The Real Food Summit

Do you ever feel confused about real food and the controversies even real foodies seem to have among themselves?

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be joining many of my blogging friends and real food heroes in the Real Food Summit next week!

29 farmers, nutritionists, and bloggers get back to basics and show us how Just Eating Real Food is best for not only our health but the health of the soil, the plants, the animals, and the future of our planet.

Put together by the fabulous Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness (seriously….listen to his podcasts!) this week-long virtual conference is a must attend. And it’s all online so you can just call in and listen.

What exactly is Real Food? That’s a great question. And that’s why…

For 9 Days, You Will Learn Nothing but Real Food Facts from the Best-of-the-Best Real Food Experts I Could Find — for FREE!

Beginning on Sunday, July 8th you will have a front row seat to the most eater-friendly health conference on the planet, …with 27 video presentations and LIVE Q&A sessions on UW Radio.

It’s completely free to attend, you just have to make sure you sign up to get access to the videos, podcasts, and bonus material.

Actually, I just signed up today so that I wouldn’t forget – and already got one of the session videos for free to download! (one of my favorite real food speakers none the less)

The free downloadable presentation, with the ever-engaging Joel Salatin, will teach you:

  • How properly-raised animals contribute to farm sustainability
  • How to cut through the poultry, beef and poor labeling confusion
  • The problems and obstacles within the commercial supermarket system
  • The art of being humane animal treatment
  • Whether or not Real Food can feed the world

I’m actually listening to Joel’s session as I write this post, and if you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing him, you must sign up if only for this free presentation. Because he’s fantastic and completely knows his food and farming.

There are so many sessions I want to be able to attend!

  • Chris Kressler with his session The Role of Fish in the Real Food Diet, Sunday, July8. Sean talked a bit during my time on his show last month that Chris is going to be talking about the issue of mercury in fish so I’m definitely making sure I hear this one!
  • Gray Graham on The Powerful Impact of Food on Epigenetics, Wednesday, July 12. How we can heal our genes with food? I’m there.
  • Barry groves, Phd. will speak on What We are Designed to Eat, Friday, July 13th.
  • Rami Nagel is talking about Remineralizing Cavaties and healing Teeth Naturally on Saturday, July 14. I’ve spoken with him once and read his book and he is full of great information.
  • Pam Killeen is going to speak on Solving Adrenal Burnout on Monday, July 16 – this one I’m not missing for the world!

My session, Real Food for Fertility, will be on Sunday the 15th of July! I’ll also be on the UW show on the 16th to answer any questions you might have from my session.

That same day you can also hear Matt Stone talk about Real Food and Weight Regulation as well as Jenny McGruther speak on How and Why Fermented Foods Heal (both great sessions!). And one of my real food heroes, Kayla Daniels will also talk about Empowering Fertility on Monday, July 16.

Of course those are just a few of the sessions you’ll get to hear, so make sure you take a look at the full schedule and start marking them down in your calendar!

You definitely don’t want to miss the Real Food Summit.

  I’ve also found that podcasts and summits such as this are great ways to get husbands on board with a whole foods diet!


*links are affiliate links, but no purchase is necessary to attend this conference.

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