Only one day left to purchase the natural fertility ebook bundle! (FAQs)

This sale is now over!

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Over the last few days I’ve had a few questions about the Natural Fertility ebook Bundle; people want to make sure they’re getting something helpful and useful for them. As we’re now in the last 13 hours of the sale, I thought I’d quick share all of my answers with you in case you have the same questions!

If you’ve been on the fence, get it before it’s gone – over 900 people have currently purchased the bundle!

Is this helpful for PCOS/Endometriosis/over 40/etc?

This bundle is full of practical information about balancing your hormones, regardless of diagnosis or age. Many times we all have the same basic cause, but because of genetic weaknesses, it shows up as different symptoms.

The ebooks in this bundle are written by some of the best fertility authors, including a naturopath and acupuncturist, and the topics span across several medical issues. And beyond the benefit of learning how to balance your hormones naturally, we’ve included meal plans to help you figure out what to eat AND we have 12 different ebooks that will teach you how to prepare your foods and are loaded with recipes. So the benefit of this bundle goes past fertility! Because as most of us know, fertility is not something we can control, yet we can take charge of our overall health and put healing and nourishing foods into our bodies to help facilitate healing.

What people are saying about the bundle

The feedback is by far better than I could have imagined! I’ve been getting emails all weekend about how much people are loving the information in all of these ebooks. We’ve had only one or two negative emails, but those were quickly taken care of as they were just having problems downloading the items (or not realizing the download links were sent to their email address on file with Paypal)!

This is definitely not “to good to be true”, it’s a legit sale, and I’m so thrilled to be able to offer it to you!

Just wanted to send a quick note to say that I purchased the natural fertility ebook bundle two days ago and WOW, it’s fantastic! Information overload!!! – but that’s not a bad thing! Thank you for offering it at such a great price.  I’m going to be one busy lady in the coming few weeks! So much to read and learn! – Margot-

My husband is most excited about the Fertility Smoothies book! I have a hard time getting fruits and veggies into him, so this will be perfect. AND he wants to read some with me! -Amy

I read zero in on ovulation last night and at the end you can send some info to the author… so I did… And she already sent a reply and answered my questions! I couldn’t believe it!! So happy! I also read “6tips to enhance fertility in women with PCOS” and I skimmed through the smoothie book I went to the grocery store today and I plan on trying a smoothie today. I am about to go read Cleansing for Conception book now. I am so thankful for these books thank you so much for doing this!!! – Jessica

With the internet full of quick fix fertility scams, be sure that the information you’re receiving is solid and will be helpful to your overall health, regardless of your fertility status.

Do I have to pay with Paypal?

No – I recently added Google Checkout for those who would prefer not to use Paypal.

Downloading questions

Do I have to have some sort of eReader device?

No! The fabulous thing about this bundle is that all of the ebooks are in PDF format, so you download them directly to your computer, no kindle, nook, or tablet device required. But if you do have an eReader, you can easily send them to your device as well!

How do I download my ebooks?

Using the links above, click on each line where it says “click here”. A pop up should appear and ask you if you’d like to open with Adobe Reader or save file. If you open with Adobe Reader, please make sure you save it to your computer by clicking “file” and “save as” in your menu. If you save the file directly from the pop-up it will most likely be found in your computer’s download folder.

How do I download the audio files?

The audio files are in MP3 format, so you can download them onto your computer. You cannot directly download them onto your phone, but will need to use either iTunes or the program for droid phones to then upload the files to your phone. You can also burn them to a cd and listen to them in the car. (If you happen to not have a smart phone ready radio like I do….)

Can I download them on to my Kindle?

Yes, after the files are on your computer, you can use the send to kindle app from your Kindle account. Please be aware though that since these are PDF files that the formatting for an ereader will not be perfect.

For other readers, follow their instructions, but first download them to your computer as the files are to large to be directly downloaded on the ereader device.

Can I share these ebooks with family and friends?

Each of the books and files in this bundle sale are copyrighted by the author. And even though these are digital products, your purchase does not entitle you to share or upload the files where others can access them. If you have family or friends who would be interested in a specific book, make sure to send them the author’s website and information so that they can purchase it.


If you’re still deciding, you can read through all of the books and bonus content again, or you can simply BUY NOW.  Whatever you do, don’t take to long to decide – this sale ends tonight at midnight and there will be no late sales!


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