A Week with the Kia Optima Hybrid

The last couple of weeks, I’ve dealt with a bit of sadness.

You see, they took this away from me.
Blogging has its perks. ;-) I get to test drive a Kia Optima Hybrid for a week! (Well, maybe I'll drive it later.....Todd seems to have stolen it this morning!)

That’s right – I had the chance to drive a 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid for a week, and boy am I missing it!

At first, to be honest, I was a bit less than impressed that it was a Kia. You see, Todd and I went and took a look at a Kia back when they first came out and were buy one, get one free. We weren’t impressed with much other than the price tag, and decided to stay with what we had. And since then, I really just haven’t noticed them at all.

Then they pulled up in my driveway with it.

Before taking off, I was shown some of the features and I started getting a bit giddy. This thing was so sleek compared to my ‘has no options other than automatic windows’ minivan. I couldn’t wait to take it out so I quick put the carseats in the back, which didn’t take long to do with the latch system, and we were off for a trip around the block.

I was out of luck the second day we had it though – Todd stole it and took it to work! But over the Thanksgiving holiday, we were able to make multiple trips in to town, to visit family and do a small amount of shopping.

You see, we live out in the country a ways, about 15-20 miles from the town we frequent for shopping, from church, and from Todd’s place of employment. But with the ability to get better gas mileage, we could drive around without it taking a huge hit out of our monthly gas budget! It was fantastic to feel so……. free.

I was impressed with the hybrid part of it as well, though it did make the trunk a bit smaller due to the batteries being there, and it has a very slight pause when taking off as it switches from the electric to gas motor. I think it’s important to do what we can to conserve fossil fuels and find other ways to power our modern world – hybrid cars are a great addition to this cause.

Now – have you ever driven a car with a back up camera? I seriously thought it was crazy when they first came out. I mean, you have mirrors. You can turn and look out the window.



They are awesome!

Todd likes to joke that I never back down our driveway in a straight line, because I accidentally hit the trash can. Once.

And something like this may have come in handy when I backed over a giant snowdrift the plow put at the end of our driveway and I got stuck on top of said mount snow drift and had to make the call of shame from my cell to have Todd come outside and help.

I seriously will never live that down. Ever.

Oh... Just me and the #KiaOptimaHybrid getting sewer gas mileage and picking up a ton of bulk foods! #latergramI also decided to make an impromptu trip down to a bulk natural foods store to stock up on staples for the winter. The gas mileage was fantastic on the way down, as I cruised along the country roads at about 60mph. I’m pretty sure I could have done a little better as far as the mileage was concerned, but I was still getting used to the gas engine shutting off once I’d get up to speed! I always felt like I had to push the gas pedal to keep it going, even though the electric motor was keeping it at speed just fine.

We also took another trip over to see my grandma on the other side of the state. I just couldn’t pass up being able to save a lot of money while making a longer trip like that!

But even though it has satellite radio (which was fun to have) I did bring a long some of my road trip music. Of course.


I’m a huge fan of the new styling of the Kia, everything inside was exactly where it needed to be, and everything just fit well. I was also a fan of the heated and cooled seats, the dual sunroof, the incredible quiet and smooth ride, and the room inside.

Todd also spent a lot of time reading up on them since he’s quite the vehicle guru. He could tell you all about the motor and how great it is that this hybrid has an actual transmission, different from other hybrids on the market. He could also tell you the guys name that designed the new Kias as well as every possible statistic about the engine and each option they included in this premium package.But he’s not the writing type of guy, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that he thought it was pretty cool.

All I know is that it’s drives great, looks awesome and would reduce my spending on gas by at least 1/3.

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  1. I listen to boy bands and bubble gum pop on my long car drives, too. :-)

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    @Molly, hehe – glad I’m not the only one!