I can breathe

Something happened last Saturday, I was finally able to breathe. My 2 big projects were finally finished. VBS was last week, Monday through Friday, and I also finished the proofbook for my sisters wedding on Saturday.

It’s amazing what hitting send on the proofbook order did. It was almost an instant sigh. Like I could actually think clearly and didn’t feel rushed. And while I loved planning and running our VBS program, and I love taking photographs, I am really glad I have my days to myself now! And I can finally start writing on my blogs again.

Because I have missed you all.

One thing that has happened these last few busy weeks is the deterioration of my health. Now that I have eaten a whole foods/nourishing diet, I’m constantly amazed at what processed foods do to me! I’m so very, very tired, my excema is trying to make a comeback, my joints actually hurt, and I’m craving sugar like there is no tomorrow!

So for me, this is “detox processed foods week”. No refined sugar, just honey and maple syrup to sweeten (with the exeption of water kefir no more than once per day). No more than one serving per day of breads and limited to only spelt. Double my vegatable intake, and limit fruits. No eating after 8pm unless it’s a smoothie. And at least 8 glasses of water per day. While I’d love to do more, I do have to make sure that I don’t actually detox, at least not to quickly. Seeing as how I’m breastfeeding right now, I have to be careful to not pass on toxins to my baby.

And today is “clean the house, it’s a disgusting mess” day. Being gone (both mentally and physically) the last few weeks has made me a horrible homemaker! So I’m going room by room and cleaning them out. It may take me all day, but my goal is to get it done by tonight. This way I can really get back to normal and start posting again.

So while I’ll be breaking a sweat today, tell me, what have you been up to? Anyone storing food for the winter yet?

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Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. I have never stored food before and this year I am thinking about doing it. I am planning on heading the libary to see if they have books on it, so I can feel more comfortable doing it.

    we were on vacation for a few weeks and had little to eat in the hotel so it was lots of eating out. i feel so much better being home and back to foods that I know wont crash my body or make me feel sick.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I've been canning, freezing and drying.

    My DH got me the 'ball book of canning and preserving'. It gives step by step instructions on how to safely can food. Most food can be water bath canned – and you don't need to buy a special kettle to do it – I've been doing mine in a stock pot that seems to heat up faster than my canning kettle. I've done pickles, jams, ketchups, relishes….I pick whatever food I have in abundance (cuc's anyone?) and find recipes I like in the book.

    Canning was intimidating until I found this book. Now, all I need is storage space for all this food!

    Also drying stuff and freezing stuff.


  3. THE ACTORS DIET says:

    good luck with the detox!

  4. I've been making and freezing meals for after the baby is born (she's due in 7 1/2 weeks!!). And cleaning a lot! That's all I've been up to. :)

    Glad you're able to slow down for a while now!

  5. Michele @ Frugal Granola says:

    Well, on Monday I had our baby….

    But, before the birth, I definitely have been stocking up for winter! The garden was going crazy with zucchini, so I made some pickles, and I've been tossing berries in the freezer.

    Michele :)

  6. Just found your blog…I haven't read nearly what I'd like to, but it's getting late. I was wondering if you could link me to other things you've read about detoxing too quickly when nursing. I need to make changes to our diet but I'm still exclusively nursing my 9 month old. Maybe I could find what I'm looking for on your blog, but I'm hoping you could help me find it faster. :) Thanks!

  7. brite – so glad you found me!! I'm not an expert on detoxing while nursing, but I have heard many times that detox products are to be avoided while nursing. Even things like kombucha and apple cider vinegar need to be limited in order to keep toxins out of the milk. What I do is just cut things out that I know are putting toxins in my body (sugar, white flours, preservatives, flavors, colors, pesticides, etc.)

    Here's a couple of quick links though that go along w/ the subject:


    Thanks for stopping by!