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I have always been a fairly picky eater. I am NOT the type of person that will try new foods just to see what they taste like. I grew up on a very Standard American Diet that we never wavered from. And even now we stick to a lot of the basics, just in a healthier form. So this conference was definitely causing me to eat foods I’ve never tried before. Some that I’d just never gotten the chance to try, and others I’ve always wanted to stay very far away from!

First up we have the fermented salad dressings from Zukay Live Foods. The sweet onion dressing was served with our lunch the first day, and while tasty, was a bit strong for my liking. I enjoyed trying out the other flavors later that day and decided the carrot ginger dressing was my favorite!


For lunch we also had fermented carrots. Quite a strong taste and bite to them, but not bad. I could get used to them. (top right of the picture)


People who follow the Weston A Price diet are also very big on organ meats. So far I’ve tried to stay away from them! But alas, organ meat sausage was on the menu and I promised myself I would try everything that was served! And you know, it tasted like sausage.


Friday night we were served meatloaf. I have never eaten meatloaf. *gasp!* I saw someone make it when I was quite young and the whole bare hands squishing egg and ground beef kinda turned me off to it. And to top it off, this meatloaf had organ meats in it too! But it was good. Especially with some gravy and some awesome mashed potatoes. They also served sauerkraut, something I’ve never tried before. Now, I actually bought some last week from my farm share and just hadn’t gotten up the nerve to try it yet. I think I hid the fact that “Wow, it was strong tasting!!” quite well, and no one was the wiser.


With every meal they also served unsweetened ice tea. Why anyone would possibly think tea was good without sweetener, I have no idea! I can say though, by the time I left I was getting quite used to it and would actually call it ‘good’.


On Saturday I was able to stop by some of the booths and tried some liverwurst from U.S. Wellness Meats. While it wasn’t bad, I had a hard time swallowing it all because of the whole LIVER thing. The taste was fine, just the whole mind over matter thing was tough.


And to show that, yes, I really did try it, Megan from U.S. Wellness meats took a picture of me trying it. Except the first one didn’t turn out. So I had to try it again.

WAPFconf_069(one of the few times baby was actually in the stroller and not the Ergo)

Saturday evening at the banquet was a real stretch for me as well.


Because they served cavier.

Friends….that is fish eggs. EGGS!

And not only was the appetizer salmon cavier that popped open when you bit them (squirm), they also served liver pate. Again with the liver! I did make myself take 2 bites of each and then decided I was done. Let’s leave it at that. And again no one at my table noticed me squirm. Though when I switched tables once the other bloggers got there, Kelly tried to pass another plate of appetizers my way. “Uh, uh, No way, No thank you!”

43281873(this photo I snagged from U.S. Wellness Meats twitter pic – it was their Salmon and caviar.

I thought the salmon was very good, it was the caviar I could do without.)

For the main course we had beef short ribs with lacto-fermented beets and brussel sprouts. I never eaten a beet, let alone a lacto-fermented one, and I’ve never had a brussel sprout. Ever. Let me tell you, brussel sprouts aren’t bad. I almost bought some today while grocery shopping. I say almost because in the budget it was that or carrots and I chose carrots.


So after I tried all that, what did you try this week?

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About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. I can honestly say I am not a fan of meatloaf either, probably for the same reasons as you, and I certainly am not rushing to try organ meats, but I LOVE unsweetened ice tea. To me, I can’t believe people put sweetener in their tea. Maybe a little honey in hot tea when I am sick, but that is more for the healing properties than flavor. I would never make it in the south!

  2. Good for you. I have some fermentation questions for you but I’ll save that for a PM. I made & ate brussel sprouts for the first time last week. I made them sauteed with bacon. I think they’re good (just mini cabbage, right?) as long as they aren’t boiled into mush. The definitely need some substance to them still.

    I don’t like pate just because of the texture and I have always assumed I’d be the same way with caviar. Eek is right.

    Oh and I tried a fish taco for the first time while in CA this weekend. So I had my first mahi mahi but was bummed that they deep fried it (and at a nice expensive restaurant too) rather than shredding.

  3. It’s funny…I am from the south and my entire family loves their tea sweet but I find sweet tea revolting! So you never know :-)

    I’ve discovered I like organ meats. I decided to try them since they come in my chickens and they’re good for us, etc. So I put some bacon drippings in a pan, dredged the organs (I know there was a heart and a liver and something else) in flour and then fried them up. Then I made gravy from what was left in the pan. Holy moly! Sooooo good. The liver is my least favorite but when it’s covered up with gravy it’s awesome.

  4. You are brave. There are only a few foods I don’t like, and I know what it takes to try them. So good for you for trying liver. Twice! I laughed out loud when you said that the picture didn’t come out, so you had to eat it again. That’s funny!

  5. I am definitely NOT a fan of organ meats, either. I do like chicken livers, though. I guess that counts:) Good for you , trying everything! There is no way I could have downed that liverwurst!!!!

  6. The whole idea of organ meats just grosses me out…except for liverwurst. My grandmother is German so we grew up eating it without really even knowing what it is so I love it! I’m currently 13 weeks along though (yes, we are finally pregnant!) and getting mixed messages about organ meats and overloading on vitamin A so I’ve given it up for now.

  7. Donielle, great post on all our foods, yummy & otherwise! Although, I really didn’t have anything I disliked. I looooooved those carrots the first day. I also loved that iced tea and don’t like mine sweet. You’ve got a great picture with the polenta that was so good, too. I thought the meatloaf was GREAT, and I didn’t taste anything “organy” in it at all. But I love meatloaf anyway. I was glad to realize how much I really like all sorts of fermented veggies. The brussel sprouts were my favorite part of the main dish that last night – when they get golden and caramelize a bit – yum! I soooo wanted to love the salmon roe, and I didn’t HATE it, it’s just got a super strong fishy taste that doesn’t work for me. The liver in that little lettuce wrap wasn’t bad, either, actually. Most everything they served us that I wasn’t used to having was a great experience because A. I could TRY it and didn’t have to worry about making it for the whole family who would likely hate it and it would all go to waste, and B. Anytime someone makes me something, I’m all over it. Even though I may not have loved the flavor of a few of the new things, just knowing how nutrient dense they are, I’d gladly eat them weekly or so if I had my own chef to make those things for me! Not asking much, eh?


  8. Sarah Bauer says:

    Donielle, I’m loving what you’re sharing about the WAPF conference! I so wish I could have gone. I just found your blog through Passionate Homemaking, I think….I was flipping through a bunch of related blogs and came across yours. I love it. I need to go back and read some of the archives in the Naturally Knocked Up section, since we are trying to conceive and it just isn’t working for one reason or another. I’d love to pick your brain about some of it. I also live in MI, in the SW corner. There aren’t a whole lot of people around here that even know about NT, so it’s been a fairly isolated experience. I’m glad to connect with anyone who embraces the NT lifestyle, even through blogs so I don’t feel so alone. Thanks for all your writings!

    donielle Reply:

    @Sarah Bauer, Sarah, e-mail me. :-) donielle(at)

  9. You go girl! I’m proud of you for trying EVERYthing. I’m going to have to figure out how to go to this thing next year. Will it still be close to us?

    donielle Reply:

    @Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship, Next year it’s in Pennsylvania, which will take some work getting there for me. Baby girl will only be 18 months old. To old to bring, to young to want to leave home!

  10. Hi Donielle!

    Glad you went outside your comfort zone to try new foods, I know how hard that is. I have a funny story to tell about brussels sprouts. My mom made them for us growing up, but recently turned up her nose at them when I served them for dinner. She loved them so much that she called me for the recipe.

    Trying new things enables us to expand our palate, and in my mom’s case reminded her of something she used to enjoy, but had fallen away from.

    I enjoyed seeing you and the baby blogging at the conference. Keep up the good work!