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Makeup is one area where it’s easy to figure out how toxic it is. A quick search on the Cosmetic Database will tell you how your favorite products rank and what damage they might be doing.

The good thing is – there are many new options on the market today that keep us looking gorgeous while also being natural.

I for one am probably not the best person to ask what kind to use, since I don’t really wear makeup that often. Sunday’s are pretty much the only day I apply a little bit of something to my face.

One of the reasons why is that I was just to overwhelmed when I first found out how these products affect us. It was just one more thing I had to research and look into, so I kind of gave up. Figured I’d just go without. So I found a “better than most” powder foundation and mascara at the drug store and called it good.

The other reason is that I just don’t have as much to cover anymore.

Sure, I’ve got some wrinkles laugh lines. And a few age spots that popped up during pregnancy. But I don’t have the red blotchy skin that I used to have years ago. My skin isn’t so dry that I need to cover it up and I don’t deal with the large blackheads and breakouts like I once did.

And that, my friends, is all due to using the Oil Cleansing Method.

But I’ve been asked multiple time, asking what type of makeup I recommend, so I took it to my Facebook friends here.

All ratings listed are from the Cosmetic Database. Zero to two is low hazard, three to six is moderate hazard, and seven to ten is high hazard.


*These were all recommended by NKU’s facebook friends. Please do your own research before buying a product.

Ecco Bella (mineral makeup, lipstick) Most products seem to rank fairly low at ones and twos, some are moderate risk at fours and five.

Suncoat (mineral eye shadow, liquid foundation, nail polish, lipstick) The only thing rated is the mascara, at a low risk of one.

Honeybee Gardens (eye shadows, eye liners and mascara, water-based nail polish, lipstick, lip balms, lip liners, and lip gloss.) Only two of the 16 products rated are in the moderate hazard category, everything else ranks below two.

Faerie Organic (mineral makeup, lip gloss, skincare) Items rated range from zero to three.

Jane Iredale (mineral makeup, lipstick) All but one product rated have a score of two and below with only one score of three.

Bare Escentuals (mineral makeup, skincare) A lot of ratings for their products, ranging mostly from zero to four.

Dr. Hauschka’s (cosmetics and skincare) Mostly scores of three, some up to a score of six.

Everyday Minerals (mineral makeup) Ratings from one to three.

Miessence (mascara, lip creme, blusher & bronzers, foundation) products listed score from zero to two.

Erzulie Cosmetics (mineral makeup, skincare) This is an Etsy shop, not listed on the database.

Real Purity (cosmetics, skincare) Most ratings are in the low risk, the rest are in the moderate risk category.


Where to Buy

You can, of course, buy directly through the source, but there are also a couple of alternatives to finding them a bit cheaper.

Vitacost – When you sign up through my referral link, you’ll automatically get a coupon worth $10.00 off your first order, a cheap way to try a new color or test out a new foundation. They sell many of the Ecco Bella products at about 20% off, and you can also find the Honeybee Gardens Brand products at about 30%

AmazonEcco Bella, Suncoat, Honeybee Gardens, Jane Iredale, Bare Escentuals, Dr. Hauschka’s, Everyday Minerals, Miessence, and Real Purity are all listed on Amazon, some with a steep discount and many qualify for the free super saver shipping. (links provided go to their amazon search pages)


What natural makeup do you use and love?

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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. I tried lots of different natural make-up brands, but could never find anything affordable enough that was also free of chemicals. But I finally found 100% Pure ( They tint their makeup with fruit & vegetable pigments! Highly recommend their products.

    donielle Reply:

    @Lori @ Laurel of Leaves, Thanks for another recommendation! I’ll add it to the list. :-)

  2. Alima Pure is beautiful, safe, and affordable– a little goes a long way! Also, I absolutely love the oil cleansing method( :

  3. I agree… 100%Pure is WONDERFUL. Just started using it last week.

  4. So true! I now make my own eyeshadows (and foundation to come soon!) because of all that gunk (I also sell them at I also use mascara and liquid eyeliner and lipstick from Erzulie.

    I’m loving this series! Thank you!

  5. I love Bare! The difference in my skin has been amazing since I started using it. I can’t wait to try the oil cleaning method. I almost out of my current cleaner that I love but haven’t reviewed the rating yet. I’m curious to see how it rates since it is suppose to be natural olive oil blend.