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What are other people finding to read here at Naturally Knocked Up? here’s a little insight from our stats this last month:

Top Five Posts in May

5. Is Milk Affecting Your Fertility?

“Other than the few who are lactose intolerant, we pretty much all drink milk. For years and years, I drank only skim. Anything thicker just made me gag. Plus it’s what the doctors, and heads of all medical communities, recommend that everyone over the age of two drink. It’s been touted as a way to keep our weight down while still providing us the necessary nutrients, like calcium. But is it having an effect on our fertility?”

4. Are Microwaves Dangerous to Your Health?

“After I had my son and began pumping occasionally for when I wasn’t around, I kept coming across literature that told me to never heat breast milk (or formula for that matter) in the microwave. The reasoning was that it caused nutrient loss and damaged the properties that protect babies from infections.


3. Natural Home Cleaning and Fertility

While cleaning products may not be something we give a lot of thought to (unless we run out!), what you use to clean your home can actually be very important when it comes to fertility. When you think about it, we are exposed to the products we use (some maybe on a daily basis) through contact with our skin, fumes in the air, and cleaned surfaces where chemicals might linger.”

2. Boost Your Fertility with Vitamin B

“When looking to conceive, it’s important to ingest enough foods that properly nourish your body with vitamin B. Vitamin B6 is actually one of the most important in the set of B vitamins, as it helps regulate your hormones. Being deficient in B6 can cause irregular menstrual cycles, a progesterone imbalance, as well as poor egg and sperm development. B6 can also help lengthen the luteal phase of your cycle.”

1. Boost Your Fertility with Vitamin D

“Infertility has many causes, but one that is often overlooked is a vitamin D deficiency. Our bodies need ample amounts of this essential vitamin in order to produce estrogen (in both men and women) as well as for insulin production.”

Top Five Recipes in May

5. Black Bean Brownies – Always on this list, these grain free, made from black beans, brownies are so simple to make it’s ridiculous and taste fabulous as well. Don’t believe me? Guess you’ll just have to try them and find out!

4. Veggie Rice – When my husband tells me that this recipe is “a winner” and “the only rice I’ve ever had that tasted good” I knew it was good enough to post!

3. Italian Cream Cheese Chicken Casserole – Again, one of the top recipe posts in any given month, this casserole fits both the  “comforting” and “healthy” categories all in one. A bit heavier of a dish for summer, but pair it with a fresh salad and you’ve got dinner covered!

2. Kombucha – So satisfying, especially in the summer, it’s no wonder kombucha has hit the number 2 spot this month! if you need a culture to get started, just check out Cultures for Health.

1. Granola Bars – This is one recipe that I need to monkey with a bit and try to lower the sugar content a bit. Even though it’s made with all natural sugars, it’s a bit higher than I’d like. But this recipe is as versatile as it gets and can be made with a variety of grains and/or nuts.


Thanks for making this last month a success here at Naturally Knocked Up – we had over 10,000 {yes…thousand!} people visit the blog this month and view over 27,000 pages! This just astounds me. I never in my wildest dreams thought so many would want to read my ramblings on nutrition and fertility. I pray that the information I leave here inspires you all to take charge of your health and learn how to feed and nourish your body according to your own needs. This next month looks to be just as awesome – how can not with my 30th birthday being in the month of June?! {still deciding if I want to celebrate or hide under a rock that day!}


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