Week 2 winners

I knoooow. It’s Thursday already. And I promised I’d have the winner announced on Tuesday. I actually don’t have an excuse either, no reason it shouldn’t have been done.

Let’s just say, I promise I’ll do better next week. Like you know…Wednesday or something!

On to who won the Denali Tote!

First off, many of you were right in the thinking that it was Edy’s Slow Churned Mint Chocolate Chip – No Sugar Added! So fabulous job!! Doesn’t sound so yummy though after actually reading the ingredients!! And the winner is……..

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-10-15 18:03:36 UTC

Yay for Tarra! An e-mail will be sent your way!

Now let’s take a look at some of the ingredients:

  • skim milk- studies show eating two or more low-fat dairy products a day as part of a woman’s diet increases her chance of infertility by 85 percent. source.
  • cream- most likely from cows that never see the light of day and feed on a grain diet. Unhealthy cows=unhealthy cream.
  • chocolaty chips (lactitol*, coconut oil, cocoa processed with alkali, bitter chocolate, cocoa, soybean oil, soy lecithin, natural flavor, sucralose (Splenda® Brand)) – ugh -more soy! and fake sugars!
  • maltitol syrup*a sugar alcohol used as a sugar substitute (to get around the whole “no sugar added”!) Chemically, maltitol is also known as 4-O-a-glucopyranosyl-D-sorbitol. Yummy – it has a chemical name.
  • maltodextrin a food additive that is as rapidly absorbed as glucose.
  • polydextrose*
  • glycerin
  • milk minerals concentrate Umm…….?
  • cellulose gum
  • natural flavor
  • mono and diglycerides
  • salt
  • Yellow #5 Also known as tartrazine or E102. Tartrazine appears to cause the most allergic and intolerance reactions of all the azo dyes, particularly among asthmatics and those with an aspirin intolerance.[3] Symptoms from tartrazine sensitivity can occur by either ingestion or cutaneous exposure to a substance containing tartrazine. source.
  • sorbitol*
  • guar gum
  • sucralose (Splenda® Brand)- artificial sweetener, bleh
  • Blue #1 Also known as Brilliant Blue FCF or E133. It is a synthetic dye derived from coal tar. It can be combined with tartrazine (yellow, E102) to produce various shades of green. Brilliant Blue FCF has previously been banned in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland among others but has been certified as a safe food additive in the EU and is today unbanned in most of the countries. It has the capacity for inducing an allergic reaction in individuals with pre-existing moderate asthma. In the United States production exceeds 1 million pounds annually, and daily consumption is around 16 mg per person. It is one of the colorants that the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group and the Feingold Association recommends to be eliminated from the diet of children. Although after extensive testing, the National Institutes of Health concluded that color additives do not cause hyperactivity. Hmmm……(source)
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