Readers Ask: part 2

Bryan asked:
What does your family think about your health quirks?

It’s funny really. They understand why we do what we do, but most of them still don’t eat very well. Some of them have even read the same literature I have, but have yet to hop on the bandwagon. Mostly though, we don’t talk about it a lot. I never want to sound “preachy” to anyone I know and love. If they ask, I’ll explain the different reasons we do what we do (drink raw milk, don’t buy processed foods…) but I do try to never talk down to anyone about how they eat. Mostly because it wasn’t to long ago that I followed doctors orders too!

The Schneiders asked:
Have you had resistance when trying to get your family to eat healthier?

Luckily my son is so young, he doesn’t know any better. Although he is starting to get to the age where he knows what candy and chocolate and cookies are, so we may later on from him. My husband wasn’t all for it until he saw me lose 10 pounds on a diet where fat and calories wasn’t restricted. And he saw how my problems with PCOS were greatly diminished. Had I not made such a 180, healthwise, he may still think I’m a little loopy! It’s also helped that we’ve been able to better the way he feels by having him on a gluten free diet. More than anything now, he realizes how much nutrition has an effect on our health and pretty much goes along with what I make. Minus the kombucha and kefir!

Amy @ Finer Things asked:
When did you change your eating habits and how quickly could you tell a difference in your health?

I made most of my dramatic changes the fall of 07 and winter of 08. And by the time Feb of 08 rolled around, I was feeling dramatically better and my ovaries were getting back on track!

Tracy asked:
What is your favorite green vegetable?

Hmm…. that’s a close call between fresh green beans out of the garden, lightly steamed with lots of butter on them, or broccoli, steamed with butter and a bit of cheese.

Rachel asked:
Are there healthy foods you avoid because you don’t like them?

You bet!! I used to be extremely picky and even though I now eat more than I used to, I still havce things I can’t stomach. Like beans. (not green beans, the little gross ones you soak and cook!) Bleh! The texture grosses me out so bad I can’t do it! And liver. I. Just. Can’t. Do. It. Actually, I have a problem with all organ meats, even though as long as they come from grassfed animals they’re supposed to be very healthy for you.

Lisa asked:
What is your favorite non-natural food?

Where shall I begin? :-) Tops is ice cream and chocolate, then maybe fast food fries. Even better is a Wendy’s chocolate frosty with french fries! Yea, I’m totally human and miss these things from time to time. And yup, I do allow myself to indulge every once in awhile. I won’t lie about that. Watching a movie like “Supersize Me”, really helps to get rid of those cravings though!

Molly G asked:
How do you keep yourself motivated to post so regularly?

Well, besides this past week……:-) A lot of it comes from my readers who send me e-mails and comments. It reminds me the heartache I went through trying to concieve, not knowing when it would happen. I spent so much time reading and researching the wrong answers, I truly want to make it easier for others going through teh same thing. It also comes from watching people around me literally destroying thier bodies with what they eat and wondering why they are always sick or have major health problems.

and on the same note, Meghan asked:
How do you find the time to keep up your blog?

I get up about an hour earlier than my son and use that hour for research and blogging. He also takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon in which I use as well when I need to. With a new baby on the way though, my schedule may change quite a bit. Like blogging during sleepless nights and sleeping during nap times!

And the Q and A’s will keep coming!

About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. What does your typical day look like as a pregnant mother of a toddler?

    I’m only 11 weeks pregnant, and I just can’t keep up! Princess has been sick too, so she has been extra lovey and can’t be away from mommy for more than two seconds. How do you do it while you’re so far along? I need tips! :)

  2. Donielle,

    What do you think of the glucose test for gestational diabetes for pregnant women? I’m supposed to drink the sugar stuff at my next appt. and am dreading it. The pregnancy has been perfectly healthy so far, and I never eat processed sugar, so even the idea of drinking the test stuff makes me sick. I had a midwife, and she is for doing the test. What do you think?

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Donielle says:

    Audrey – I’m getting to your question! It’s just turning into a post. I’ll put the link here soon.

    Sarah – I think you should do what makes you comfortable. Personally you do better than I if you eat no processed sugar. Unfortunately some still sneaks in every now and again in my diet since baking with only honey can get to expensive for me. (although I do only use sucanat or cane sugar if I don’t have honey) But personally, I don’t have to much of a problem with the test. I’ve taken it for both of my pregnancies. Is it something you HAVE to do? No. You can deny and refuse any medical treatment you want. But, on the other hand, I had a friend who thought she was going to be fine and she tested positive for it. Then again, I also know women who forgo it and the babies turn out just fine!

    I think as far as testing goes, it’s minimal risk to baby and mom and something I follow doctors orders on. :-) But if it bothers you, don’t do it.

  4. Audrey – SORRY!! Yea, you posted that comment 3 days before my sweet little babe was born. :-) To say the least I've been a tad busy. :-)

    For my first and last trimesters – We had already instilled a "play time" where my toddler stays in his bed and he reads books or plays w/ cars for about a half hour. Helped me find the time to sit and relax. I also slept a lot during his nap times and went to bed early! Some days I turned to PBS, because I could put him next to me and he would sit for 20 minutes while I caught a little cat nap. We also have the t.v. in our basement so I'd close the baby gate to the stairs, close all the doors to rooms I didn't want him in, and bring out his hot wheels cars while I laid on the couch. I was super lucky that he could find fun in "driving" his cars up and down the blanket I covered up with!!

    We also spent a lot of time quietly reading books, or time in the bath (because he loves baths). One thing that also helped was making sure I spent some good quality time with him where we focused only on him for 20 minutes or so. After he had some good mommy time, he tended to play by himself a lot better. Hope that helps some, and let me know how you're doing!! Should have just a couple months to go right?