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(L – R: kidney beans, grape kefir soda, water kefir, overflowing sourdough!, more sourdough)

(Not pictured: black beans, lentils, rice, lacto fermented soda)

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  • Works for Me Wednesday – because keeping my ‘babies fermenting/culturing/growing/soaking in the oven with the light on for warmth, really works! All my cultures seem to go dormant the moment winter hits around here and leaving them out on the counter they just get to chilly. So right before I have a product that needs a bit more warmth, I turn on the oven  for just a few seconds after it turns on and starts to get warm. Turn it off, place your ‘babies’ inside, close the door and turn on the light. Keeps all the cultures nice and warm so they feel free to multiply! (just make sure it isn’t to warm in there or you will kill the cultures instead!)
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Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. Cool! Looks great. Shoot, if I had known you had grape kefir soda, I would have asked for a taste. :-)

  2. great picture! I have been meaning to do a post of my ‘fermenting corner’ – I am fortunate enough to live in a temperate climate where I can leave things out on the counter all year round and they still ferment beautifully (a little too fast in the summer). You have inspired me to move this to the top of my list!

  3. I like it! Wish I could make all that stuff too. :) In a few months, when the allergies are gone. But I do love to cook and this weekend I’ll be doing a ton of prep work after buying all the food for the next two weeks!

  4. grape kefir soda sounds interesting

  5. wow — look at all that wonderful jarred stuff! : ) … I’m off to read your fertility story and I can’t wait … very interested : )

  6. Very neat!! I wish I knew how to do cool stuff like that. :)

  7. is there a recipe for the grape kefir soda? you ferment your kidney beans? Is that in the NT book how to ferment beans? Then you just cook them like normal? THANKS!!!

    donielle Reply:

    @Paula, I forgot I hadn’t posted it yet! Oops! I even took pictures…..doh!

    And the beans are soaking in a water with a few Tbsps of whey to help break down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. It is in NT. You soak for 12-24 hours, drain, rinse, and cook like normal!

  8. So, do you keep the legumes and grains in the water or are they good for a while if soaked for an evening. My next venture is to begin soaking. However, my husband is a pilot and loves his trail mix but is gone for a few days at a time.

    donielle Reply:

    @Kelli, The legumes are soaked in a water/whey solution and then cooked. Same for the grains. You can leave them out for about 24 hours though. For nuts, you soak and then dehydrate. Once they are dehydrated they can sit out like normal. (though some people keep cold for long term storage) So you could make a trail mix and it’d be perfectly fine for a few days.

  9. Can I dehydrate the nuts in the oven at low temp? Can I grind the grains to bake after soaking? I’m going to get Nourishing Traditions from the library soon(it’s on hold) so should I just wait and read it….THANK you for your help!!!:)
    I tried grinding sprouted grains but had issues with them being too light, and also my oven was a little warm I think. It’s low temp is like 170F

    donielle Reply:


    Yes you can dehydrate the nuts in the oven, you may just want to open the door occasionally to try and keep it from getting to hot.

    The grains -yes, you can grind after soaking. If you’re soaking whole grains though, it’d be best to sprout them! Just place them in water and rinse out with fresh water a few times a day until they grow teeny little tails. Then dehydrate and grind. I have heard though that you have to make sure the tails don’t get to long and you don’t dehydrate them at to warm a temp or it’ll turn to ‘malt’. So maybe your oven was a bit to warm.

    Otherwise, for just soaking, you just soak the already ground flour.

  10. Where did you get your white lids? I have one that was on a jar of honey I bought locally and I love that lid! I hate using canning jar lids as they get rusty and you have to find both pieces. I’d love to have more of those white ones!

    donielle Reply:

    @Kaylin, I found them in the canning section of our local supermarket. I believe they are Ball brand lids.

    Kaylin Reply:

    Thank you! I’ll definitely be looking for them!