut oil. But it looked like I had the face of an oily teen every time I got up.

This serum on the other hand left not a trace of oil, just after application. And since you need only a few drops per application, the bottle of serum will last for quite some time. It’s the perfect blend of oils like evening primrose and rose seed oil.

My face also feels so wonderfully smooth that I don’t feel like I need makeup to cover up my skin or make it seem smoother.

The second biggest reason I love these products? They smell fantastic, but not in the “rolling around in a flower patch” good. Just a nice clean….good. Instead of “flowery” essential oils, it has a mix of oils like Frankincense and palmarosa.

I’ll definitely be putting these on my shopping list when I run out! And they would probably be a really fantastic Christmas gift…….



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