The ovarian – adrenal – thyroid axis (until 5/25 at 12pm EST ONLY!)

Today is the day.

The day I’ve been waiting for on the SexyBack Summit! I’m currently about 15 minutes in to Chris Kresser’s talk about the the connection with the ovaries, adrenal glands, and thyroid and their impact on hormone balance and libido. Chris is like super smart and I wish I had just a fraction of his knowledge on how the body works. He and his wife also had fertility concerns, so he’s also very knowledgeable about natural fertility.

In his SexyBack presentation, you’ll learn:

* The little-known glands that could be quietly killing your sex life…

* Why treating the thyroid without addressing the adrenals can lead to nowhere

* The best way to restore your body’s key systems and get your “mojo” back, in as little as 30 days!

If you haven’t signed up yet for the Summit – make sure you do so today so you don’t miss it! SIGN UP HERE.

And if you have signed up, please make sure you don’t miss this one.

Since finding out how poor my adrenal function was back in March, I’m learning all I can in order to heal this part of my body and get my hormones back in balance. I’m also working on lowering my stress, which is why I haven’t posted since my bundle sale finished last week; I’m letting my body recuperate!

My girl Bridgit Danner is also on the Summit today speaking about Making Super Sperm.

* Why the health of the man is just as important as the woman for making healthy babies

* How men lower the vitality of their sperm (and offspring) without realizing it!

* Health and nutrition secrets that give your sperm the “edge”…

Dr. Carrie Jones, ND is talking about

* The REAL causes of infertility…

* How to set the stage for the healthiest possible pregnancy…

* How to eat, drink, and detoxify to make smart, cute babies!

And Will Revak is talking about how poor oral health influences your sexual organs. Huh? I totally want to hear this one!

All of these talks are free to view/listen to until Saturday May 25 at noon eastern time.

If you can’t catch them, or you’d like to be able to listen to all of the talks that you missed, PLUS get a ton of free stuff. Until Sunday, Sean is selling the summit package at 47% off, just $79.00. I think I might actually do this as I haven’t had much of a chance this week to listen in.

Let’s first talk about the elephant in the room.

I know. This summit is about [email protected] And sometimes that topic makes us blush, right? Or am I the only one that wouldn’t think to even chat about it with friends until I have a glass of wine in me?!

So this Summit is kind of a good way to learn more about the factors that inhibit libido and cause hormones to go all crazy-like without having to actually ask your health practitioner some ultra personal questions. (though you should totally ask them too, because that’s what they are there for!)

And there might just be a talk or two that isn’t for you – and that’s ok. We all have different comfort levels for this sort of topic!

When you buy the Summit package you get all of the video slideshow presentations, audio versions so you can listen to wherever (I love giving Todd audio to listen to as he doesn’t pick up the health related books like I do!), transcripts of each talk if you’d rather read them, as well as action sheets for each talk.

You also get free bonuses like:

  • Proven Protocols by Dr. Jade Teta of Metabolic Effect – Here, you’ll get specific, tried-and-true protocols for having healthier, easier, more pleasant experiences during menstruation… reversing menopause naturally… even overcoming PCOS. These protocols are exclusive to Dr. Jade Teta, and extremely effective.
  • Your Guide to Healthy Hormones book by Dr. Daniel Kalish – You’ll get all 136 pages of this powerhouse exposé on all things hormones and why this is the worst time in history for your hormonal health…IF you don’t understand what’s happening. Best of all, Dr Kalish gives you a detailed, step-by-step blueprint for restoring your hormonal health… even if you currently feel low energy, no sex drive, or depression.

I hope you have a chance to listen in on some of these important topics today! I’ve got at least two I want to make sure I get in before the day is over.

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