Healing after a Miscarriage

It’s been just over two weeks since our little one left us, two weeks tomorrow that his earthy body was born, and I’m slowly working on healing after miscarriage. The physical aspect is easier of course, but also just as important as the emotional healing. My body is tired not only from the pregnancy and having to go through ‘birth’ and the blood loss that follows, but also because of the emotional toll that losing a baby takes.

Drug of Choice

Drug of choiceI’m also going to go all out here and say that I’ve eaten less than stellar the last two weeks. I’ve been physically and emotionally exhausted and convenience foods have just been easier as we went into ‘survival mode’ for a week while I was dealing with the physical aspects of miscarriage. And my drug of choice is always sugar – my mood and energy booster.

But now I’m really feeling the effects of poor diet as well as the major hormones shifts that have been going on and I know that in order to feel better again I’m going to have to take some dietary steps to make sure that I stay in good health. I’d also like it not to take a million and five years for my hormones to balance out again – seeing as how I just got them figured out after weaning my daughter this last spring.

After months of no coffee and very little sugar, I’ve indulged way to much in both. As part of the healing process I need to go sugar-free as well as processed foods free. Because even “organic’ and ‘gluten free” processed foods aren’t healthy.


Fall is also a good time to cleanse as the body is more receptive to it, so I’m going to be doing a 7-day cleanse this week as well as loosely following along the dietary guidelines for cleansing. There are a couple different herbal cleansing products that can be quite effective: I ended up going with the 7-day cleanse from Renew Life as it was available at our local health food store and on sale (score!). Garden of Life also has a 7-day cleanse that’s really good and now on sale at Amazon. But because of the not so great diet, I can feel that I have some ‘junk’ to get rid of and the herbs included are great for liver function so it will help support my body’s natural detoxification system.


It’s also important that I use foods to build my body back up during this process and I’ll be supporting my diet with supplements as well. I don’t remember if we ever discussed how to boost the adrenals before, but to make sure mine aren’t being to taxed (emotional stress does a number on them) I’ll be making sure to get in lots of rest, vitamin C, and steering clear of sugar and coffee (starting tomorrow…..). I also need to start remembering again to take my raw prenatal vitamins along with my cod liver oil and supplements from my chiropractor.

Calendula Petals

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I feel like I’m constantly back in this place again where I need to try and balance out my hormones. This time around I thought that maybe you’d all like to join me and we can do this with “community support”. I’m in the process of figuring out how this will work and getting it set up, but the “Balanced Naturally” 30-day challenge will start next week Thursday.

Why on Thanksgiving?

Well – I’m a believer that lunaception works, and since I’m starting from no set cycle, it’s easiest for me to align my cycle with that of the moon. And the new moon starts next Thursday. And there’s no time better than the present!

For me the 30-day challenge will include nutrition, exercise, supplements, alternative health care (chiropractic), and charting. More info will be coming soon as I get it all put together. I’m excited about it and hope you’ll join in so we can all have a bit of moral support and learn from each other! (we’ll also have a few sponsors for the challenge, so if your company is interested you can contact me at donielle AT naturallyknockedup.com)

Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog in some fashion as I’ll send out all the details later this week.

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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. Donielle,

    Sounds awesome! I know this isn’t your first rodeo and I respect the self-acknowledgement after a week of letting loose. I did the same thing, and felt the same remorse :) It’s so easy to beat ourselves up, but just the fact that you have an awesome plan of attack to heal and get back on track is mind blowing. After taking 8 months off of TTC after miscarriage/pregnancy #1, this is exactly what I need before trying again in January.

    I’ll join the challenge and look forward to it’s launch next week. Here’s to grieving when we need to, chowing down on junk food when we need to, and picking yourself and beginning the healing when we need to!!


    Kimberly @ Fertility Flower Reply:

    @Jenny, Oh my gosh…I love this comment :)

  2. So sorry for your loss, Donielle. Glad to see that you’re taking care of yourself!

  3. I had about 3 weeks of knowing that at some point the actual process of miscarriage was going to happen. I had NO appetite what so ever. Which I think made the “Passing” process all that much worse. A grieving mom doesn’t realize how important it is to force down the nutrition. I ended up in the ER because of blood loss and anemia. Even when depression has set in and the last thing you want to do is care for yourself I wish I would’ve forced myself more.
    Thank you for sharing that I am not alone.

  4. I just experienced a miscarriage almost 2 weeks ago. We have 7 children. Last 3 pregnancies have ended in miscarriage. We were so thrilled to be preganant again: me, my husband and the kids. Our main goal is to get to heaven so our little Angels are there already and praying for us. It is a bitter sweet thing. We are grateful to have seen the heartbeat of little Faith before I miscarried. I also
    have a lingering hematoma that came with the pregnancy. I feel exhausted, achy, foggy.
    I know about the self comfort food and the sugar craving with the hormones going a little crazy. I stay up late (alone time) but I cannot relax. My husband wants me to rest and sit down, but with a big family (6 born within 10 years and the youngest being 3) Homework, laundry, cleaning, meals, I cook a lot from scratch because of allergy and diet. Lots of veggies and clean meat. My husband and I eat a Paleo diet. My children cannot have Gluten, or soy and little dairy. I rarely bring sugar into the house. We drink water, coconut & almond milk) I hate the Halloween candy, but we do allow them to have it within reason (they are kids). We have a homeopathic Dr. and of course out pediatrician. Exercise and sport are important to to stay fit and healthy.
    WIth all that I will be in a late night binge mode and eat from my kids Halloween bag or reach for some type of grain (even if it is gluten free, I feel lousy when I eat i) Then I feel like I am on a hangover the next morning. I swear never again, then I get tired and can not go to bed just yet and stay up late and drag around the next day. So I know what you mean by needing a cleanse. Some exercise, real sleep and lots of water.

    donielle Reply:

    @Missy, I’m just catching up on comments and while it’s well past due, I just wanted to say how very sorry I am for your losses. I pray you’re feeling better and able to relax a bit at night again. I too was extremely anxious and stayed up very late as I couldn’t relax.

    Praying for you and your family.

  5. Oh Donielle…I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss…

    With my first miscarriage, I bounced back and went on with things as if nothing happened. Boy, was that stupid. I learned that I should have allowed myself to feel whatever I was feeling, however irrational it seemed. We’re mourning the loss of a member of the family, after all. People tend to gloss over that fact.

    I’m up for the Challenge. Let it rip!

  6. Hello Moms, after all whether we have given birth or not that’s what we are having been with child at some point or another. I had my D&C on September 11 and today is 9/27. It was the most traumatic thing I’ve every experienced in my life. I’m 40 years old and I have two wonderful adult children. I was married at a young age and divorced in my late 20’s. I’ve just found love again and we wanted to share our love through a child (our child). We did not plan our pregnancy but was overjoyed when taking the home pregnancy test to see a positive result. To our dismay we lost our baby at 11 weeks. He stopped growing at 10 weeks 3 days and lost his heartbeat. I did not naturally miscarry. I actually immediately went into faith and prayer. We asked God to create a miracle for our child. We had come to love him as if he was here forever. A week later we got a US to find that he was still there just no heartbeat, no blood, no pain from me. It’s was like he was just as happy in my womb as I was happy to have him there. I call him a HE not even knowing for sure, he just felt like a boy. One week later we decided to allow the doctors to help us heal beginning with a D&C. This procedure barely caused me any pain or bleeding in the first 2 days but a day later I experienced pain from my uterus for 3 days as it shrank back to size. The emotional turmoil from it was the worse though. I know this may sound weird but I needed to feel that physical pain to be able to heal, none of it seamed real to me until the pain came. Even before the D&C; I made the doctor give me one more US before he rolled me into OR. I’ve seen a lot of sites regarding women and miscarriage but I came fond of yours because I would like to live healthier to prepare for my next pregnancy. Thinking about living healthier is helping me heal. One of the things I think I Regret is not taking better care of my body before I became pregnant. If I was doing so I feel like my baby would have had a better chance. So now I’m taking my prenatal vitamins still, eating plenty of fruits, veggies and fish. Especially ones high in Vitamin C and folic acid, and omega 3. Broccoli, spinach, citrus fruits. Less wine/alcohol intake. I’m very interested in finding out the natural things I can do to stay fertile and nutrition for our next go round. I to am craving sugar like no tomorrow. It’s been 15 days since the D&C I wonder if I”m PMSn. I”m going to put a cap on it though I know it can’t be good. I’m continuing to give up caffine. That was a drug that needed to stop anyhow. I know it can’t be healthy.
    Please pray for us as I’ll be praying for all of you~rizebutterfly

    donielle Reply:

    @Giselle, I’m so sorry for your loss! :-( Praying for your physical and emotional healing.

  7. Thank you so much for these ideas! I am a little over a month out on my miscarraige and have eaten pretty much whatever I wanted in the last month out of stress and sadness. I’m ready to move on. I had my first cycle since the loss and it was AWFUL. I’m going to get that cleanse and start balancing out. I just can’t sleep at night still. I really need some adrenal support…

    donielle Reply:

    @Renee, I’m so very sorry for your loss, it’s so hard. :-(
    Not sleeping well is actually very common, and I relate it a lot to the protectiveness that comes out (due to hormones) upon birth. The mama bear instinct is there, but with nothing to protect, and it ends up causing sleeplessness and anxiety and restlessness. I still struggle with it some days and often use rescue remedy to calm my nerves.
    Be very gentle with yourself as you are in the post partum period – your body is still trying to figure out what’s going on and rebalance hormones.