Harmony Acres Soap Company {giveaway}

Bringing you another great giveaway today – this one from Harmony Acres Soap Company!

A couple weeks ago I received a wonderful box of goodies from them. As soon as I was holding the box I knew there was something good inside. The wonderful scents just filled my van. (Yes, I drive a van. Because I am just that awesome)

And I love their primary focus: To provide the finest product and service possible, at a fair price, that represents excellent value. And their blog is a fun read as well.

Harmony Acres makes and sells soaps, lotions, body butters, and deodorant as well as products for your face and teeth.

I’ve tried:

Minty Nilla Lotion – and love this stuff! It’s actually on my kitchen counter and I use it multiple times per day. Like five minutes ago. They have a lot of other scents to if you’re crazy enough not to like this one. It’s made with almond and avocado oils that are combined with shea butter. It has a smooth texture and absorbs quickly. The added peppermint and vanilla essential oils create a wonderfully warm yet cool scent. An 8 oz bottle sells for $11.95.

Lemongrass Deodorant – The scent of lemongrass is supposed to boost confidence while it also serves as an anti-bacterial, making it great for under the arms. I have found though, that while I very much enjoy the scent of lemongrass, I don’t prefer it under my arms. The deodorant itself works wonderfully! So don’t get me wrong, they’ve definitely created a good thing. And if you love the scent of lemongrass, you’ll love this. Sells for $7.95 and will last you half of forever.

Uncle Walter’s Tooth Powder – I love trying out new products for my teeth, and this peppermint tooth powder did not disappoint. It’s made with a unique whitening blend of dried sage, dried orange peel, and the perfect amount peppermint essential oil, all much more finely ground than other tooth powders I’ve tried. Left my teeth squeaky clean and the flavor was not to overpowering. Sells for $5.95 for a 2 oz jar.

They also sent me a variety of mini soaps which are delightful: again loving the minty nilla flavor as well as the almond.

Now Harmony Acres Soap Company wants to do a giveaway for you!

You have the chance to win one of their Gift Baskets with a retail value of $95.00! It includes:

  • 5 soaps of your choice,
  • 1 lip balm,
  • 1 body butter,
  • 1 wooden soap saver,
  • 1 liquid soap,
  • 1 lotion of choice and
  • a Restore skin cream

With this you’ll be set for months of natural body care!

To Enter the Giveaway:

  • Leave a comment here on this post

Extra Entries:

(must leave a separate comment for each entry)

  • Head over to Harmony Soaps at www.GetSmelly.com and check out their products. Leave a comment here at this post for one you’d like to try.
  • “Like” Harmony Acres on Facebook
  • “Like” NKU on Facebook
  • Share this giveaway post on facebook or twitter (easy sharing buttons to the left of the post)

Entries excepted until 11:59PM EST on Saturday, March 17 2012


Giveaway Fine Print

1) giveaway item will be one gift basket from Harmony Acres Soap Company. 2)Entrants must be over 18 and have a US mailing address. 3) Giveaway to run from 3/12/12 to 3/17/12 at 11:59PM EST. 4) Entries will be considered when left as a comment, valid e-mail address required, maximum 5 entries per person when using the extra entires. 5) Winner will be chosen via random number. 6) Duplicate entries will be deleted if found, contest will be extended is site issues come up. 7 ) giveaway sponsored by Harmony Acres Soap Company 8) No purchase necessary to win. 9) Prize not redeemable for cash. 10)Naturally Knocked Up, LLC is not liable for any injury or damage to persons and/or things as a result of the acceptance of the prize offered.


*I received the products mentioned as review items.

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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. I would love to win! :)

  2. Very cool giveaway ! Would love to win!

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  6. Mallory Cook says:

    I would sooo love to win this! I am curious about this company and this would be the perfect way to test it out.

  7. Mallory Cook says:

    I like NKU on facebook!

  8. Camey M. says:

    I would love to win this awesome gift basket full of awesome goodies! Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

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  11. I would love to win something natural and wonderful smelling.

  12. Would love to try the baby balm.

  13. I already liked NKU on facebook ( that’s how I found out about giveaway!)

  14. This looks wonderful! Would love to be inclued in contest!

  15. I have “liked” Harmony Acres and have “liked” you for a long time. :)

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  17. I’d love to try the tooth powder :)

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  20. And now I like Harmony Acres. (Never knew they were right here in NC. How cool!)

  21. I’m still trying to find a natural deodorant that works for me, so I’d love to try the Appalachian Spring Natural Deodorant.

  22. I would love to win this give away!

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  25. Wow! A Giveaway of items I actually want/need/would use! Thanks so much for sharing something fun on a Monday! read your post

  26. Another give away? Well that is awesome! You’re gonna have all your readers heathy and smelling great! Double bonus points!

  27. I would love to try their lip balm as I have failed to make my own well twice (recipes calling for table spoons instead of ounces with bees wax seem to fail me)

  28. Checkd out getsmelly.com. I would like to try the deoderant, and lemonyptus liquid hand soap. honestly, i love it all. thanks for sharing this great homemade company!

  29. I’d love this!

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  31. rachel v says:

    ooh I love a giveaway!

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  37. Would love to win this, and I’d like to try their Coffee Morning Bar Soap, liked Harmony Acres on Facebook, already like NKU :)

  38. rachel v says:

    i would like to try Lavender Fine Lotion or the Minty Nilla Lotion both sound heavenly. I would also like to try the sweet almond bar soap.

  39. Awesome! I love a giveaway!

  40. I would really love to try their tooth powder. I still haven’t found a dental product that I just LOVE, so this would be great!

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  42. I already like NKU!

  43. I’d love to win! I’ve been wanting to try some more natural products and don’t know where to begin!

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  45. Looks so fun!!!!

  46. Great giveaway; thank you for your blog!

  47. I love your website, I always recommend it to my mom friends

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  50. oh and i checked out their site, peppermint lime soap?! YES PLEASE!

  51. I want to try the Renew Face Cream!

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  64. What an amazing gift basket!

  65. I’d love to try the Sweetgrass Body Butter!

  66. I would love to try those, I wonder if I would like them or not.

  67. I’d love to try the lavendar belly butter.

  68. What a cool giveaway – their website is full of stuff I’d love to try!

  69. I’m actually interested in trying the deodorant … I’m intrigued.

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  71. Wow! what an amazing giveaway. I’d love to try their products.

  72. The Minty Nilla lotion would be great! I love those scents and use the peppermint essential oil all of the time.

  73. Christina says:

    Sounds Amazing!

  74. I “liked” Harmony Acres Soap Facebook Page.

  75. Shared on Facebook. :) Hope I have a chance. :) By the way I love your website.

  76. I would really like to try those products. How neat.

  77. I Would like to try the Appalachan spring natural deodarent.

  78. Their products look great!

  79. I can’t narrow it down to just one…I’d love to try all of their baby products!

  80. Jill Marks says:

    yeah…these looks awesome!

  81. Jill Marks says:

    I love bar soap…so it would be a toss up between the coffee morning soap and sweet almond. But I’d really like to try them all!

  82. I want to try the ReNew Day cream.

  83. Thank you for having this giveaway!

  84. I like H.A. on FB!

  85. I tweeted this giveaway!

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  87. We are good friends with Dale and Cory…have been close since Keaton and Sky were babies :) My favorite product is the Face Lotion. Best. Face. Lotion. Ever!

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  89. I liked NKU on FB. Love the name by the way. :-)

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  91. I would really love to try these products. This is a great give away.

  92. I LOVE their soaps and hand lotions-especially the patchouli!

  93. I love Harmony Acres products and would love to try the Renew Face oil and that sweetgrass body butter sounds amazing too!

  94. What a wonderful giveaway, such a breath of fresh air and comfort to the person who wins. Thank you.

  95. Oh how my my lips could use the Soothing Mint Lips Alive. Would love to try this as I love mint in lip balms.

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  97. Yes, please!

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    Liked you on facebook.

  102. I’d love to try the tooth powder! The current natural toothpaste I’m using I’m not thrilled with so I want to try your recipe!

  103. What a fabulous giveaway – would love to win this package!

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  105. Wow, looks like wonderful products! :) Thanks Donielle!

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    What a great giveaway, thanks!

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    I would really like to try the Coffee Morning bar soap, I bet it is wonderful!!

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    What an awesome giveaway :-) I’d love to try their products!!

  123. Nicole Carr says:

    I would love to try the lavendar soap!! What a nice calming way to start the day.

  124. Thanks for the giveaway! I love natural products and would love to give these a try!

  125. Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for the entry! :)

  126. If I could be given a choice of product to try, I would go for the Geranium Bourbon soap. I am a soap-holic, I love to try all kinds, and I love the smell of geranium bourbon – so lovely!

  127. I tweeted the giveaway! @DevonTheFoodie

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  139. From the Harmony Acres site – I would love to try the Chamo-Baby bar soap on my kids!! I bet it would be great for their skin!

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  141. A fabulous giveaway! i would love to win , since we are trying to go greener

  142. i think, sweetgrass body butter sounds great

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    I would love to try the Lavender Fine lotion!! Looks wonderful!

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  151. These products sound great!

  152. The Baby-Lav soap sounds perfect for us with sensitive skin.

  153. Happy for the tip on another company with natural products!

  154. What a great giveaway!
    I’m finally pregnant again after over 4 yrs and 1 miscarriage!
    I’d love to pamper my self with all these bath goodies!


  155. If I won I’d the 5 soaps I’d like to try are: The Earths Blessing, Patcholi Earth, The Geramium Bourbon, Coffee Morning, The Herb Garden bar!

    I hope to win! All the stuff looks just devine!


  156. I’d love to try the tooth powder or one of the deodorants!

  157. I would love to try some of their products… I am just starting to venture into trying natural hygiene products & to have one place for them all would be great!

  158. Oooo! The Coffee one sounds fun… I love the smell of coffee, but can’t stand to drink the stuff!

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  165. Denise Wood says:

    I have tried their soap and love it. Hated going back to store bought soap when I ran out. I bought 3 bars when visiting Banner Elk last fall.

  166. Denise Wood says:

    I have already liked their fb page. That is how I found out about this giveaway!

  167. Denise Wood says:

    I would like to get the soap to use on dogs. Bet my dog would smell great after her bath.

  168. I’ve been enjoying your site and hope to get to try these products too 😀

  169. Jenny goodman says:

    We need this giveaway! Mom dad and four dirt loving boys on a farm……

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  181. Patcholi earth sounds yummy

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  190. They’re products sound wonderful. I hope I win!

  191. Heather R says:

    This sounds fantastic. I want to win!

  192. Heather R says:

    I would love to try anything lavendar, or the happy face bar.

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  194. Heather R says:

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  198. I want to try the sweetgrass body butter. Sounds like it smells amazing and the idea of all that shea butter on my skin is delightful!

  199. I liked them on FB!

  200. went to their website and I want to try the Tooth Powder, and the Joint Healing Cream for my grandpa with replaced knees.

  201. I’m already one of your FB fans. :)

  202. oh, and I’m leaving a comment… I was super impressed by their site, but I didn’t really understand their story of how they began… the ostrich and the poison ivy and the soaps never really connected for me.

  203. Jessica Frierson says:

    I love the Minty Nilla Lotion as well!! I am actually a huge Harmony Acres fan in general.

  204. Jennifer says:

    Liked it on FB. What an amazing web site! Love the looks of all of the products, the naturalness of it all and would love to try the coffee morning soap or the minty nilla scent. Love your blog site by the way, have found tons of helpful info. Jen

  205. Thanks for the chance to try these products! :)

  206. Oh my goodness! After looking through the website, there are so many products I’d love to try. But, the one that really stood out to me was MintyLyptus Natural Deodorant! Thanks for the chance!!

  207. What a great giveaway! Their stuff looks amazing.

  208. I want to try some of that Appalachian Spring Deoderant or some Body Butter!

  209. I now like Get Smelly on FB.

  210. I like you on FB and love this series!

  211. Melissa Powell says:

    Hope to win!

  212. Andrea E. N. says:

    The Harmony Acres products look lovely.

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  214. Melissa Powell says:

    “Like” Harmony Acres

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    I would love to try their deodorant

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    Shared on Facebook :)

  217. Elizabeth says:

    Your products sound like exactly what this busy household needs! Would love to try them :)

  218. Big People Balm, any of the deoderants and the Lavender belly balm look interesting. Hope I win!

  219. Would love to try their products, Please enter me in the giveaway.


  220. I LOVE soap!!!!

  221. I would LOVE to win this!

  222. I would really like to try the sweetgrass body butter. I’m a sucker for body butters :)

  223. I “liked” harmony acres on fb

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  226. Exciting giveaway!

  227. I’d like to try their Patchouli Earth Bar Soap.

  228. I like you on Facebook.

  229. I now like Get Smelly Soaps on FB, too.

  230. Sounds wonderful!!

  231. I’d like to try the coffee morning soap, the patchouli earth soap and deodorant and the earth’s blessing soap. The soap of the month club sounds cool!

  232. I am excited to try their products. Always looking for good things to enrich my life with…:) Take care and have a blessed day.

  233. What a fabulous give away! I’d love to win such treasures.

  234. I would love to try all their soaps except the beer one, but would probably wind up sticking to my old favorite, lavendar. I’d especially like to try the smelly dog soap, as I have a dog who is oft in need of a bath.

  235. I liked them on FB and am already a friend of yours. I also wen to there website and was so impressed. I think I would love to try the sweetgrass butter bar.

  236. Sounds wonderful; I’d love to try! I’ve been looking for a good source of soaps and lotions since I canceled my Melaleuca membership. Thanks for the giveaway.

  237. I just can’t seem to get enough moisturizer so I would LOVE to try their ReNew Day Cream. Or the Face Oil.

  238. I “Like” Harmony Acres on Facebook

  239. I “Like” NKU on facebook.

  240. Samantha D says:

    comment :)

  241. Samantha D says:

    Salty Skin Bar Soap, yes, please!!!

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    I already like NKU on facebook!

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    I now like HA on facebook too :) thanks for the giveaway!

  244. Would love to try these products!

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  248. This is great! Thx for the giveaway and the new company to try! I checked out their website and would love to try the lemmongrass deoderant! Also like both the fb pages and shared on twitter (@mcdoula)!

  249. Oh, I adore lemongrass. I want to try the deodorant! Thanks for the chance to win some cool stuff.

  250. There is nothing better than natural soap in the morning! There are so many good soaps at their webiste, I want to try them all, but I think I would start with the MintyLuyptus.

  251. I want to register for a chance to win the soap basket from Harmony Acres. Sounds great!

  252. Danielle Hyde says:

    I would love to try these products!!!

  253. Wow … what a generous giveaway!! Thanks to both you and Harmony Soaps for this giveaway … I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :-)
    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  254. I’d love to try the Sweetgrass Body Butter … sounds lovely & indulgent!
    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  255. I “Like” Harmony Acres on Facebook (I’m Sml Footprints)
    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

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  257. I shared this giveaway on FB:
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  258. I would love to try the Minty Nilla Lotion! =)

  259. What an amazing giveaway!! I would love to try these products!! (and then blog about them too!)

  260. I would love to try the rosemary lavendar natural deodorant!!

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  267. I would love to try Uncle Walter’s Tooth Powder!

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  270. The Lemongrass Summer Lotion and the Honey Oatmeal Bar Soap sound great. Hoping to get a chance to try them!

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  272. I shared this giveaway on Facebook.

    Mary Reply:

    @Mary oops! I clicked on something I shouldn’t have!

  273. I like NKU on Facebook.