Healing after Miscarriage: Physically

Your body and heart have special needs during and after a miscarriage. I’ve asked my dear friend Michele, of Frugal Granola to share a 3 part series with on us on the healing after miscarriage – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

healing after miscarriage

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Dear one, if you are experiencing that sinking feeling in your soul right now, when you realize a miscarriage has begun, I want to send you my deepest condolences.

As you walk through this season ahead, and grieve the loss of your precious blessing, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t chuck that pregnancy book out the window, yet.

Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, your miscarriage experience may be very much like labor. Review the chapters on relaxation techniques, comfort measure solutions, etc., just in case you need them to get through waves of contractions over the next few days. (Yes, days.)

  • Check with your doctor/midwife.

Make sure they know about your miscarriage signs, and keep you and your husband advised of any emergency signs that require a trip to the hospital (such as a fever or other signs of infection, sharp pains, excessive blood loss, loss of consciousness, etc).

As long as everything is progressing normally, you can have a natural miscarriage in the peaceful privacy of your home. (Your healthcare provider may offer to visit you and/or provide support over the phone.) Make sure to have your husband or a support person with you just in case. Schedule a follow-up appointment.

  • Stock up on lots of pads. Quickly.

Even if you don’t usually use pads during a period, you’ll need them during a miscarriage, as you pass the baby/tissue, and lots of blood loss. Keep enough on hand to last you a couple weeks.

  • Relax & Release.

An important part of giving birth naturally is the “letting go” experience, and the same is true for miscarriage, as emotionally difficult as this is. As you relax and release, you allow your cervix to fully open up, and for the contractions to become effective. A warm shower, heat packs, or sitting on the toilet can help, along with a restful atmosphere of quiet music, candles, etc; just like in labor.

  • Healing.

Physical healing always seems to happen faster than the emotional healing. (We’ll touch on the emotional aspect in the next segment of this series.) In your grief, you may not have much of an appetite, but it is important to nourish your body during this recovery time.

As you rebuild after the blood loss, the nutrient demands of a pregnancy, and now the needs of healing, make sure to prepare whole-foods meals full of iron, healing vitamins such as K & C, good fats, etc.

A midwife/herbalist may recommend an herbal tincture for you, such as crampbark or false unicorn. Check with your natural healthcare provider for the appropriate dosage for your needs. You may also find that drinking wild red raspberry leaf tea helpful, especially as you heal enough to begin preparing for another pregnancy.

  • Rest.

Even if you feel capable of continuing your daily duties, you need time to fully heal. You don’t want to cause unnecessary damage/blood loss from “over-doing it” as your uterus recovers. A couple weeks of rest will also allow you the space to begin grieving and emotionally walking through this season in a healthy way; especially as you may experience both a combination of grief and “postpartum blues” of hormonal fluctuations.

If you have experienced the loss of miscarriage, what most helped you during this season?

You can also read about Donielle’s experience with her miscarriage here:

Michele and her husband Calvin live a simple & sustainable life as innkeepers at Hampton Creek Inn in rural Washington with their two little ones. Michele loves encouraging women and equipping them for frugal, natural living through her blog, Frugal Granola.

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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. Thank you, Michele, for writing about miscarriage. Last June, at 17 weeks into a pregnancy, the fetus was diagnosed with triploidy and deemed not viable. I can remember how I felt lying on the table in the ultrasound room, and have since learned that complications in pregnancy, while not uncommon, are rarely discussed. I still think about our loss every single day, but it does get better over time (it would get better faster if I got pregnant again!). Even during those very hard weeks afterwards, I found that spending time with my husband, relaxing and laughing, helped immensely. I still struggle with believing that this was meant to be, but healing physically helps makes strides in healing mentally.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I experienced a loss at 181/2 weeks. We’re still not sure what happened, but I went into early labor (possibly an incompetent cervix) and delivered our perfect little angel. He was too small to make it. It had taken us a few years to conceive, and had experience a few very early miscarriages along the way.

    Since Michele only discussed physical healing in this post, I’ll only mention things that helped me heal physically. I let my body do what it was supposed to. I experienced the normal post partum bleeding (which Michele is correct–stock up on pads), cramping, and drop in hormones. My milk even came in a couple of days afterwards. I also have to mention that letting myself heal emotionally and spiritually also helped in my physical healing–remember that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

    I found that rest helped tremendously, even though I didn’t feel physically tired or incapable of doing things, the body requires rest to heal.
    As far as sore, engorged, or leaky breasts, I used a very supportive bra (I found that two sports bras worked best), and used cold cabbage leaves, and avoided hot showers (the hot water on your chest stimulates milk production and prolongs drying up). I also needed nursing pads for a week or two. I believe Michele has a pattern for homemade nursing pads on her blog. I also added a bit of sage (inhibits milk production) to my teas–mostly chamomile, and “Sleepytime” for relaxation.

  3. I experienced a miscarriage, my first and first pregnancy just almost 2 weeks ago at 8 weeks. These are all good tips. I just came across your blog today while browsing blogs that had nothing to do with pregnancy or miscarriage and almost fell out of my chair to find the first post so relevant to what I am dealing with right now. Coincidence? Hmm, I think not. Thanks Donielle for your site. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far!

  4. Five years ago this month, we lost our first baby though a miscarriage. It doesn’t feel that long ago. I shared about our journey to healing here: * Miscarriage Basics * Isaiah’s Birth Story Part One, Part Two and Part Three (my personal loss) * The Good Things * The Grief Process * Coping and Survival * Helping Others: What Not to Say

    I’ll certainly be adding a link to this post into the series since this post addresses the during and not just the after.

    So many women have and will experience the pain of loss this way. I found such comfort in reading of those who had gone before me.

  5. Wonderful post … I just wanted to add to make sure you find out from your OB/midwife the details about what to expect. During my miscarriage, my OB said to look for “excessive bleeding” but not what that meant.

    I’ve since discovered it usually means that you are using about one pad per hour and if you aren’t measuring by pads (I was going to the bathroom every time I felt a cramp and passing clots) then you need to pay attention to how big those clots are and how many you are passing and call your OB/midwife and find out if it’s too much. If you start feeling lightheaded, it’s too much.

    When I miscarried, I spotted for two days and then started passing clots. Once I started passing clots, it was over in 15 hours, but it was much blood to lose so quickly and I needed to go to the ER for fluids because I started passing out. However, my experience is not all that common. I also did not have a lot of bleeding after it was over, but I spotted off and on for ten days.

    I also had low iron and fatigue (among some other symptoms) for the next couple of months while my blood built back up. So that is something else to keep in mind. It’s really important to keep up the healthy diet and vitamins!

  6. I wish I’d known some of these things when I was miscarrying. I think I was way too hard on myself physically, especially since my miscarriages were all very early. But since I didn’t take the physical aspects of my miscarriages seriously–as in, this is a big deal even if the baby was too tiny to even see–I didn’t rest and let my body heal like I should have. I think I’ve been paying for it ever since, and now my hormones, my thyroid, and my adrenal glands are MAKING me rest.

  7. The only thing I would like to add about healing physically is this: Be sure to ask your doctor or health care provider if your blood type has been tested. If you are a negative blood type, and your partner is a positive blood type, then you will possibly need a Rhogam shot after your miscarriage. Most women are told this is necessary after giving birth, but it may also be necessary after miscarriage. My understanding is that some doctors feel this is dependent on the timing of the loss’ gestation. I’ve had two miscarriages – both babies died around 8 weeks – and I chose to take the Rhogam anyway. The concern is that if the baby happens to be a positive blood type – no way to know, really – and his/her blood mixes with the mother’s negative blood type, the mother could develop antibodies to future unborn, positive blood-typed babies; these antibodies could attack this next child and cause a miscarriage. Rhogam binds the antibodies to itself, so that the antibodies are excreted from the mother’s body during urination.

    If you would like more information about Rh negative factor and the need for Rhogam, ask your health care provider. What I have written above is what I have come to understand from a 20 minute discussion with my fertility specialist. Please be sure you understand any medical issue yourself.

  8. Wonderful post.

    I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and believe one of the reasons that I was able to miscarry naturally was incorporating the “release” idea. I told my baby that I loved her (I had a feeling it was a girl) and that if she had to go, she could go. I repeated this for about 10 minutes, just trying to pass my feelings of love to my baby.

  9. This is a very helpful and informative post. I had a miscarriage almost 2 years ago and it is one of those things I will never forget. I was about 2 months along, and it took me almost as long to go through the miscarriage process – I found out the baby was not viable (no heart-beat) but I did not miscarry right away. Sometimes it does not go as quickly as we would hope. But I was determined to let the process happen naturally, although it was very painful (emotionally & physically) to go through it for so long. I agree, that miscarriages are not rare, but rarely talked about, and so I am happy to see it being discussed here.

  10. I experienced my 1st miscarriage (2nd pregnancy) in October at 12 1/2 weeks. It was very much like labor, though not as painful. The physical healing took me about 3 months for my body to regulate and energy levels to increase.

    I went to a natural store close to me and purchased a few things which really helped build up my blood and strengthen my uterus. Liquid chlorophyll, red raspberry and iron. These really helped!

    Also, ditto on the comment above about being Rh Negative. I am negative, and my husband is positive, and I had to get the shot.

  11. Jan. 20, 2011 (just last month) I suffered my 1st miscarraige with baby #7.
    I was 8w 4d along.
    We named him Christian Alexander.
    I am 42yrs old and we had been TTC for 17mo……this has been very hard for our family.

    Great post.

    For me…. I got plenty of rest and drank Red Raspberry Leaf tea.

    I found out on Christmas morning 2010 we were expecting….I was 5 wks.
    When I was not quite 8 weeks along I started to bleed, so I rested and drank my RR tea.
    I had to wait the weekend before getting into the DR to see what was going on.
    Tuesday I got an appointment for an ultrasound.
    I was 99% sure I was having a miscariage but was still clinging to hope.
    I just wanted to see my baby……even if it was over.
    DR said I had a chemical pregnancy because he did not see anything.
    DR was puzzled that my cervix was that of a still pregnant women.
    My test at home the day before was positive for pregnancy.

    Two days after my DR appointment, I had a full miscarriage. Yes, there was the start of a baby!
    DR was wrong!! My hormones were out of wack. I was a crying mess but one month out things are begining to level out.

    I started a blog to journal my healing process. I only have 2 posts so far…..I am still wanting to nap and rest in between taking care of my 6 other children. There is lots of spiritual things going on in my healing….I will save those comment for your other post.

    Peace and Love,

  12. I mis typed my link~

  13. Thank you for the info on healing after a miscarriage, this is really helpful. I was told 3 weeks ago at almost 9 weeks that my pregnancy was not viable (pregnancy hormones had been going up but were not doubling at the rate they should and the ultrasound showed a fetal pole and sac but no heartbeat) and would miscarry in about two weeks. My doctor suggested that I let my body go through the process naturally instead of opting for a D&C surgery but told me that if it did not happen naturally in two weeks, I would have to have the procedure.

    When I asked my doctor what to expect and when I would know when it had happened, she told me to expect spotting and cramping followed by bleeding, tissue and then a blood clot that would be the pregnancy followed by more spotting and clots. I had a very hard time finding info online on what to expect or how to heal after wards. I understand everyone’s experience is different, but this is what it was like for me.

    Six days ago, on Monday after two weeks of spotting of cramping but no miscarriage, a D&C was finally scheduled for Thursday of this week. The past two weeks were very emotionally and physically painful, but I just wanted this to be over even though I kept holding on to the hope that my blood tests were mixed up and I would get a call from my doctor telling me the pregnancy was OK, my body was telling me otherwise.

    A natural miscarriage actually started the next day, when I would have been almost 11 weeks, I just did not know it. This was my first pregnancy and had never had anyone tell me what their miscarriage experience was really like. They just said they had some cramping and passed a clot that was the pregnancy and that’s all they ever wanted to say. I had no idea that it would feel like a mini labor. I ended up having contractions for two days and nights that left my curled up in the fetal position in bed, moaning and crying getting up about every 45 minutes to go to the bathroom, pass blood clots and to change my pad. My husband laid in bed by my side the whole time, caressing me and rubbing my back, being my rock. He brought me iron rich food when I felt better and got me Advil for the pain.

    After 42 hours, when my contractions got really close together and I started growling, huffing and puffing, crying and digging my fingernails into his arm for what felt like an eternity, his instincts told him it was time and he somehow brought me to the bathroom. I was in such horrible pain I could not move, so had I been home alone it would have happened in my bed. I sat on the toilet and wrapped my arms around his waist, he stood in front of me and told me to push, as he rubbed my upper back and shoulders. It was incredibly painful and I heard sounds come out of my mouth that I did not even know I could make–loud primal and raw growls and moans–and tried to just let go and let this happen. Deep inside of me I felt deep sadness that I was going through this and when it was all over, I would not get the gift of being able to hold my baby in my arms. But I had to let go.

    There was so much tissue, blood clots and blood than either one of us expected. When it was over, I was weak and lightheaded but the contractions had stopped and I could finally catch my breath after almost two days and rest in bed. Then 30 minutes I felt an awful pain and urge to go the the bathroom again, as I stood the two pads that I was wearing were soaked instantly (load up on the ultra large, long nighttime ones, you”ll need them). I ended up passing even more tissue this time. Then again in the middle of the night about 3 hours later. This last time I almost passed out, my arms went numb, was sweating and my legs were shaking. My husband brought me back to bed, elevated my legs and called my doctor who told him to put heat packs on my belly and back and to give me more ibuprofen. Within 10 minutes I was feeling better and my spasms stopped and was able to doze off back to sleep.

    The next day, I felt better, weak and sad but happy that it was finally over. I spent most of the day in bed resting with heat packs on my belly and back, eating lots of food my husband was forcing me to eat but continued to bleed and cramp and the next morning the contractions came back. Although it was not as painful as the before, I found myself on the toilet once more in agonizing pain and passing more large tissue and blood. Again, I felt faint, was sweating and almost passed out and had to be helped back to my bed.

    This was yesterday, and today I feel much better. The bleeding is almost gone, just some spotting here and there and I am sure everything is finally out. I cant seem to stand or sit for very long, and I cant wait to be outdoors and have some sunlight hit my skin and breathe in some fresh air, but my body is telling me to rest. I found this blog when looking up things I can do to help heal my body and was really happy to find this.

    I’ve found that for me, although the process and the pain were similar to what I expect labor will be like, in the end you are left feeling empty unlike real labor. For me, this process was painful emotionally and physically, a labor without real pain medication, without visitors wishing you well, without flowers and get-well cards, without your crying baby to soothe, no smiling baby to admire, no instructions on how to help your body heal. All the hopes and dreams of your first pregnancy shattered with the thought of trying again nowhere nearby. This has been a lonely journey for my husband and I, which was nothing like we expected but which has surprisingly brought us closer together.

    I hope and pray all of you that have or are going though this journey get the peace and comfort you need and take care of your body and heart and heal.

    donielle Reply:

    @Eva, Eva, I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. May the peace of God surround you now and as you continue to walk through the path of grief.

    barbara ireland Reply:

    Thats beautiful xxx may our little angels wait happilly in heaven until we get HOME also

  14. I’m so sorry to hear your loss Eva and all the other girls. i just had a miscarriage a week ago. i was 5 weeks and i didn’t even know i was pregnant! i feel much better now but my husband and i are hurting of course, all i can say is that after i came back from the ER i put myself on my knees and i prayed to The Lord. Only He knows what’s the best for you and there is ALWAYS a reason of why things happen, maybe we don’t understand why at the time, but later on in the future i’m sure we will. Jesus is love and i trust him with all my heart, and all we can do is accept His decision because The Lord is NEVER wrong, and He will heal you, just like he is healing me. I pray for all of those women who are suffering to find peace, strength, and faith to accept things the way they are. Girls we have fallen but we must get up because God is with us and only He will heal our souls. I promise you He will =)

  15. I’m glad I found your blog. Hearing all of your stories help me feel less lonely in this episode of my life. I am going through a miscarriage and since I started spotting over a week ago, it has been a very scary,and heart breaking time for us. After praying to God and letting him know that I accepted what was to come, I passed a small grape looking sac.Even though that was heart breaking, it also helped me realize that this pregnancy was not going to go any further. I was still harvesting the hope that maybe I had a vanishing twin and that my HCG levels would go up again… Although I am so sorry for the loss each one of you have suffered, hearing your experiences helped me… Our little angel was only 5 wks.

    May God bless you all.

  16. I am so glad I found this article. I am in the midst of a miscarriage at this moment – I would have been 12 weeks yesterday. No one ever told me how physically painful a miscarriage could be. I have had two natural, drug free child births…but I was dying for some kind of relief when I began to contract. The baby still has not passed and, in some ways, I am afraid to look at him. I prepared as never before physically for this pregnancy (good diet, good supplements, keeping track of my fertility) and I just imagined my hard work would prevent anything like this happening. Thanks again for the great advice.

    donielle Reply:

    @Andrea, Andrea, I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby. I too just had a baby pass when I was just shy of 12 weeks, it’s devastating. A friend of mine recommended I use false unicorn/lobelia capsules as it can help the miscarriage process along. It made the contractions much easier and painless – I too was crying to my husband that I wanted an epidural – our last was born natural and was less painful.

    And I completely understand the fear of looking at the baby. My baby passed still in the sack and I was to afraid to open it and look. Of course now I which I had as we never got ultrasound pictures either. :-( But someday he’ll greet me at the heavenly gates and even without ever seeing him, we will know each other.

    I also prepared for this pregnancy like no other. I was taking all the right supplements, eating all the right foods. My first I was eating a standard american diet, my second we were in the process of changing. It’s disappointing for sure. But I find peace in the fact that my baby’s name has already been written in the book of life and the Lord knew when he would be called home. No matter what I do here on earth, we live in a fallen world with sickness and death, it’s only when we reach heaven that there will be no sorrow.

    I’ll be praying for you and your family.

    Andrea Reply:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Donielle! They are very welcome as none of my friends have ever experienced a miscarriage so I haven’t found much empathy from those around…though I know they mean well and just don’t understand. Now that the baby has passed and (as you so eloquently stated above) I know that he is in a very happy place, I feel much more at peace. I am trying to focus on the positive activity of healing and preparing my body for another pregnancy in the future (we hope and pray!). I recently read in Nina Planck’s “Real Food for Mother and Baby” that a certain number of sperm (and sometimes eggs) are always defective. This made me to realize that an early miscarriage in those delicate, formative weeks can happen to anyone, even when you are taking all the right supplements and eating well. Reading this helped me to keep from going over and over in my mind what I might have done differently to prevent this miscarriage. God bless and keep up the good work on your lovely blog!

  17. Thank you for this. I just found out Monday that the baby I’m carrying died a few weeks ago (I’m supposed to be 16 weeks along, she’s the size of a 13 week baby). Now I’m waiting for the miscarriage, and I’ve been googling like mad, because I am afraid and I want to know what it’s going to be like. My doctor says because I’m so far along I’ll probably need a D&C, but I hate the idea.
    It feels like I woke up in a hostile foreign land. I just want to go home.

    donielle Reply:

    @Kira, Oh Kira, I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious baby. Every miscarriage is different, even the physical part. Some women experience water breaking and the baby born separate from the placenta. Others deliver the baby still in the gestational sac.The further along you are, the more like birthing it can be, with labor pains and everything. So if you choose to miscarry naturally, read up on managing labor pains. It’ll help when they set in and are magnified by your grief.

    A friend brought me some Dr. Christopher’s False Unicorn/Lobelia (an herbal blend) which helped my body let go of the baby. A bit more painlessly and it slowed the bleeding. Many women have good experience with it quickening the process.

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

  18. I have just had a miscarriage@ 21weeks (5mnths). Its d most painful experience ever. I have asked myself wasn’t I careful enough, didn’t I show my unborn child love enuf. Am still in a state of shock. Its still very fresh. It just happened on 7march 2012.I can’t seem to cope physically and psychologically. Its as if I am running mad. I need help pls. My husband and mum been of help but its still in my brain.

    donielle Reply:

    @monique, I’m so sorry Monique, how absolutely devastating. Please be ever so gentle with yourself as your body heals, show yourself compassion and grace. Your body is now going through not only an enormous amount of grief, but also a very large shift in hormones. I found after my miscarriage that the feelings I had were much like those after giving birth – the “mama bear” in me came out, yet I felt like I was running in circles trying to “find” my baby. The natural protective feelings were there, but I had no one to protect. Which then amplified my grief. The hormonal mess will settle down soon and make it easier to deal with the grief. I found that the first 2 weeks were the worst and other women have said the same thing.

    We all have to find a coping mechanism that helps us through. For me it was writing. Writing my baby’s birth story, writing my feelings, writings my experience. For some it’s creating art. For others it’s naming their baby, getting a tattoo, creating a memorial in the garden.

    I’ll be praying that you experience peace. And please don’t be afraid to get help when you need it. Post partum depression or post traumatic stress can set in after such a loss.

  19. Hi there,
    Thank you for posting this information on healing, and making a place to share stories. I am in the process of healing after delivering my angel at 18 and 1/2 weeks just this last week. I am experiencing some difficulties in the aftermath physically, as the drs believe I have developed an infection due to my level of pain and temperature. I am taking an antibiotic now, but the next day had some serious pick up in bloodflow and went back in to be safe. Now i am also taking a clotting drug and scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow.
    I had to deliver baby, and we prayed it would go quickly. I have three beautiful healthy children already, and although this baby was a surprise, he or she was still very much wanted. I have felt so much love around us in these last few days, and it is so sad and amazing to me how people we talk to are coming forward to share thier own miscarriages with us.
    My labour was induced, and I am grateful it only took eight hours. Baby had a genetic problem and had passed away two weeks before we found out angel was gone. I have hemorrhaged after delivery before, and know how draining it can be. I was wondering if there are certain foods to eat that can help replenish our body? I have also heard red raspberry leaf tea can help. So far my understanding is to eat protien, iron rich foods, vitamins a and c. I would like to get on the healing path as this is physically and emotionally hard as it is dragging on. Thank you

    donielle Reply:

    @April, April, I’m so sorry for the passing of your little baby. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    “I have also heard red raspberry leaf tea can help. So far my understanding is to eat protien, iron rich foods, vitamins a and c.” – yes, all of these are important! You may also find help taking an iron supplement like Floradix. And most of all – rest. Your hormones will be trying to balance out and can literally knock the wind out of you, so make sure to show yourself patience and grace.

  20. I spent the last twenty minutes researching what at home remedies I could take; currently still in the process of my miscarriage. I was seven weeks along and began to expel tissue, clots, and continuing to lose a lot of blood since 01/24/13. I called the advice nurse who was rude and in-sensitive who told me to take Advil and just lay in bed. I know that going to the ER would have been useless they would have just collected the tissue and given me and IV and left me in a room alone to bleed. I decided to stay in the comfort of my own home and lose the baby. I’m still passing clots and tissue the size of grapefruits. I had taken a shower to ease cramps, and watched contents that looked like large jelly-fishes hit the floor. I felt as if I was giving birth again. I was light headed and a bit dizzy yesterday, but I am still bleeding quite a bit. It’s getting a tad better. Thank you for your article, all I was looking for is what herbs, or teas I can take to help with after a miscarriage.

    donielle Reply:

    @Kristal, Oh Kristal, I’m so sorry for your loss. :-( You’re in my thoughts today.
    If you still have large clots, call your OB or midwife, sometimes the body can have a hard time expelling everything, sometimes the placenta can be left behind, etc. At 7 weeks there should only be one mass of ’tissue’ the size of a grapefruit if the baby is passed while still in the sac.Everything else is probably blood clots.
    I found a false unicorn/lobelia herbal mix very helpful in controlling the bleeding and helping birth the baby rather painlessly. Cayenne may also help with excessive bleeding.

    Make sure you’re drinking lots of water and staying hydrated, lay down with your feet up if possible.

    I’m so sorry, please take care and call an OB. (In my experience the ER staff was also less than helpful)

    Kim Reply:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I am also in the process of miscarrying. I just found out I was pregnant at 5 wks. At 6 wks I started to spot and cramp slightly. Went to the ER immediately. A sac and embryo was seen, but No heart beat was detected. The dr. offered no hope. He said my husband and I should worry. If the bleeding increases come in for a d & c. I cried every time I went to the bathroom and noticed the bleeding was surely increasing. However, I stayed at home and wanted to do this naturally.

    In 4 days (Feb 5 2013) I passed the sac while asleep around 3 am. My husband and I held him and cried and prayed together. No severe physical pain at this time. The placenta passed around 9 am. It was so small. I thought “that wasn’t so bad -Physically”. Boy was I in for a suprise. The contractions/cramps became severe that evening, lasted about 2 hours. Passed a few big clots, along with heavy bleeding. This happened for the next 7 days. It came in waves but gradually eased each time. Tomorrow makes 2 weeks. I was so fearful that everything would not come out. I hope it did.

    I have an 11 yr old daughter. My husband and I have been trying for about 8 yrs. Please pray for us. We want another child but do not want to go through this again.

    donielle Reply:

    @Kim, I’m so sorry for your loss Kim. :-( With the intensity of the bleeding, you may want an ultrasound done to make sure everything has been passed and/or get checked for anemia. Please be very gentle with yourself as you heal, as it can take a few weeks to a few months. And the more you bleed the longer it takes to recover.
    I’m so, so sorry. Praying for you and your family.

  21. Hey ladies l,m 18 years old and l just had a miscarriage today….l was 6 weeks pregnant …my heart and my soul cant even begin to understand why???…..l wanted my baby.. L wanted it sooo bad, and know it,s gone … Words cant ecplain how my heart aches. L was in the bath aftr the pains strtd to let it all come out and aftr a while of just sitting it came out… 2 cm.. And tiny looked like a blood clot but inside there was a tiny white thing that looked like the letter C …hanging from a string … God be with me.. And so sorry for all your loses l now know how it feels all the best

    donielle Reply:

    @Kaylyn, I’m so sorry. take care of yourself. :hugs:

  22. i m 42 yrs of age and married for 6 yrs. I have recently had third miscarriage. All miscarriages occured during my first trimester. I simply can not come out of this emotional and physical shock. I just dont want to live any more. for me life has ended. i m alone amongst so many people living with me. yet dont have a shoulder to cry on. i m depressed and totally lost. forgot to smile, laugh and talk with family & frnds. please remember me in your prayers as i need them more than ever.

    Donielle Reply:

    @Saira, Oh Saira, I’m terribly sorry. Be gentle with yourself right now, and I’ll be praying for you.


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