#RealFood Recap

I’m really starting to really look forward to the first Thursday of every month! These Real Food chats on twitter are always so much fun! I get to meet new people each time (some are accidentals that find our hashtag!), learn from the best, and we get to talk  food!

It’s basically fabulous.

Whilst I was a tad busy last night with all the giveways, here’s a recap of some of the conversation I caught as well as some of the answers to the giveaway questions:

We talked about eggs:

@livinglocalnh duck eggs are higher in omeg-3s, richer, recipe: http://tinyurl.com/ye9rhmf

@livinglocalnh egg whites contain a hard to digest protein

@KitchenKop It’s the avidin, see this: http://kellythekitchenkop.com/2010/01/are-raw-eggs-safe-to-eat-real-food-wednesday.html

@NourishedMama We limit our consumption of egg white. Use a lot of yolks though. Biotin is hard to get otherwise.

@livinglocalnh Sally does 2 whole eggs + 2 yolks for bfast for 2

@NourishedMama I’m too concerned about the avidin to use them on their own it blocks biotin absorption (while referring to eating the egg whites without the yolks)

Misc chat:

@actualorganics talking of veg oils, have you seen InGREEDients yet? great film. all about transfats and the concerns..

@corganic I like tallow, but I always prefer lard, partly just because it is soft which makes it easy to scoop out lots of it!

@actualorganics talking of veg oils, have you seen InGREEDients yet? great film. all about transfats and the concerns..

@livinglocalnh The Oiling of America is a great lecture on DVD with Sally Fallon as well, debunking cholesterol myths

@livinglocalnh Oiling of American Powerpoint available here: http://www.newtrendspublishing.com/OOA/index.php

@corganic Anybody have their Wise Traditions Journal handy? Turn to page 74… my 5yr old son is featured as a “Future World Leader” :)

@NourishedMama bacon grease is probably the #1 most used fat in our kitchen – outside of butter – we just finished the last of it tonight. mmm

@livinglocalnh Blaylock says that if you get the flu shot 5x consecutivey, risk for alzh. goes up 10x

@frankifries anyone who wastes gud bacon grease should get a foot in the heiny

@corganic we are currently using Salty Cod FCLO… the whole family takes it straight… that stuff will put hair on your chest :)


@CelluliteFiles I’ve been craving beef heart since someone tweeted about having had heart and bacon 20 or 30 minutes ago.

@liverenewed Newbie here and to #realfood. biggest obstacle for me is how to get real food from different sources. hardly have time 2 get 2 the reg store

@ChaffinOrchards Where do you all get your brown rice? @MassaOrganics is our local favorite

@livinglocalnh Interesting GMO you tube video, when the bees go, we go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFXTEy13gIs #realfood

@actualorganics real food isn’t cheap.. if producers, processors paid for pollution, all food would cost more!

@actualorganics hey, you can’t change the past, the body heals & there is only the future to enjoy…

@dianabauman One thing I believe, is no corn is 100% organic. With all the gmo seed out there, it’s pollinating everything!

@corganic FYI – I have the #GAPS DVD on sale, for the those of you who weren’t as lucky as @livinglocalnh http://bit.ly/7UgbNo

Chatted about sweeteners:

@KitchenStew The sugar is going to be my problem. I’ve reduced it a lot, but I just don’t go for pricey altern. sweeteners.

@NourishedMama We just bought the $$ sweeteners and use less. Realized today it took me 8 mos to go through 1 qt honey.

@livinglocalnh sucanat, maple syrup, raw honey, molasses, brown rice sugar are WAPF approved sugars

@HeatherLackey I don’t bake anymore either. The less sugar I ate, the less I was enjoying it when I ~did~ bake something, so I skip it.

@livinglocalnh GREAT agave syrup post: http://www.foodrenegade.com/agave-nectar-good-or-bad/

@NourishedMama White stevia and liquid stevia are heavily processed. I won’t go near the stuff.

@retrohousewife5 I get dark maple syrup so it has tons of flavor then I don’t need as much.

And soy:

@livinglocalnh RT Sally says soy is genocide on our kids! Wow! Thats a good way to describe it!

@livinglocalnh Soy formula contains no cholesterol for baby’s growing brain and contains MSG!

@ammirola Soy baby formula is the eostrogenic equivelent of taking 5 birth control pills a day.that really freaked me out when I read this

There was also so much more talk that I just didn’t have a moment to grab, but you can always search twitter for the hashtag #realfood and check it out!

What is the one #RealFood you’d never give up?

@herbgardens lard

@madreoso butter

@ammirola butter

@frankifries or raw ghee, cuz evrythin is better with ghee

@actualorganics husband says he would never give up, organic, grass-fed beef!

@actualorganics one #realfood I’d never give up is: Coconut oil. so diverse as I can eat it, wear it, nourish my hair- multipurpose!

@corganic raw cream … same reason as @actualorganics I love slathering it all over <kidding> I am content with using it in an IV

@aschweig i’m going with cheese.

@EatFromPantry I think I’d say coconut oil. I can’t go back now, I even like it by itself! Butter would be second.

@scdkat butter

@retrohousewife5 cheese I can’t give up cheese, I LOVE IT!! Plus it’s my main source of protein.

@frankifries pastured uncured bacon

@HeatherLackey Now that I’ve rediscovered it: butter

@livinglocalnh eggs!

How many (and which types) of fats do you currently have in your pantry?

@herbgardens lard butter coconut oil olive oil

@Fullearths Nutiva Coconut oil, Pastured butter, olive oil

@frankifries lard, olive oil, sesame oil, coco oil, bacon grease, fatback, butter, ghee

@livinglocalnh ok I also have coc. oil, hemp oil and sesame oil!!

@corganic ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, lard, butter, raw cream

@scdkat 5 butter, bacon fat, coconut, sesame oil, olive oil (from a friend’s backyard olive trees in Greece!)

@HeatherLackey Butter, lard, tallow, coconut oil, olive oil…and bacon! (Bacon is future fat waiting to happen.)

@actualorganics sat fats-4- ghee, butter, lard, dripping. MCFA-2- coconut oil, coconut milk. Mono fat-1- olive oil.

@CelluliteFiles coconut oil, sesame oil, butter, olive oil…

@KitchenStew EVOO, virgin OO, C. oil (ref and unref), palm short, butter

@NourishedMama ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, lard, butter

What #RealFood did you think you’d never try? Or still won’t try?

@frankifries probably brain. but only cuz the meat packer has to discard it

@frugalandsimple I never thought I’d try lard! I’ve now been using it over 2 years!

@scdkat kidney.. I cooked it, smelled it, couldn’t convince myself to try it

@EatFromPantry well… all this talk about cod liver oil isn’t very appealing. lol! I never thought I’d eat whole sardines. :)

@ammirola some of the organ meats….like heart

@actualorganics CLO ranks pretty high on the list… but also sauerkraut

@HeatherLackey So many things! Now I just pop stuff in my mouth without thinking much. “Hmm. Gizzard. Probably tastes okay in lard.”

@KitchenStew Start the list! Raw milk, liver, sourdough bread, water kefir, making my own bread period, beef heart & more!

@SelahAngel04 liver LOL

@CSSpencer liver

@livinglocalnh organ meat, raw meat, beet kvass, CLO

What is the once piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting down the #RealFood path?

@aschweig i think another great step is to go to your local farmers markets and actually talk to the people producing the food

@frankifries if you can avoid corn & soy & their derivatives your doing better than 95% of the population

@ammirola read labels! cut out HFC, switch to whole fat dairy products oh and use lots of butter!

@eartheats subscribe to our podcast (http://bit.ly/3NguOP) 😛 seriously, though, take small steps and improve bit by bit

@CelluliteFiles advice: Baby steps

@actualorganics be kind to yourself, start slowly, use coconut oil, butter, buy Nourishing Traditions, earlier to bed & do your best

@SelahAngel04 don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes, and join this awesome group of knowledgeable ppl!

@scdkat keep it simple (I sometimes eat the same thing lunch & dinner)

@HeatherLackey Read! You don’t just learn from it–it helps keep you motivated and on track.

@retrohousewife5 Get rid of HFCS!!! I think that is one of the worst things in our diet. Oh and watch Food Inc lol.

@CSSpencer Eat more butter!

@livinglocalnh Advice: add the good things and the bad things will soon disappear, relax!

How do you keep your kitchen clean?

@ammirola my kitchen is clean right now…kept up with the dishes today and i do use vinegar

@Fullearths clean it! hahaha!! ok.. just kidding, homemade cleaners~ made from viniger, baking powder, lemon juice, essential oils! :)

@frankifries ROTFL. its never clean. unless i enlist the help of my husband

@scdkat I cook, bf cleans :)

@retrohousewife5 Dr. Bronners, hot soapy water, vinegar and sometimes @ecostoreusa Citrus Spray Cleaner

@actualorganics I use a cotton cloth & BioPure, probiotic cleaner. It is so good, I now sell it! 😉

@livinglocalnh I keep my kitchen clean by keeping up with the dishes!! And I use Shaklee Basic H

@ammirola I don’t! lol!

@thehoneyb I use baking soda! Love love baking soda, it cleans EVERYthing


What’s your absolute favorite meal to make?

@Fullearth French toast made w/sprouted bread, fresh eggs, raw milk & topped w/organic bananas fried in pastured butter and coconut oil!

@ammirola I love making over easy eggs! always yummy!

@frankifries coconut curry (anything) w/ cauliflower rice drenched in ghee

@CSSpencer fav meal is a roasted chicken from my backyard and a side veggie with lots of butter.

@actualorganics Vegetable chicken soup;homemade chick stock, onions, garlic, carrot, celery, chilli, salt,pepper, corriander & LOVE

@livinglocalnh absolute fav food to make: scrambled eggs, so simple, nourishing, quick and easy, loved by all!

@aschweig i still love a good pot of soup or chili, easy to make, last a long time

@thehoneyb Chicken and rice, starting with a fryer chicken….comfort food at its best!

@SelahAngel04 soup, any kind, just real veggies, some rice or potatoes, some great herbs and love love love….

@scdkat lemon chicken with artichokes http://scdkatfood.blogspot.com/2008/03/poultry.html

@kefirguru Beef curry with sweet potatoes over soaked brown rice

@dianabauman Hands, down, fried eggs in EVOO side of potatoes in local pork lard!

Who’s been hanging out all night?

@frankifries i have been here the whole time

@aschweig i have actually been here the whole time…does that make me a dork?

@scdkat I have been :) didn’t expect to be but this was fun!

@ammirola I have been here the whole time! so fun!

@HeatherLackey Been here the whole time! This has been more fun than I expected.

@retrohousewife5 I think I have been here the whole time.

@livinglocalnh been here the whole time! love my #realfood

And the Giveaways:

(all chosen by random.org and numbers assigned by order of tweets!)

Winner of the @nourishedmama recipe cards………@thehoneyb

Winner of the Phytic Acid Paper from @amgrose is…… @ammirola

Winner of the GAPS Diet DVD……@livinglocalnh

Winner of a Healthy Homemaking e-books from @KeeperHome is……@EatFromPantry @scdkat and @HeatherLackey

Winner of @kitchenkop ‘s Real Food Ingredient Guide…..@ammirola

Winner of the “rebuild from depression” book….@scdkat

Thanks everyone for making it such a great chat! See you next month!

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