Natural Perfume {31 days to cleaner living}

Everyone wants to smell good, especially women.

(which may be one reason that so many of us find it hard to try a natural deodorant)

But the fragrances and perfumes often sold in stores are full of synthetic chemicals and one would be wise to steer clear of them.

Years ago when I began noticing what was in the products I used, I tossed out my perfumes and fragranced body sprays and never replaced them. I was just overwhelmed at trying to find replacement products for everything and it just wasn’t something I wanted to spend money on. Especially if I found out I didn’t like it.

So I’ve gone without it for years and it’s never bothered me.

I hope it hasn’t bothered anyone else either……


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My Facebook friends have come to the rescue again with some recommendations on what they use. If you have a natural perfume that you use and love, won’t you let me know in the comments?

Pacifica Perfume – They sell multiple different fragrances and were recommended by a few of our friends.

Rose Water – Useful as a body spray after showering. You can make your own or purchase it. Just make sure that when you buy, that it does not contain synthetic rose oil or added preservatives.

Golden Earth Perfumes – Made with only natural ingredients they offer a selection of fragrances.

Dress Green Perfume Oils – an Etsy shop

Many also choose to make their own by blending essential oils together with either a carrier oil (essential oils by themselves may be to strong for the skin) or diluting in water (for a spray), which is also an economical option. Some popular options:

*Remember that some essential oils should not be used during pregnancy, so take caution while trying to conceive as well.

What do you use as a natural body fragrance?



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  1. I use vanilla extract and may start making more using rubbing alcohol and peels of citrus for pep, and may make a spicy cinnamon one for mood setting with the hubby

  2. After learning about the hidden chemicals in deodorant I tried a natural alternative but… I didn’t feel very pretty and I smelled a little too natural. But I knew perfume was a huge NO NO so for about a year I just dealt with it. I could tell my husband was also just dealing with it.

    Then I found this perfume company called Heaven’s Alchemy. They state:
    All Our Pure Perfume Creations are:
    Alcohol free
    Paraben free
    Phthalate free
    Color additive free
    No animal by-products
    Never tested on animals
    Exquisitely created in the USA

    Note: I am not paid by them or sell their stuff. I just really like their perfume. I couldn’t find an EWG rating though.