My Week in Pictures {7.1.11}

Have you ever met my giant…..I mean dog? He likes to lay within feet of me every time I blog. And he usually makes me kick him out of the room with his stinky gas. *gag* While I could offer a bit of grace for a bodily function…..I also like to keep my lunch down!

Wishing I could do the same thing. *yawn*

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Easiest “fudge” ever!! 1/3 cup melted coconut oil, 1/3 cup cocoa, 1/3 cup raw honey, and spoonful of nut butter – mix until smooth and freeze.

Super quick fudge. 1 part cocoa, 1 part coconut oil, 1 part honey. 1/2 part peanut butter.

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Completely horrible photo (it’s a phone camera), but the peanut butter caramel corn was delish! And no…I do not make it common to make up two desserts each week………

Homemade PB caramel corn!

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Mmmm…butter truly makes the scrambled egg! As does the cast iron pan. Seriously….how did I live before I found cast iron?

Mmmmm butter.

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I got to meet up with Katie from Kitchen Stewardship this week at Schuler Books – LOVE checking out cookbooks!!

At schuler books and where do I go? The cookbooks.

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Farmers markets are finally in full swing around here! Lunch the other day was local kale (sautéed in bacon grease with a bit of bacon) local cucumbers and strawberries, with some leftover black beans. YUM!

A farmers market feast for lunch today!

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Have a blessed weekend and fourth of July holiday!! May you eat well and enjoy time with loved ones.

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  1. blissfulliss from HP forums says:

    Haha, your dog sounds alot like my big dog… 😉

    I LOVE that fudge recipe!! I found one similar to it a month or so ago – I use stevia to taste & add a little flax seed meal, too… gives it a texture like a Crunch bar! It’s also sooo good if you pour into the tiny muffin papers, then add a little scoop of peanut butter (I used almond butter) before freezing..mmm peanut butter cups! :) Chopped walnuts are delicious in it, too…yummy yummy:)

    Thanks for sharing your week with us! :)

  2. Seriously, I have cast iron problems. Mine is not seasoned properly and never has been and for some reason, I either haven’t taken the time to do it, or I’m just a failure at seasoning cast iron. Ah, disaster. Oh, and I love that easy fudge. I make it quite often. (Probably too often.)

    donielle Reply:

    @Becky @ Our Peaceful Home, Cast iron is pretty easy – you just have to take a day and get it seasoned properly!

    And after you’re done using it, wipe and rinse it out, and heat it on the stove top again to make sure all the moisture is gone. (the moisture is what ruins the seasoning) Wipe it down with oil (to keep moisture from the air out as well) and you’re good to go. :-)