Thanks and updates

I just wanted to send all of you who took the time to answer my question from last week a giant thank you! I’ve been mulling it (merging the sites) over for awhile and I think if I can do what I have up in my head I wanna do, I’ll do it. Meaning my other site would come over but be “behind the scenes” if you will. If I can’t get it to do that, I’ll leave it where it sits for now!

So you wanna know what’s been keeping me busy?


Yup, storing food up for winter. So far this summer I’ve frozen 25 pounds of cherries, 20 pounds of blueberries, 18 pounds of strawberries, 120 ears of corn (cut of the cob), and am busy freezing green beans and broccoli today. Also did 30 quarts of pickles (those stay in the fridge. luckily we have a “barn” fridge I can use!) and tomorrow I’ll get started on freezing and canning peaches. I think I might even try top make some peach pit jelly from the leftovers so as not to let any of them go to waste! I’ve also been making fresh salsa from our ever so bountiful cherry tomatoes and it’s been fabulous! I’m thinking I might also can some up as well.

My goal in all of this craziness?

To lower my grocery budget over the winter as well as feed my family more nutritious food!

Also, I’d like to send out a special thanks to those of you who have signed up for Swagbucks with my referral link!!! Thank You!!! Since you have done so, I’ve been earning my ‘bucks’ faster than normal and have saved up about $25.00 in amazon gift cards over the last few weeks as a result. There’s a couple of books I’ve been waiting to get my hands on as well as a basal body thermometer. Previously I’ve even purchased some California Baby sunblock as it’s one of the highest rated byt the EWG. I’d also like to start saving them up to buy some big ticket items like a Vitamix blender as I’ve heard thee are the best to have!
Plus if you sign up now and download their new toolbar, they’ll send you 1 swagbuck each day to use! So by the end of the month, if you do nothing else, you’ll have almost enough for a $5.00 giftcard to amazon. It’s a great way to purchase things that will help us live a more nutritious or ‘natural’ life!

And, in some extra fabulous, amazing, “I’m am so excited I’m jumping out of my seat!” news……..

I’ll be attending the Wise Traditions Conference in Chicago this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I submitted my application for a scholarship about a month ago and recently found out I was accepted. So they are paying my way for me! How amazing is that? It’s going to be 3 full days of food and nutrition, and they’re feeding us some awesome nourishing food as well! I am literally giddy with excitment. Especially because real food is such a passion of mine. (and yes, baby will be coming with me as she’s breastfed. didn’t want you all to think I’d be taking off without her!)

I just have one small favor to ask of you all. My conference fees are paid, that I don’t have to worry about. My gas to get there should be taken care of with the gas cards we receive as rewards with our credit card (Yes we pay off the balance every month. I just needed to make that clear since I am also an advocate for no debt!) But I also need to pay for a hotel room. For at least 3 nights. Although I’m looking to share a room with a friend, the rooms are something like $100.00 a night (so it’ll be at least $150.00 for the weekend for me), and that I don’t have. Now, I know you’ve noticed the ads on my site and I do get paid a small amount to have them there. Not much, but every little bit is going into my “conference fund”. So, I’m just asking that all of you who read my blog in a reader just click over every now and again if you could, and read it right on the site. I’d greatly appreciate it!! And you don’t actually have to click on the ads, just show up at my actual site now and again. :-)

*and just one more little thing – in my sidebar is now a ‘skribit box’ where you can ask me a question or recommend I post about a certain topic!!

About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. In clicking on your ads :) Thanks for the reminder, I see at cultures for your health they have countertop cultures for both buttermilk and yogurt. Have you tried either of these?? I have wanted to make your yogurt recipe, but just haven't. I'm just curious if you have tried these because I love the idea of not heating my raw milk at all! :)
    Thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading it regularly.

  2. Lea – I actually can't wait to try out the Cultures for Health yogurt culture! I plan on doing so right after harvest season (all my extra grocery $ is going to buy extra food right now!) I too hate heating up my raw milk! I was going to contact them though and see which one they would recommend I try seeing as how they have several. If you try it before I do, let me know how it turns out!

    I think they recently started doing cheese cultures too! Which I'm thinking will be one of my winter projects. :-)

  3. I'll start coming to your blog so you can get the ad $$$. Good reminder. Also, you don't have to actually click the links, right? Just visit the blog. Just wanted to clarify.

  4. Nope! No clicking necessary!

  5. All that freezing/canning is making my mouth water! You should try making some peach salsa with all that fruit! Hope you enjoy the conference!

  6. I'm so curious about the peach pit jelly …

  7. Tara- recipe coming soon!