Readers Ask: part one

Due to having 122 (!) questions asked last week during the Nourishing Traditions giveaway, I’ll be breaking them up into smaller bits. Some will soon become posts of their own, but all will be answered! To start off with, I’m gonna take the easy ones first that don’t really fit into any main category!

Becky asked:
How do you handle lonely socks?

They stay in the laundry basket until I find a match! And if I notice they’ve been there awhile, I toss them. But of course that’s always when I find it’s mate!

Kristin asked:
Do you have any suggestions or recipes for a natural all purpose cleaner?

Yup, 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar. I use it in the bath, kitchen, spills on the floor, and basically anywhere I’d use an all purpose cleaner. Really boring I know, but it’s super cheap and works!

Rachel asked:
How much time do you spend on the computer daily?

Most likely way to much! In the winter it’s more since I can’t get outside to do any lawn work or gardening. On average right now, I’d say about an hour and a half to two hours per day during the week. This also includes my time for online banking and personal e-mails as well. I do try and limit myself as I can get kind of carried away if I stop watching the clock!

Rachel also asked:
What did you want to be when you grew up?

Thing is I’ve always wanted to be a mom. It’s what I grew up thinking I would do. But then I had a time during highschool where I first wanted to be a veterinarian (until I fully realized what I’d be dealing with!) then I wanted to be a psychologist or work in a childrens ministry.

Lisa asked:
What’s your favorite band?

I’ll be honest here and tell you I’m a complete scatter brain when it comes to music. I love it, but I never pay attention to who sings what! Back in my preteen years I was all about New Kids on the Block (who are actually coming to town next month – that would be so fun to see!). In highschool I loved DC Talk. And now, my tastes are extremely eclectic. Some days I love 80’s hairband music, some days it’s late 90’s top hits (bring back so many memories of highschool) and other days it’s recent hits. Mostly what I listen to day by day is Christian rock/contemporary though.

Our Family Journal asked:
My blender blew up. Can you tell me a blender you would recommend?

I personally have had my Hamilton Beach one for over 8 years and never had any problems. Well, until my kid tipped it over and broke the container. But a replacement was easy to find! Although, if money is no expense, I’d love a VitaMix or a Bosch Universal Mixer with blender attachment. But right now I don’t have an extra few hundred dollars to spare!

Our Family Journal also asked:
Have you visited my blog? :-)

I have now!! :-) And I love your recent post on the toothpaste and the power of our tongues. I’ll have to remember that one!!

Molly G asked:
Do you live close to a farm?

In fact I do. We live out in the country and were so very blessed to find a local farm just 5 minutes away for our milk, eggs, and summer produce! I’ve lived out in this area my whole life (minus 2 years after we first got married) and except for the fact that it takes 25 minutes to get to a good grocery store, I love it! It’s nice and quiet!

js hess asked:
What’s your favorite family activity?

I love being able to be outside on a nice warm summer night watching my husband play in the yard with my son. There is no better family fun than that!

js hess also asked:
What’s your favorite date with your husband?

It’s actually something we haven’t done in a long time, but I love to head to the beach, in the spring before the crowds show up and it’s still to cold to swim, and walk along the lakeshore. Just the two of us. (and on the way back, stopping for ice cream makes it super awesome!) I think it goes back to the fact that this is what we used to do back when we first started dating. And it’s what brought us back together again after we broke up during our senior year in highschool.

js hess also asked:
Who’s your best friend?

For me this is a loaded question! I don’t have just one super duper close friend. I have a best friend at church, a best friend who I’ve worked with, a best friend from highschool, a best friend who shares a lot of the same views I do……. and of course a best friend I sleep with! For me, different seasons call for different best friends.

Daniel and Emily asked:
What’s your favorite way to destress?

With a good book, a cup of hot cocoa, and a quiet house!

Daniel and Emily also asked:
Were you working outside the home when you first became pregnant? What did you do?

I worked in the Records and Registraion office as a head cashier at our local University. Basically I did a lot of everything! We dealt with payments, registration, records, and anything to do with admissions and graduation. It was a great paying job and I had an awesome boss. I even worked the day I went into labor! I left work and my water broke about 6 hours later. :-) Even though money was tight, Todd and I both realized that God’s place for me was in the home. Once we took that step, we’ve never looked back! The Lord has always provided for us and we have been blessed with much!

So that’s part one! More to come later!

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Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.