Try It Tuesday : Cod Liver Oil, video edition

Mmmmm….cod liver oil!

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Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. Rhiannon says:

    Oh Donielle!

    We take the liquid Cinnamon Tingle and it is fine!

  2. Heehee! I've just been taking the chewable ones from Meijer. It says for Adults and children and tastes yummy orange-y flavored. I'm sure its not top notch quality, but at least we can all stand it.

  3. Amy @ Finer Things says:

    That was hilarious. Some would say child abuse. HAHAHAHAHA

    I take Dr. Sears ZONE Omega-3 fish oil. (capsules) Good enough?

  4. Our growing family says: I was cracking up at your son in the first part (especially all the sneezing!) and then you had me in tears I was laughing so hard!
    Thanks for making my day!
    We actually JUST bought our first bottle and have tried it the past two days! It is cinnamon flavored, w/butter (not fermented…next bottle!) from Green Pasture's. I have put it in a smoothie and today in an oj. NOT BAD! The kids didn't even notice! =)
    I have just been giving them 1/2 a dose, but is there a more acurate listing of how much they should be getting?

  5. Our growing family says:

    So…I was laughing so much that my kids wanted to watch and they laughed at his sneezing and your faces too! =)
    This time I noticed the kitty tail too, oh…it just gets funnier each time!
    Yep, they are asking to watch it again! You have officailly made our day over at our house!

  6. And that is why I take the liquid stuff in a little juice. I just drink it and can't taste or feel it at all!! I have orange flavor and take it in OJ or pineapple juice. I wonder how the cinnamon would be in apple juice or cider.

  7. Our growing family says:

    I even came back to show my husband and he thought it was funny too! It had me tearing up again! Made my day, I tell ya!

  8. MacKenzie says:

    I take TwinLab fermented cod liver oil in the mint liquid form. I started with just the basic drug store quality capsules which were easy to take but I don't think very effective. The mint liquid was pretty bad the first time or two but now I'm used to it. It's a bit like eating toothpaste, not sometime I eat for a snack, but it won't kill me either. I like the idea of putting it in oj but I'll probably wait until I get another flavor, somehow mint flavored oj does not sound good :-)

  9. Cheeseslave says:

    What a baby!!! No wonder your toddler doesn't want to eat it — you won't eat it either. :-)

    You're like Kelly the Kitchen Kop eating raw oysters! :-)

    I take the fermented cod liver oil (the "old" flavors — cinnamon and licorice) straight off the spoon. It's a little "spicy" but it's fine. My husband doesn't love it but he doesn't mind it. My toddler won't eat it that way (too sharp) so I just put a little in her milk.

    I'm planning to get the new flavors when I run out of the old flavors. I did try them at the last WAPF conference though and I thought they were GREAT!

  10. Cheeseslave says:

    Amy, Nicole, & MacKenzie,

    I'm sure Donielle will respond to you but I thought I'd jump in and say that those cheaper brands of fish oil and cod liver oil are not always good. Not sure on those specific brands but some of them contain synthetic vitamin A & D which is very bad for you. Also, some of them have the wrong ratios of A & D. The cod liver oil needs to have a ratio of around 10-1 (A to D).

    Also plain fish oil is not recommended by the Weston Price Foundation:

    Ann Marie

  11. Donielle says:

    Thanks Ann Marie! :-) And believe me, I know I'm a total wuss!! But my tot normally takes it much better than that, only every few days he has an issue with it. It's my goal that he get used to things like this so that he doesn't have to overcome 25 years of bad nutrition. And I do try to not impress my picky-ness towards certain foods. Because I know it's the exact same reason I've had to overcome so much with my own food choices.

    And I think next bottle we'll try a different flavor! The chocolate creme smells to good to not taste at all like chocolate. :-)

  12. Michelle @ Find Your Balance says:

    I think I might have to try the capsules…yes…definitely. Been taking fish oil in liquid form up until now. Funny video!

  13. Kelly the Kitchen Kop says:

    Donielle, that was so cute!

    Ann Marie, I was about to jump in about the brands, too, glad you did first. :)

    I take the cinnamon tingle and it's just as disgusting, but only for a sec, then I eat and drink FAST.


  14. naturaldietblog says:


  15. Our growing family – Although I have yet to see "official data" on how much to give a little one, I do the same as you – about half a dose. And he only gets it about 4 days a week. The guy from Green Pastures is out on vacation right now, but I'll send him an e-mail and try and find out!

  16. I'm going to get back to you with my four year old filling his own syringe with Cinnamon Tingle Cod Liver Oil. Must. Remember.

    The syringe died in the garbage disposal.

    But I bust a gut watching YOU! LOL It still is Cod Liver Oil, no matter what the flavor!

  17. Oh gosh, Donielle, I was completely laughing out loud watching you take it… and why, you ask? Because I had the exact (I’m not kidding- exact!) same response when I tried mine last week!!!

    I actually marched in to my husband’s office before I had even tried it, with some on a spoon and just casually stuck it in his mouth, expecting it to taste good. The poor guy had to wait for a full minute while I ran to get him some water and chocolate chips to wash it down! LOL!

    I have to say that although I am 100% behind the nutritional content of cod liver oil (and I have taken it before lots- except not this brand, and not the fermented kind), I really struggle to take this one. I think the chocolate cream flavor is just absolutely not sweet enough to cover up the fish, and so it just ends up tasting like unsweetened cocoa and a whole lot of FISH! Yuck!

    I have heard that cinnamon tingle is better. I sure hope it is, otherwise I’m going for capsules next time. Glad to know that those are at least easy to take. :) Thanks for the entertainment!

  18. Your video was hilarious! I amalways sticking things in my kids I would never consider ingesting myself. The younger they are, the more they put up with me. The tweens, not so much but I have more to hang over their heads if they don’t cooperate. I am so mean in the name of nutrition! I can’t remember the name of what we take, the bottle is at home and we are traveling but it is not fractured, has tons of DHA, and lots of different Omegas in it. I just hand my 3yo 2 or 3 gel caps and he chews them up and swallows the caps! Weirdo!
    If i think of it, I will try to post it.

  19. We have the fermented cod liver oil from GP too. I got the “fruit attack” flavor for all of us to share and I agree…. NASTY!!!! I asked about it on and the consensus was that the cinnamon is the best flavor?! so maybe next time we’ll get that. For now Im stuck with the fruit attack – it burns, cant even get the kids to do it. I chase it down with OJ!

  20. We have non-fermented, liquid, strawberry flavored cod liver oil. I tell the kids it’s their “vitamin”. The first few times they grimaced while taking it. Now they run to get it!

  21. Any suggestions on how to take UNFLAVORED fermented cod liver oil/butter oil….?? This is my first bottle ever and OH MY it’s nasty. I was pretty stupid and tried “hiding” it in a big healthy smoothie with fruits, spinach, anti-oxidant greens, etc… and the whole thing tasted like fish. What a waste! So anyone have suggestions? I don’t want it to go to waste, but I really don’t know how we are going to get it down!

    donielle Reply:

    @Carrie, Most people I know that do unflavored take it as a ‘orange juice shooter”. Just placing it in a few ounces of OJ and downing it as quickly as possible!

    Good luck!

  22. Lisa Imerman says:

    Yes I tried some at our HTN conference last year and thought they were nasty. I brought home a tester of the Chocolate Cream gel and we couldn’t eat it, too gross!!

    I laughed at your video Donielle!! That was priceless. I do the capsules (unflavored) and even my 11 and 8 year old take them no problem. However, my 5 year old can’t do a pill yet, so he is still getting Carlson’s lemon flavored which isn’t a great brand, but at least he will take it. As soon as he can do a pill we are all switching to the capsules from Green Pasture.

    I did buy the gummi fish from Green Pastures at the WAPF conference and only one of my 3 kids would take it, I thought they tasted great, but only my 8 year old liked them and he can take a capsule which is cheaper, so no more fishies here, but those are a good choice for young kids as they are cinnamon and to me don’t taste fishy.