Resources for Fermenting Foods

resources for fermenting foods

I am very much a fermenting newbie, and so I am relying on many of my bloggers friends to help me learn!

Today I spent a couple of hours before lunch preparing both water kefir and kombucha, as well as vegetables to set aside and ferment for a couple/few weeks. Pictured above is sauerkraut (my first batch did wonderfully, so I’m excited to make more), fermented carrots, red onions, and a jar of cabbage, carrots, onion, and garlic. The latter three I’ve never made before, so I can’t wait to see how they/if they turn out.

{check out the Benefits of Fermenting if you’re wondering why in the world we would do such a thing.}

And you’ll probably also notice that I’m fermenting them in mason jars, which many people are starting to say is not the most correct way to do it. Pickl-It jars and fermenting crocks are all the rage now, but I do not currently have the funds to purchase them, so I’m using what I have.

The following are some of the resources I’ve been using:

1. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods by Wardeh Harmon

This book discusses the wonderful health benefits of live-culture foods and the techniques for preparing them. It also includes over 100 delicious recipes for all types of fermentations. I like this book because it’s simple to read and gives plenty of ‘how-tos’ and tons of different recipes. Her blog GNOWFGLINS is also a fantastic resource and she teaches classes on fermenting as well as sourdough preparation.

2. Nourished Kitchen, a blog by Jenny McGruther

This blog has a great list of fermented foods recipes (as well as other traditional foods recipes).

3. Feed Me Like You Mean It, a blog by Alex Lewin

I met Alex at Wise Tradition a few years ago, and his blog is a great resource for learning the ins and outs of fermenting. He recently released a book, Real Food Fermentation, which I’m sure is fabulous, though I have not yet read it.

4. Delicious Obsessions, a blog by Jessica

She posts a lot about fermenting foods and has a ton of recipes I would love to try! She has also recently switched over to the Pickl-It system, so she has updated recipes for using those jars as well.

5. Cultures for Health

This company offers starts of all kinds as well as supplies needed for fermenting. I also love getting their newsletter as it’s filled with good info, sales, and recipes for fermenting.

6. Cooking Traditional Foods, a blog by KerryAnn

Another great blog with lots of recipes. She also did an in-depth series last year about fermentation and the best ways to go about it.

I’m sure there are plenty of other resources, so if you know of a great blog or book that helps people on their journey to fermenting their own foods, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them in.

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  1. This website sells air tight lids for anaerobic lacto-fermentation. Much more affordable than pickl-it and fits any wide mouth mason jar.