My Week in Pictures {NKOTB Edition}

A couple of months ago my sister called to let me know that she was taking me to see New Kids on the Block for my birthday.


I don’t know about you, but back in the early 90’s I was head over heels for the New Kids. My bedroom walls covered in posters. My mom even took us to go see them in Detroit when I was 10.

And this is where I’m gonna let you all in on a little bit of my “crazy”………

I kept everything.

I get to see them next week!!!! #NKOTB #thereismorestuffsomewhere{check out that fanny pack!!}

I also have posters, lunch box, old music videos somewhere, as well as the awesome trading cards. And shirts, oh yes, do I have shirts!

My sisters liked them too.

{they are so going to kill me for posting that!}

I had my heart set on Jon, though in my cute little ten-year old mind, I *knew* that if we ever met that he’d be to old for me. So second in line was Joey – just in case we met and fell madly in love and wanted to get married, he was closer in age. So you know…it totally made sense.

I was also very cool when I was ten. {don’t worry – I soon realized that I wasn’t}

{some identities kept secret, but all awesomeness showed}

Boots with the jeans tucked in? CHECK

Ripped jeans? CHECK

Hat, shirt, and pins? CHECK

Fanny pack? CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK.


Are you still with me? Haven’t left to call and have me committed yet?

Good…cause there’s more!

A concert with my schoolgirl heart throbs was in need of some vintage flair, don’t you think?



#NKOTB awesomeness. Much smaller than it used to be!

The above was a little *ahem* not so comfortable around the middle region, so I wore a little something else. And shared the vintage love with my sisters.


Headed to #NKOTBSB! Fun with my sisters :-){SO much fun.}


Reliving youth is a fantastic thing.
My @JonathanRKnight vintage *GIANT* button!Oh, be still my beating heart…..

As for the rest the other four guys that were on stage every once in awhile….who’s ever heard of the Backstreet Boys? I knew like one song – give me some NKOTB!

You know what else they had there?



{how could I leave without one?}


Best part of the night?


{sorry – my ten year old self has just been waiting for 20 years for that to happen}

By the time we’d gotten out of the arena, they started coming out one every few minutes. So we waited. Yes, I totally waited. Jordan, Jon, and Joey quickly scooted by and shook everyone’s hand – while I had to tell all the “little” girls there who each of them was. {if you don’t know them get out of my way!!} Then the crowd thinned out a bit and Donnie graced us with his presence, dolling out kisses on cheeks as he went by.

I have a giant Donnie pin.

So you know I whipped that baby out! He saw it, loved it, gave me an extra hug. {swoon}

We got our pictures taken with Danny – they’re on my sisters camera. Don’t worry, I won’t do another NKOTB post, so y’all will just have to believe me.

Well, if you’ve made it to the end of this post you either 1) wanted to see how crazy I really am in case you need to unsubscribe, or 2) are/were as crazy about New Kids on the Block as I am/was.

Either way – we had a blast and I can not apologize for bringing crazy back. I’d do it again in a heart beat!


{also? I made the thumbs up sign for more pictures than I care to admit. Someone help me.}



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  1. You are totally cracking me up! Congrats on the handshaking, I’m sure you will never wash them again. I’m so glad that your 10 year old self got to experience such a great night! The pic of the new kids so old completely had me rolling.

  2. That is great! My one and only band crush was Joey! Oh those blue eyes! I never did get to see them in concert but I had the bath towel and those same cassettes and still have them. LOL That must have been some night!

  3. I remember my mom taking me to 2 concerts. She wore ear plugs while we danced, sang and jumped around. I am glad you had a great time. I wouldn’t mind more pictures.

  4. I had NO idea they were still together until I saw you blabbering on twitter about them. LOL My sister would LOVE this post. I was much too mature (ahem – OLD) to fall for the craze, but wow. How fun!

  5. Kristen says:

    I loved this post. I was never a die-hard fan, but I did watch the NKOTB TV cartoon on Saturdays… :)

    donielle Reply:

    @Kristen, I used to tape those cartoons on VHS and watch them over and over!! lol They were SO corny.

    Kristen Reply:

    @donielle, That is awesome!

  6. ok, i totally lol’d thru your post. best post i read all day!

  7. Sarah Bauer says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing Donielle!!! I’m glad you had so much fun!

  8. Hey! I’m a new follower battling secondary infertility and trying to get knocked up. Love what I’m reading so far.

    HOW HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF THE BACKSTREET BOYS? Granted, they were like 1995 and on, but reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally??? I couldn’t name anything that NKOTB sang, but I would have been all up in the BSB part! Ha! I have driven 8 hours (one way) TWICE to see BSB in concert. So jealous you got to see them!

    The end!

    donielle Reply:

    @Shaina N, hahaha – I do *know* who Backstreet are, just never liked them! :-) I only knew one or two of their songs. Most of the audience was either one or the other too – it was SO funny. NKOTB would come out and you’d see certain girls stand up and scream – BSB came out and the others went nuts. Some of us were head to toe NKOTB, others covered in BSB attire. A few seemed to be into both of course, most the rest of us showed up for our favorite band!

    I wasn’t into the ‘pop’ music in the late 90’s. :-) That’s when I went to see Aerosmith in concert!