10 Ways to Support Your Favorite Bloggers

It’s funny really…..okay, not “funny” per se but more ‘who’d a think?’, that blogging takes a lot of time. Most of the time when I say I blog, I can see the wheels spinning in their brains.

Wondering if they to can make money blogging – cause it only takes a few minutes per post {hahahaha}……..

wondering why my house isn’t cleaner…….

wondering how in the world I can say I’m busy…….

But us bloggers are a rare breed.

We spend time writing each post – the average from talking with fellow bloggers is about 1-2 hours per post. The more links and information, the longer it takes.

We deal with an influx of e-mails – most of the time spending over 30 minutes per day going through them all.

We also keep up (for the most part) with social media ; facebook. twitter, linkedin, stumbleupon, instagram, pinterest, four square….

Finding and working with advertisers takes time, effort, know how, and creativity.

And we love it.

Blogger also know how to support each other, because we know what drives traffic and we like to support others with similar beliefs, values, and some of us are downright – friends. You know….the real kind that chat regularly about family and life.

But I also got to thinking, that those who don’t blog may not know how to support their favorite bloggers they read every day/week. So here is a list of ten ways to help them out.


One. Don’t Copy and Paste.

Content drives traffic, and when our content is copied and pasted elsewhere, our traffic takes a nosedive. We are constantly battling other bloggers taking our content and posting it on their blogs, and while most of it is only because people don’t realize what they’ve done, sometimes it’s actual scammers driving traffic to sites that only steal content. They make money off of our posts. When you want to share a post with someone else, be kind and send them the link. If you have your own blog, you can publish just a small quote from the article and then drive the traffic over that wants to read the rest.

Another problem we come across are meal plan sites that allow users to copy and paste recipes and pictures into their account – and then share them with other users. Now, recipes are actually not copyright-able, but the instructions and pictures are. So when you want to share a recipe that a blogger has posted or put it into your meal planning account, just write it into your own words. And don’t copy the pictures.

And always, always link to where you found it.

In the last 30 days I’ve had my content copied and pasted elsewhere 854 times, 7 of which included pictures.

Two. Subscribe to their blog.

Now, you may think that by subscribing in every possible way can only help them more, but in reality, we want real subscribers, not those that begin to ignore us on one of our many outlets. Say you follow a blog in five different ways. Well, that’s fantastic as it boosts our overall numbers, but 1) you’ll begin to be annoyed as everytime you open your e-mail, go on facebook or twitter – there we are! and 2) your five ways of subscribing still really mean that you’re one person – it’s not as if we engage with more than one of you.

So subscribe to your favorite blogger, but don’t think you’re helping them out with multiple subscriptions. Make sure you only subscribe in ways that fit you.

Subscribing to the basic blog posts:

You can also follow me on many different social media outlets:

{you can check out what a lot of the above options mean: Your Subscription Options}

Three. Share Content You Enjoy on Facebook.

One of the biggest sources of traffic, especially for my own blog right now, is facebook. Sharing our links with your friends is a wonderful way to not only share good info, but very much appreciated by the blogger. Most of us now have simple sharing buttons on each post to make this even easier for you. And if you “like” their page on facebook as well, you can also tag us in your post to help others find our page.

Sharing via twitter and other social media sites like Pinterest and LinkedIn are also loved and appreciated. Again – look for sharing buttons on the post.

You can easily find my social media sharing buttons at the bottom of each post.


Four. Stumble.

Another big way bloggers receive traffic and get their content in front of a new audience is by having people “stumble” their posts. You don’t have to set up an account with StumbleUpon (though it’s kind of fun – you find a lot of different content that you’ll enjoy once you begin to stumble, or “favorite/like”, different posts) but if you find that little blue and green button with the SU on it and give it a click, it basically tells the whole world wide web that you’ve found something of importance or enjoyment and those who use stumble upon will find it while they are “stumbling” through the web.


Five. Comment.

Imagine if you will (it won’t be hard) that your telling your husband about your new favorite laundry soap and he’s not saying anything. If he’s anything like mine is – all I get is a blank stare. maybe an uh-huh. And blogging without comments is kind of like that. We spend time publishing content that we like in hopes that others do to and commenting is like the hugest pat on the back! You don’t have to comment on every silly little post, but if something struck a cord with you, you have a question about what we wrote, or want to add a bit more information we love to hear it. plus we love getting to know who actually reads our blog.

Differing opinion? I for one, like to hear what others think and am always up for learning something new. As long as you’re nice, bloggers love comments that begin a discussion.


Six. Use Affiliate Links.

Many of us bloggers use affiliate programs to help fund the expense of having a blog. {you know….domain name fees, hosting fees, newsletter fees, design and coding help, etc, etc.} So we often times recommend products that we already like, for companies that give us a small percentage of what you purchased. Most of the time we’re looking at about 10% to 30%..

I am also part of many affiliate programs:


Seven. Visit Their Site.

With all the subscription options, and now that social media has come on board, traffic to the actual site can drop off a bit. So to show your favorite blogger you care, type in that URL every once in a while and take a gander at what they have going on directly on their blog.This helps us know that 1) people actually DO read what we write and 2) gives us a more substantial number to show advertisers.

For me: I’ve recently updated the Recipes Page and added a Table of Contents to make finding popular series easier.


Eight. Support Their Advertisers.

Most bloggers I know blog with integrity – meaning they don’t allow advertisements on their blog for products they do not endorse. I’ve actually decided to forgo being with an advertising agency as I have a hard time controlling all the ads that I may not like. For instance – last year I had some soy milk ads showing up – definitely not something I endorse! {and if you see an ad on a blog that goes against what you think that blogger stands for – call them on it! Bloggers want to be seen as trustworthy, not just out for any dollar they can get}

Often times we will recommend a company that we are working with to our readers, and while we may be receiving funds from that particular company….speaking for myself – it’s going to be a company I believe in. So check out the advertisers every now and again and see what they offer, because we’re advertising for them because we actually think it’s something our readers will be interested in.


Nine. “Buy Them a Coffee Tea”.

It’s funny really, blogging is one of the only services rendered where the actual user doesn’t pay for it. Instead of buying cookbooks, or books at all for that matter, content is available all across the web free of charge. I can find pretty much anything I need on the old world wide web; from how to use html codes and plugins for wordpress, to how to make cottage cheese and use old t-shirts. Heck, even newspapers are dying off to the instant news that is the web – and bloggers are bringing it. Providing free content is the name of the game and we’re all ok with that! But many times we get to dog gone busy to go after advertisers, and some just plain old don’t like the look of a sidebar gone crazy with ads. So using the small little donate button on blogs is a way to help the blogger fund the actual blog and keep writing. And yes – there are many in it just for sharing information, but once a blog gets to a certain size, there are fees to deal with. You don’t have to ‘donate’ any sizable amount – in fact I would highly suggest keeping it under $5.00. Why? It’s just enough for a cup of coffee tea and about the same cost as buying and mailing a card. :-)


Ten. Recommend to a Friend.

Not only will your friends like you for sharing a great blog {well – except mine….because people struggling with infertility hate to be told ‘how to get pregnant’…..} but the bloggers appreciate it as well. It makes them feel as though what they write makes a difference. That people think it’s important enough to share.

Wanna share my site? Depending on how well you know them, usually a recipe is a great way to get them in. :-)


*bonus number eleven. +K them on Klout

Klout is basically a site that takes into account all of a persons social media outlets and gives them a score based on their interactions. By going to Klout and giving bloggers a +K on one of their topics, helps them show others {advertisers} that they really know what they are talking about and have an audience that cares. I personally would love a +K on anything food or fertility related. Though for some reason nothing fertility related shows up in my topics…….. but they think I’m knowledgeable about salsa.


So there you have it – eleven ways to support your favorite bloggers! What have you done for your favorite today? I spent five minutes and shared a post on FB and stumbled a few of my favorite posts I’ve seen come up this week.


*this post is linked to Top Ten Tuesdays at OhAmanda

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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. Really great list! The best part was when you talked about how easy blogging seems before you start blogging. Ha! If I spent all the time I spend blogging doing other things, I could have the cleanest house on the block, and probably cure cancer or some other such greatness. Instead, I blog and I am a slightly less crazy person because of it. :)

    Andrea from MyCNYMommy Reply:


    “If I spent all the time I spend blogging doing other things, I could have the cleanest house on the block, and probably cure cancer or some other such greatness.”

    So So SOOO true!

    Thanks Doneille for a great post and watch this sucker go viral if its hasn’t already :)

  2. Great list {and reminders}!

  3. Great post! Thanks for the reminder….

  4. Great ideas, they work. What goes around comes around, do unto others, etc. Credit others, promote others, it benefits everyone.

  5. This is such a great list! I’m not big-time blogger or anything, but I have a few blogs I absolutely Must Read every day and I love finding new ones! The more people and friends I know that share blogs the better, for both the blog owner and I. Thanks so much for posting this!

  6. Ha! I wish a post only took me 1-2 hours. 😛

    donielle Reply:

    @Michael, Right?! This one took me three. lol

  7. #12 – Retweet their amazing posts – which I’m doing with this one! Great points!

    donielle Reply:

    @Tanya @ Blogelina, Thanks!

  8. I found this post when a friend shared it on FB–I’ve never been here before! 😀

    I just wanted to say that I loved this list. I *love* blogging, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. I think most folks have an unrealistic idea of how much time it takes, how much it costs to keep a blog going, etc.

    I do have one question: how do you know where people are copying and pasting your work on other sites? I had a friend once tell me that someone had done that–copied and pasted the whole post without giving me credit, and saying I was her “friend”!–but I would never have known it if someone else hadn’t seen it and remembered that it was my work.


    :) Tiana

    donielle Reply:

    @Tiana @ God Made, Home Grown, I’ve been using Tynt.com. What it does is add an attribute line at the bottom of whatever they paste. Yes – you can delete the attribution line, but some won’t and at least it’s an SEO link. And it let’s you know how many times people swipe your content.

    I also get trackbacks every once in awhile where people link to me as the author but still publish my entire post.

    Tiana @ God Made, Home Grown Reply:

    @donielle, Thanks! I’m checking out Tynt.com right now. :)

    Kelly Reply:

    Great post! And thanks for the info. on Tynt – I was wondering the same thing as Tiana, and Tynt looks like an awesome tool!

  9. Great list! Love this one — I’m still laughing (with understanding):

    “Imagine if you will (it won’t be hard) that your telling your husband about your new favorite laundry soap and he’s not saying anything. If he’s anything like mine is – all I get is a blank stare. Maybe an uh-huh. And blogging without comments is kind of like that.”

    donielle Reply:

    @Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS, hehehe. Glad someone else can commiserate with me!! :-)

    Jessica K Reply:

    @donielle, I have the opposite problem. I start telling my husband about this new favorite laundry soap and he wants a financial breakdown of how much it is saving us an ounce :-). The good news is that he is very supportive and doesn’t argue with me too much.

    Honestly, most people seem to think what other people do for a living, especially if it involves writing, is easy. I am a historian and all I ever hear from people when I tell them what I do is, “my great-grandfather fought in the battle of Gettysburg,” or “here is everything I’ve ever heard on the History Channel about WWII.” It is annoying sometimes but just know that there are many people out there that appreciate what you do. Have a great day!

  10. I follow a number of different types of blogs, and I appreciate this advice that will help me support all of them. I do want to say, though, that I clicked the SU button and was prompted to log in, so it looks like you do have to have an account. I signed up because you made a convincing case for the easy click and the help it gives to the bloggers. :)

  11. Great list! I’m new to blogging, so I enjoyed your thoughtful descriptions of each point. Several were new to me. I completely agree about the time investment.

    Stopping by from Oh Amanda’s!

  12. These are great suggestions, and I’ll definitely have to take more time share more of what I read.

    In relation to # 7, Visit Their Site. If people are using Google Reader, you can use the Next button to go from site to site instead of reading it all on your reader. It’s really easy and so much more fun to visit the actual sites than to read it all in the reader.


  13. Great!
    I have been wanting to know what I can do.
    I’m not a blogger but I thoroughly enjoy reading several blogs. I have wondered what more I can do to support them!
    Thank you!
    I do several of these already but will be adding a few more of these.

  14. I’m sharing this. :)

    But just wanted to let you know, when I get your blog via email. there’s no link to click on the current post. I have to click on another recent post or type the address in directly to find it. it’s a bit annoying and might be why some people don’t bother sometimes. It’s been like this for a couple months.

    donielle Reply:

    @Kate @ Modern Alternative Mama, *sigh*. I forgot to look into that when someone mentioned it a month ago. I swear – e-mail subscriptions will be the end of me!! :-) If you only knew half the issues I’ve had with them…..

    Off to figure it out!

  15. Very helpful, informative post! Love it! Lots of great reminders, and I learned some great info I didn’t know!

  16. I have been lurking in the shadows for the past ….3 weeks? Lets go with 3 weeks. I am fairly new to following blogs (I know welcome to the early 90’s lol). I used to just use search engines for my info needs, when I couldn’t make it to the library, and if I landed on a blog article would read it, and move on.

    Now that I am actually taking the time to read through them and getting to “know” the bloggers I can’t believe what I have been missing. I am very thankful for your post, it shows me in a practical way what I can do to encourage you guys who inspire me, inform me and encourage me.

    I think 5 for me was the most eye opening since I always thought, well they might not read all the comments or since they have so many regulars that leave comments I don’t think they would care if I do.

    In short, great info, awesome job, love your blog :-)

    donielle Reply:

    @Evelyn, I read *all* my comments. :-) So thank you!

  17. Awesome post. There were some items I’ve never thought about before and the others were great reminders. I think the comment-love is something that makes a big difference & boosts confidence.

  18. I definite “Amen!” on writing comments. Which is not the entire reason that I am doing it now… 😉 I’m still pretty new to blogging, but I really enjoy reading readers’ comments. And write them on the actual blog, not just on Facebook! It’s nice when the post sparks a conversation.

  19. Well written, Donielle! Blogging can be lonely at times, especially with no comments. You compiled a great list!

  20. What a great reminder. It’s easy to get busy and forget to take the time to do these things.

  21. Great tips!! I love these. I’m sharing via FB and thumbed it up on Stumble! As a fellow blogger, thanks for sharing! :-)


  22. great great post! Love it.

    Yeah…clean house, what is that. I had no idea how much time blogging would take. unbelievable. But I am addicted, and love it and love helping people.
    But if only my house would clean itself while I am typing those keys…..

    I will have to take a peek around the rest of your blog…I am a big crunchy myself. not a lot…just a bit..well a decent amount. we put some organic deals and gardening on my blog. I will poke around and recommend to friends who are trying to conceive.

  23. This is GREAT! As a newer blogger I have learned all these things in the last few months – so the average reader has NO clue how much it means to us nor how to really support. I shared! I hope this post gets lots of traffic and gets the word out!

  24. Thanks Donielle!
    As a newish blogger this helped get my rear in gear. While I’ve been trying to do most of these things, there are a few that I could be doing to better promote my own blog and support others.

    I’m still struggling with how to best follow blogs I love. I’ve hesitated to subscribe because I don’t want to be too inundated. But I miss great things in my facebook feed all the time.

    donielle Reply:

    @Joy at The Liberated Kitchen, I’d highly suggest signing up for google reader. That way I can subscribe to blogs without my email and/or facebook feed becoming overwhelming. It keeps them all in an easy to read place!

  25. Great, great, great list! Thanks for putting it together. I especially liked the note about following a blog in a way that fits you. That was really helpful.


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