Overwhelmed by Real Foods?

The concept of eating a whole foods diet is a fabulous one! It’s not only healthier, but can also be very budget friendly.

But how do you start? And where do you even begin?

I know a lot of you struggling to make these changes (as I once was) and a couple of online friends of mine are providing you with free resources to help you out.

Once a Month Mom

Get Real 2012

Get Real is a year long series dedicated to helping you make the transition to become a whole, real food and non processed household. This choice is not made overnight nor is it made without dedication and effort. We are committed to helping you every step along the way, and we’re even going to do the challenge with you!

So many people I know have shared a desire to transition their families to more healthy food choices but are often overwhelmed by the research, decisions, process and time needed for that transition. They often start only to quit soon thereafter out of frustration. Does that sound like you? {read more}

I’ll be involved in this challenge as one of the contributors (if I remember right, my month is October), but the line up of bloggers is fantastic!

I hope you follow along as we share tips on moving to a Real Food way of life! You can also join our Get Real facebook page.

Vintage Remedies

8 Weeks to Real Food

Transition to REAL FOODS in 8 short weeks with this step by step plan. Perfect for New Year’s Resolutions or goals, this 8 week program includes a weekly newsletter outlining that week’s goal filled with research and evidence to support the goal (knowing WHY you’re making a change greatly improves motivation and success rates!) and practical tips and how-to tidbits to enable you to realistically meet the goal.

Each week includes:

  • Something to ELIMINATE from the pantry / diet.
  • Something to ADD to the pantry / diet.
  • Recipes and / or menus to help you meet that goal.
  • A skill or habit to help you maintain these goals.

You’ll also receive access to our online support group to network with others using the program. Tips and recipes included in each week’s packet are also designed to be budget friendly (we always eliminate something from the shopping list before adding something new), kid friendly (every recipe is included with picky eaters and / or kids in mind!) and allergen friendly (most recipes are allergen friendly or can be converted using the included guidelines!!) The program also works well regardless of your dietary preferences – vegetarian, dieters, traditional foods – the goal is to eliminate processed foods and additives while keeping with your personal preferences.

And it’s all FREE! Simply sign up below to get on the email list. Your first email will be sent on Monday, January 2, 2012 and you’ll receive additional weekly emails for 7 more weeks. After that, you’ll receive periodic newsletters with additional follow up and encouragement to help you stay on track.

Sign up here: 8 Weeks to Real Foods (click the events tab and then down to 8 weeks to real foods)



Easy Steps to Real Food in 2012 – a free webinar

Learn how easily you can transition to real foods.

Overwhelmed with all the changes you think you must make to transform your diet to real, traditional foods?

What You’ll Learn In This Free Webinar

  • How to prioritize your real food diet changes
  • Which real foods offer the best health benefits
  • Simple guidelines for making periodic, painless changes… starting right away!
  • My best time-saving and energy-saving tips… so you can do more with less work
  • And more!

When & Where

  • When: Friday, January 6, 2012 @ 1pm Pacific
  • Where: You’ll get the details via email after you register.

Plus… a FREE PDF Tip & Recipe Booklet! All webinar attendees will receive a FREE recipe & tip booklet. (You can get the booklet even if you don’t make the live event.)

Sign up for the free webinar here: Easy Steps to Real Food in 2012


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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. I’ve was just talking to my sister about this today. Our problem is not really the why behind the change, the how! Monetarily it seems just insurmountable. Most of the bloggers I follow have some sort of access to Azure Standard CoOp, and so they have an affordable place to buy organic frozen strawberries for smoothies and all different sorts of alternative grains etc., but we don’t have access to that. As far east as they deliver is TX. My sister lives in SC and I live in TN, moving to AL in about a month. I can’t seem to find another alternative that’s even similar in price or scope to Azure standard. Do you have any suggestions along these lines?

  2. Tried the link to sign up, and it didnt quite work. I got to VRhome page, but once I clickedon the events tab, nothinb happened. Will try again latertoday.

    donielle Reply:

    @emily, Don’t click on the events tab – just hover over it. A drop down will show up!

  3. You could do a google search for “bulk food” stores in your zip code. I order some stuff from amazon, like my coconut oil (I use Organic, cold-pressed from Nutiva), and it is soo much cheaper than the grocery store. I find most of my flours and sugars and such at a little country store that sells in bulk and is run by some local Amish people….hope that helps…unfortunately I am not from either area nor do I know anyone, but that is what I did to figure out how to do it economically.

    Our biggest challenge now is not eating out!!!

  4. Donielle,
    Just a Big Thank You for making all these resources so easily accessible for me! We do a lot at home, but I know there’s more we can do. My oldest definitely has some serious sensitivities to additives (though I think we all do to some degree), its just so overwhelming to know where to turn. More than once I’ve told Fran that I’d pay you to let me come to your house for a day so I can see how you do it! :) Thanks again!

    donielle Reply:

    @Courtney, Come. On. Over. I’d love to hang out with you again! And Fran too……but I might make her bring some goodies. Her FB posts always have me salivating and I miss her baking. 😉