Week in Pictures {7.22.11}

Another great week full of fun and great food! I made ribs last weekend and somebody was REALLY hoping I’d drop a few on the floor!

Me thinks someone *really* wants me to drop the short ribs I'm preparing for dinner.

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Oh my heavens, driving around without AC in the van is not only miserable……my curls rebel! No bueno.

AC broke in the van. This does not bode well for my curly hair. :-(

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But we’ve finally tamed the frizzies and I found hair band that’s been long forgotten. More more “Einstein” hair.

Hubby say I look like a hippie. I think I look like I'm keeping my hair put of my face when it's 90 degrees out. :-)

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Ahhhh…..garden fresh green beans and fresh kale – can not get enough of the wonderful summer foods!

Dinner: roast chicken, kale, green beans, and veggie rice!

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We have a group of local bloggers that get together once a month and this week Sommer, of Green and Clean Mom, came to show us her new book (My Mommy is a Blogger) as well as talk about working with brands. Such a fun time – sure wished she lived closer!

Socializing with blogger celebrity! :-) @greenmom

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Don’t think what the chickens eat affects their eggs? Think again!

From the same chicken. Fed scraps one day, plain feed the next.

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I’m sorry – but for as long as we’ve eaten “real food”…….the bakery case at the supermarket still smells amazing!! Though I don’t bother buying donuts anymore since last time I fell weak to the smells, it didn’t even taste good. So now I just savor the scents of fresh baked sweets instead of trying to indulge in them.

I don't care how long you eat "real food", the donuts at the store bakery smell amazing! :-)

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Such a waste! One of my jars broke when making yogurt a few days ago. :-( Learned my lesson to only use jars specific for canning.

SO bummed! A jar broke just now when making yogurt! :-(

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The heat sure has been a doozy this week! High in the mid 90’s and humid. My dog just can’t get enough of the sprinklers.

Attacking the sprinklers!

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And I shall leave you this gem to drool over! Homemade Peanut Butter Cups. Step away from the pan. Four ingredients and quick to make. Recipe is scheduled to post next week!

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups. Natural sweetener, good fats, and organic cocoa and PB! #awesome

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Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Yum! I can’t wait for the peanut butter cup recipe.