Shaklee {review}

Should we or should we not use supplements?

That always seems to be the question I get when I talk about nutrition. And I’ve discussed it before {my thoughts on supplements} but basically I think that for the most part supplements are a good thing and help us fill holes in our diet (even when we eat ‘perfectly’) and help our bodies to heal.

My interest was peaked when Shaklee asked me to take a look at, and review, some of their products.

{disclaimer – I was sent products free of charge to help in my review}

You see, I have a few friends who love the Shaklee brand. Some sell it, some just buy it. But it seems that those who use it continue doing so because they see good results. And while I don’t think there will ever be a time where I think any particular company has it perfect or sells only products I think are beneficial, I do like to see companies who support their products with solid-looking studies. And having friends who gave good testimonials helped as well!

But the fun thing about blogging, is that I can’t actually tell you how I felt taking them, or any other supplement.

Like with any health subject, the supplements we take and the foods we eat will come down to our own personal decisions. What we find works, what we’re comfortable with, and what our budget allows.

I asked to try the men’s multi-vitamin (for Todd….not me. duh) and the Women’s Vitalizer supplements.

I think Todd likes the regular Men’s Vitamins because he only has to take 2 per day, instead of like 6 of the other ones he was(n’t) taking. Trying to get him to bring supplements to work was a fight that I was not winning. Same for trying to get him to swallow them all with dinner. This works for him without bombarding him with pills.

For myself I really liked the convenient day packs with the Vitalizer Women.


I don’t know about you, but sometimes, especially after losing our little one during pregnancy last fall, I really can’t tolerate dealing with figuring out which supplements I take and how many of each. These cute little packs were one less bit of stress for me! I’d just grab one pack to take with a meal and I didn’t have to think about any of it the rest of the day. Omega 3’s, probiotics, and anti-oxidants are also included in these little packs along with the other vitamins and minerals. The only thing I would think about taking with this pack is more vitamin B, especially folate, if you’re actively trying to conceive or already pregnant.


All in all, I definitely think these are better than the random supplements from the pharmacy aisle. I mean, they better be right? they definitely cost more! But supplements are one of those things where quality is very often shown in the price tag.

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