The Sugar Detox Challenge!

sugar detox challengeThe last couple of years now, we’ve done a sugar detox challenge after the holidays. This year I’ve made a lot of changes for you! Instead of weekly posts or emails, I’ve bundled it all up into a convenient, 24-page, FREE ebook. This way you can download it (for free) and keep it for future reference.

I used to be quite attached to sugar as I’m sure some of you are, but I had no idea how to reduce my consumption and then replace refined sugars with natural ones.

Whether you’re just starting on your journey to ‘real’ and natural foods, or you’ve been on this road for some time and just need a bit of encouragement, this ebook is for you!

As our Standard American Diet dictates, most of us are addicted to refined sugars. Not only do we dump them into our coffee, and inhale cookies, it’s hidden in almost every processed food we buy. And the problem is, the more we eat it, the more our body craves it.

Along with the 8 weekly challenges you’ll also find:

  • My Story with Sugar
  • What’s Wrong with Sugar
  • Know Your Good Sugars
  • Dealing with Cravings
  • Links to recipes using natural sweeteners

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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. jodmichelle says:

    Although I’m not currently suffering from any infertility or issues alike – I love donielle and her blogs and … I’m in. I’ll take the challenge. Photos of HFCS junk coming soon. :)

  2. Randy and April says:

    I’m torn, because while I definitely agree that eating HFCS is practically poisonous, we are on a really tight budget, and I hate the thought of throwing out food that we spent money on.

    I’ll pray about it.

  3. April, I can totally understand! There are quite a lot of products that you can just “not use” over the next few weeks. Let your hubby eat them (it’s what I do) and go without certain things for yourself.

    I notice it helps my budget out even more now that I don’t eat so many convenience foods!

  4. The Foodie says:

    My exhausted husband and I are now on a New Year's 2 week detox with significantly modified diet and pills. I decided to keep track of it out my website and share recipes that actually taste good while you detox (not all of them were good but anyway). I'm sure the biggest effect of the detox is the modified diet more than the pills but by laying down some cash for the pills it makes us stick to the diet.

    We are craving sweets & cheese like crazy but we are 25% of the way there. Read our journey each day over at


  5. Randy and April says:

    That’s a good idea, Donielle–thanks! I’m really excited about participating in this, as we’ve recently decided to try to start a family. I’ve had irregular cycles for as long as I can remember, and every doctor I’ve seen has offered no explanation, just a birth control prescription. I only learned about PCOS in the last year, and I’m seeing a new doctor to talk about it on the 31st. I’m one of those weird patients that actually PREFERS a lifestyle change over an easy drug solution! Hooray for no sugar! (I can’t believe I just said that…lol)

  6. Brilliant challenge! We pretty much stick to honey and maple syrup here, but indulged in other sweeteners over the holidays. I feel miserable now!

  7. Kelly the Kitchen Kop says:

    Thankfully, I’ve gotten rid of the HFCS long ago, but still love those other refined sugars!

    I’m trying to turn over a new leaf though and just started low-carb eating. But I need new ideas so I’m doing a low-carb carnival tomorrow, I hope you’ll pop over to share your favorite low-carb foods!


  8. I think this is great! I have recently been trying to cut this stuff out but the 8 week process will definitely help!

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you want help getting rid of sugar, I *strongly* recommend Kathleen DesMaisons’ books. She wrote 2 for “adults” – Potatoes not Prozac, and The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program and one for “children” Little Sugar Addicts. She has a step by step guide on how to get rid of sugar that anyone here can use while they are doing the Sugar Detox Challenge. I use Little Sugar Addicts for me because the books she wrote for adults do not fit how my body works (limited fats, a potato or sweet potato with fat but no protein before bed — this would have me crawling the walls, and no snacks). The book for “children” has plenty of fat, allows snacks (I don’t follow her program completely, but I do like her explanations). She does an excellent job of explaining why your body craves sugar. I cut out the last offending foods right after Christmas — eating out and chocolate — and I see how what she says really helps (I had tried low carb before, but it leaves me feeling very bad).
    Janet W

  10. BOBBI McCORMICK says:

    Hey girl, I found your blog while looking for detox challenges, I am hosting a Spring Cleaning For Mind, Body, and Soul challenge on my blog next month and I am trying to get ideas. Do you mind if I barrow a few of yours? THANKS love your blog;)

  11. Donielle says:

    Bobbi – I don’t mind as long as you give me a link back when you do use something off my site.

  12. addicted to life says:

    very good post!
    i stop sugar just from today!
    people are addicted to so many things that i sometimes fear if i stop smth then i begin another addiction, isn’t it true?

  13. Donielle says:

    addicted – While some people definitely have an addictive personality, I think most are able to free themselves of sugar without falling into another bad nutritional habit. It just takes keeping yourself in check.

  14. My wife has had a bad time getting pregnant, and she is overweight. Before she began trying to lose, she absolutely inhaled sugar. She is also over weight but has lost a lot of weight too. If this is true what you say about sugar, it may be our problem with the pregnancy. Can you provide some links about the sugar and more acidity with the cervical mucous?

    I don’t find sugar to be an evil substance or even bad necessarily…, However, I do stand behind your statement on the indulgences and non moderating with it to be right on the money.. Man was never intended to live off of pure energy, so-to-speak. Sugar is nothing more than crystalized calories with little, if any nutrition. Until the process of sucrose was developed, I don’t think man ever (until now) depended on it’s flavoring. Fruits , vegetables, grains, – yes. Pure unadulterated sucrose? NO!

    donielle Reply:

    @John T., The problem with sugar is more due to the fact that it robs the body of nutrients causing and leading to health problems. It’s shown to severely decrease vitamin B, a nutrient essential to fertility. It also causes weight gain which causes an estrogen dominance as estrogen is stored in the fat cells. The bigger the cells, the more they store. So the acidity of cervical fluid, while important, probably isn’t the only factor when it comes to sugar. – because sugar is an acidic food and often overconsumed in many different forms, it can lead to acidity in the body, cervical fluid included.

  15. I want in! I absolutely have to get off sugar! I am a total sugar junkie! I am always fatigued and feel half asleep 90% of the time. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of this sugar addiction. I was recently diagnosed with SLE…. so it is essential I start on a new and healthy path to help control flares and pain. Help!!!!

    donielle Reply:

    @Stacy, I’ll be reposting the Sugar Detox Challenge as an ebook very soon (in the next week or so) so stay tuned to the blog for the announcement. :-)

  16. I would love to try this too…is it too late? Thanks!

    donielle Reply:

    @Katharine, I’m currently in the process of reformatting the challenge – stay tuned, it should be ready in a week or so!

    Amy Reply:

    Is this currently the 30 Day Challenge, or is there a link somewhere? I am really needing a detox of sugar….I want it ALL the time!!!


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