Readers Ask: part 5

inkleywinkely asked:
What percentage of your family’s diet would you say is organic?

While I would LOVE to say 100%, we just aren’t there yet. I’d say 1/2 the produce I buy is organic, but 90% is at least local. All of our beef is organic and grassfed, chicken is about 1/2 organic/free range. Our pasta is, as well as most my spices, butter, and oils. Over all I guess I’d say about 70% or so organic? It sounds about right. Hopefully after our harvest this fall I can say it’s a bit higher!

Are your children inoculated? If so, are they on a certain schedule?

At 3 years old, my son has been up to date on his shots for about a year. Though I was hesitant enough when he was born to not start them until he was 4 months old. And from then on he was on a slightly delayed schedule. (I couldn’t tell you what he got when though. It was more like at each appointment I discussed it with his doc and then he picked out a couple to give him) He also received the chicken pox vaccine at his last appointment. The one I knew I wasn’t going to do. They just snuck it in with another dose of something and I didn’t find out until we left!

My baby girl at now over 4 months old has yet to receive a shot. I don’t know if she’ll ever get them. I’ve done my research and know that I don’t like most of the vaccines out there. I honestly can’t think of one shot that I’d be okay with my kids getting. They and I won’t get flu shots either. My husband can make up his own mind about that one.

Considering how well your family is fed, what is your budget for groceries, and do you use coupons?

Great question! My budget is $300.00 each month, nothing more. I normally spend about $50.00 of that at the farm buying milk, eggs, and honey. Another $50.00 of that is used to buy bulk items like flour, sugars, nuts, oats, dried fruit, etc. I;m also in the process of trying to put at least $25.00 aside each month for my very large bulk orders like beef and chicken. The rest is spent mostly on produce, condiments, and odds and ends.

I used to coupon, but the healthier we began to eat, the less coupons worked for me. I no longer get the Sunday paper as the amount of coupons I was able to get out of them just wasn’t covering the cost. I’ll still print off coupons online for things like toiletries and every once in awhile I find a great one for an organic item or two.

And really, the more I make from scratch, the less I need coupons. Most of them that are out there are for prepackaged foods that I no longer need. I found I can save just as much as I would with a coupon by making it at home. Plus it’s loads healthier!!

If you had unlimited time and money, what would your menu look like?

I really had fun thinking about this one! Because in my dreams I know what I’d like. Here’s a small rundown.

  • First and foremost my menu would consist only of things grown and raised on my own property. Fruits and veggies, grains, meat, milk, eggs. Both fresh and preserved.
  • And because it came from my land, it would be 100% organic.
  • Each meal we would be able to have the luxury of tons of “picked just before we ate it” fresh produce and beautifully prepared meats, thereby eating less grains.
  • I would fully incorporate the “Nourishing Traditions” style of cooking.
  • I would make all of my own pastas (a short term goal for me actually!)
  • I would also preserve all the food we needed for winter
  • I’d also incorporate more fresh, wild caught fish into my meal plans
Now I wanna throw this same question back to you all,
“What would your menus look like if you had all the time and money you desired?”
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Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. I'm really handicapped here because i'm just learning to cook well & i have such a limited amount of energy due to a disability. I'm also learning to garden. Can you give me more energy with the time & money? LOL

    If i had unlimited time & money, i would hire someone to help me so that i could grow most of our food, & cook most of our meals with the good, organic things we grow ourselves. (Without the gift of energy, i need someone to pick up the slack & especially do the chopping & cleaning.)