Cooking a Peasant’s Feast

One of the biggest issues I had when I switched over to a whole foods diet was trying to do so without breaking the bank. It was tough, and I struggled each and every week trying to balance buying nourishing foods with the fact that we didn’t have the money for them.

I don’t want this post to sound like a sales pitch. Because although I am an affiliate of The Nourishing Gourmet, I signed up to be so because I believe in what Kimi is doing. I would be telling you about this course no matter my role in it! I believe it’s important to share information and teach others and Kimi has done that for me over the years I’ve followed her blog. I even had the pleasure of meeting her at the Wise Traditions Conference last November and spent time chatting with her about her family, her faith, and of course – her blog. She is one of the sweetest women I know and I sure wish she was my neighbor!

Now, you’re probably wondering why in the world I’m telling you about an eCourse when I’m about to open enrollment up for mine in just a few days. Right? Well, the thing is – after my reader survey earlier this year I noticed that there are a good number of my readers that are actually done having children! I also know how much this course could truly benefit the health of our families as we learn to prepare better foods, and how it could save us all money in the long run.

A Bit About the Course from Kimi

I’ve put together a great 13 week ecourse, starting on June 28th, that will give you a bite-sized amount of information every week in the form of topical articles, cooking demonstration videos, and shopping guides.  I will give you tips on where to buy quality food for less, demonstrate cooking methods that both boost the nutritional value of your food and stretch expensive meat, and explain in more detail traditional cooking practices.

If  you’ve wanted to learn how to make your own yogurt, sourdough bread, lacto-fermented foods, or how to sprout and soak grains, or simply how to cook real food this ecourse is for you. If you have a hard time balancing the expensive of buying quality ingredients on a budget, I can help.

By taking this huge topic, and breaking it down into manageable pieces, you can learn and digest new information in a timely manner. By the end of the class, you will have the confidence you need in knowing where to shop, what to buy, and how to cook real food on a budget. By using a class format with forums and facilitating discussions, I will be able to give a lot more one on one support to those in the course than is normally available through my blog. Answering questions and helping troubleshoot is another important aspect of this ecourse.

I believe in good deals, so I have sought to pack as much information into this ecourse as possible without overwhelming you. I want this ecourse to really serve you!

I actually just signed up to take the course this morning as I’m forever looking to lower my grocery bill and yet feed my family great foods. I am slightly worried that with all of the work I have with my own blog and course that I’ll be forever behind, but the great thing is, Kimi is giving access to the course and forum until the end of the year! So even though I won’t be able to keep up I’ll be able to learn at my own pace and fit it into my life whenever I can.

Here’s a bit about each class I’ll be taking:

Week One: Intro to Nourishing Food, How to Find Local Resources, Guide to Nutrient Dense Foods, and How to Find the Right Budget for You

Week Two: Why I am not a Vegetarian when Beans are so Cheap, Shopping Guide to Beef, Beef Stretching Recipes and Video Demonstration

Week Three and Four: How to Stretch one Chicken into Three Meals, The Health and Frugality Benefits of Homemade Chicken Stock (Recipes and Video Demonstrations)

Week Five: Why Seafood? Health Benefits of Seafood and What to Buy, Seven Tips for Saving Money on Seafood, Recipes and Video demonstration.

Week Six: The How’s and Why’s of Soaking Grains, Shopping Guide to Buying Grains, Video Demonstration and Recipes

Week Seven: Sourdough,  How to Maintain a Starter, How to Make Sourdough Bread, Video Demonstration and Recipes

Week Eight: Eating Dessert like the French (Fruit based Desserts). Naturally Sweetened, fruit based desserts

Week Nine: Sprouting, The Benefits of Sprouting, Sprouting Guide, Pictorial Guides, Video Demonstration and Recipes

Week Ten: Lacto-Fermented Foods: The Benefits of Lacto-Fermenting, Demonstrations of two methods, and recipes.

Week Eleven: Dairy-Shopping Guide to Dairy, Making Homemade Yogurt and Creme Freshe, Video Demonstration and Recipes

Week Twelve: The Joys of Vegetables: Where to buy Quality Produce for Less, Making Main Dish Salads, Homemade Salad Dressings, Recipes and Video Demonstrations

Week Thirteen: Meal Planning Tips and Sample Menus.

I’m really looking forward to the weeks on sprouting and lacto fermentation!


Money is always a factor right? For 13 weeks of lessons, this course runs $120.00 – less than $10.00 per class. My thinking when it comes to signing up for something like this is that I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to save that much off my grocery bill in a years time with what I know of Kimi. I also happen to know about a little coupon code that’s floating around right now that will give you $20.00 off the course. I haven’t been able to sit down and chat with Kimi since we’ve both been a bit tied up in our courses so I don’t have my own code, but my friend Katie has a coupon code you can use! When you check out just use the code – KITCHENSTEW. This takes $20.00 off the total of the course, or $20.00 off the first payment making your first payment only $20.00.

(**psst. I also know she put this little ditty in one of her blog posts earlier this week- “And I have a few half scholarships left (contact me, kimi (dot) harris (at) gmail (dot) com for those who are completely unable to afford the course”. )

You can get a sneak peek of the course and download two documents- “Why Seafood” and “7 tips for Stretching Seafood” as well as watch a video clip on how to make Seafood Fried Rice. So whether or not you are able to sign up for her course at this time, you will totally enjoy the freeness of her preview!

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