Highlights from the Real Food Twitter Party

For those of you who couldn’t make it last night, I’ll bring you a few of the highlights of conversation. We had so much fun and it went so quickly! We also had a TON of folks chatting, almost so many it was hard to keep up! This is just a small fraction of the conversation, and most from the last hour or so, since I didn’t think to do it until then. :-)

A few good quotes:

@ninaplanck my def of real food: old/traditional. Real yogurt (not soy) real butter (not corn oil) grass-fed beef (not soy-fed)

cheeseslave We’ve gotten so disconnected from who produces our food. I love buying direct from farms now

@AmysFinerThings: If it won’t rot, don’t eat it. :)

To which NourishedMama replied: Or it eat it when it’s half-rotten … mmmm … sauerruben

NourishedMama You know – another point on the cost of real food – I need less of it because it satisfies so … so well

@Rosemont_Farm: Eating #realfood will help with immunity to things like H1N1 & whatever the next one is..

@fitSpirit: if you can’t afford to eat real food now, plan to afford for sickness later – and boy is it expensive

marebeard When people ask me what food is okay to eat… I say “If God didn’t make it, then don’t eat it!”

Its almost our favorite holiday! what’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? was asked by dishgourmet

NourishedMama baked butternut squash and sage gallettes with pecorino romano cheese. My FAVORITE thanksgiving side

KeeperHome Homemade pumpkin pie with real whipped cream! I guess that’s dessert, but it should be a side dish.

Rosemont_Farm I’ll be trying hazelnut finished leaf tallow in my apple & pumpkin Christmas pies this year. SO excited.

dishgourmet My fav Thxgiving side is the cornbread chorizo stuffing the Brian makes everyear. And so gooood on a turkeysandwich the next day!

AdrianaV Used to make sweet potato puree w/tons of butter, maple syrup. Taters simmered in anise & cinnamon first

joellem @dishgourmet I like cranberry salad, sweetened with real fruit juice, containing shredded cranberries and apples.

I asked how long people are usually in the kitchen everyday:

pameladayton but really, maybe two hours actually cooking, and that’s on a no-leftovers day.

cheeseslave One big day usually and the rest of the week we do easy meals (soups, burgers, tacos)

marebeard Mostly 1 1/2 each day & one big day

WASPkid Most full family meals I do in 1/2-2 hours on avg. Also do some slow-cooked smoked, crock pot or oven meals.

kefirguru 3 1/2 to 4 hours easy most days w/ cooking + clean-up. Usually a couple days a week more than that.

retrohousewife5 Depends on the day 30 minutes to hours. My deep freezer is my friend!

joellem On the weekends, I may spend 6-8 hrs cooking for the rest of the wk. I work full time during the wk.

NourishedMama About 1 hr or so during the weekdays. Sundays are my big cooking days and that’s about 6+ hrs.

Rosemont_Farm weekdays less than 30 mins, 1x on weekend 2 – 4 hrs, the other weekend day I am working on the farm

I also asked What’s the quickest real food dinner you make?

joellem Baked sweet potatoes or winter squash with salad and oatmeal patties (made ahead and frozen). SUPER easy.

NourishedMama We do an omelette with a big green salad for fast, fresh food.

AdrianaV raw carrots scrubbed and eaten at the sink

cheeseslave Last night we had Niman Ranch ham with organic corn & Kerrygold grass-fed butter

KeeperHome Maybe grass-fed beef sausages fried with veggies, or cream of tomato soup?

summerm Salad. LOL Slice, dice, and shred the veggies and I’m done.

Rosemont_Farm farm fresh egg omelettes with garden veggies (all from my own farm) – takes NO time at all

retrohousewife5 Blackened fish

KeeperHome asked What is your next goal with eating real foods?

marebeard Make sourdough! I’ve still got to go for it. I just started my starter, but it isn’t doing much yet

cheeseslave I want to make haggis w/ local lamb innards!

wwwebbs Getting through the winter with a closed farmer’s market!

donielle More fermentation, and adding in organ meats. gulp.

For the giveaway I asked what are 2 reasons not to consume white sugar.

ninaplanck Against white sugar? My top two reasons: plump and grumpy, it makes me. Now to bed despite great conversation

wwwebbs GMO, depressed immune function, AHHH! I can’t think!

KeeperHome Diminishes immune response, contributes to insulin resistance issues

Rosemont_Farm White sugar can be GMO (yuck). White sugar also is overly refined, therefore not healthy.

and the winning tweet – summerm diabetes and lowered immune system

We also chatted about the Nestle Boycott, got into a debate over GMOs, prices of real food and raw milk, some gardening, and all around had a great time connecting with folks who shared a common thought – Eat Real Food! We had such a great time, we’re now going to turn this into a monthly thing! The first Thursday of every month from 9-11EST, we’ll be having a #realfood chat! And I’m thinking with the holidays coming up, I’d love to chat with everyone about how they continue to eat real and nourishing foods throughout the season. Along with everything else of course!

And to those of you who were there last night – thanks for joining in! It was fun to chat with some friends I already knew and great to meet the rest of you!

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Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. Thanks for recapping the event! I’ll try to participate more next time. Sounds like a great convo.

  2. Awesome, Donielle! I feel like I didn’t miss out on as much having to leave early! Thanks for the recap…Katie

  3. Thanks for hosting it was great!


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